kt Score: "Although I won the smite war today against Peanut, it might go the other way in future games."

Kt Rolster expressed their gratitude in winning their first ever title.


On the 2nd of December in Seoul OGN eStadium, the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup finals between kt Rolster and Longzhu Gaming has concluded. Showing relentless focus throughout their games, kt Rolster won the series 3:2.


Kt Rolster, the team that represents ‘The’ LCK, has filled the uneventfulness of their Worlds performance with their win in the KeSPA Cup.

Next are the responses from the interview with the members of kt Rolster.

¤ How does it feel to win the KeSPA Cup?

Smeb: I did have my goal to win the tournament, but I’m just happy it turned out so well. I wanted to win so bad because I felt so bad for my team. My performance in the 1st game was so bad. I’m relieved that we won.


Score: Last year, we didn’t have any wins. I hope to win a lot this year to raise the once heavy shoulders of our fans.


Pawn : 2017 was very unfortunate for us. There were a lot of things we wanted to show you guys. I’m happy that we at least got to show a good performance in the KeSPA Cup.


Deft: This was the last chance for this year to prove ourselves. I’m happy we won. I was worried when we got eliminated throughout this year. I’m glad we won instead of watching the finals on the sidelines.


Mata: I’m happy we won the last tournament of the year. I had a lot of issues to fix during and after Worlds. It was not a 100%, but we did show our potential. Based on the performance today, I will try harder.


Coach Jung Je-seung: We prepared a lot in the short time span. I am very happy we won. Today was a good experience to perform better in the future.


Coach ZanDarc: When I first created this team, I had a lot of pressure. When starting over again, I tried to feel more relieved rather than more pressure. I told the team to have fun playing today. I think me saying this had a huge impact on the team and staff. We are all going to try our best to show the best performance we can in 2018.

¤ (To Score) You showed a predominance in the smite war during game 5.

Score: I was calm whilst playing. I think I was lucky as well. Although I won the smite war today against Peanut, it might go the other way in future games.

¤ (To Pawn) How do you feel awarded the MVP title?

Pawn: I think it has been over 3 years since I got the MVP title. I’m extremely happy getting the title after so long.

¤ When was the moment when you knew the set was won?

Score: I didn’t know when we had won the set until the last moments. When we won the last fight, I knew we had won.

¤ (To Coach ZanDarc) Today’s early game ganking was on point. Was the lv 2 gank prepared prior?

Coach ZanDarc: I took a lot of emphasis in mid and jungle. We took J4 and Kha’zix to give more pressure in the mid lane. I think the strategy worked really well.

¤ (To Pawn) How does it feel to win against BDD today?

Pawn: Today BDD played Azir to near perfection. I think I need to learn from BDD’s Azir plays. Today I discussed a lot with Score today on how to put pressure on the enemy mid and jungle.

¤ (To Smeb) There was a precise decision to let through Gnar in the picks/bans.

Smeb: Gnar is a good champion in the top lane. There aren’t a lot of champions that can go against Gnar after Gnar scales. When the opponent took Gnar, I decided to pick Jarvan which was not as bad as a pick against Gnar.

¤ (To Smeb) You guys won 2 consecutive KeSPA Cup titles. Do you think it is fate for kt to win the KeSPA Cup?

Smeb: Last year, we won with the PraY-rilla combo. Since we won this year thanks to me, I think I was the main protagonist of last year. I would like to think next year’s KeSPA Cup will be won by the team I’m in, kt Rolster.

¤ Goals for next year?

Smeb: We gathered together to be the best around. I’m going to try my best to be in the best place for next year.


Score: My goal is to winning the LCK and Worlds. I hate to admit it, but I can sense the army mandatory service at my doorstep. Because of this, I want to win even more.


Pawn: The goal for next year is to win LCK spring, LCK summer, and the 2018 Worlds. I also want to beat SKT T1.


Deft: My goal is to accomplish all my goals the I could not complete last year.


Mata: Because of the numerous unfortunate performance last year, I want to show a better performance next year compared to that of last year.


Coach Jung Je-seong: I aim to make perfect our teamplay and our gameplay to the best of my ability. I had a lot of frustrations towards myself when preparing for this tournament. I want to try my best for next year to be more satisfied with myself.


Coach ZanDarc: I aim to help the players fulfill their goals behind them to the best of my abilities. I will not be hesitant to put a lot of effort and support for them.

¤ Any last words you want to say?

Pawn: Although we had a lot of people thinking that kt Rolster was bad, I am going to show a strong performance in next year. I want to thank my teammates and staff members. I’m going to aim to be the top of the top.


Mata: I want to thank the staff and fans who have supported us. We will show you a promising performance in the year to come.

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