Future plans for Black Desert Online revealed at the Black Desert FESTA: new region Dreagan, Neater UI, and more

On Dec 2nd (KST), Pearl Abyss has revealed their plans regarding current issues and planned updates for Black Desert Online at the Black Desert FESTA.

At the Black Desert FESTA, JaeHee Kim, the lead producer of BDO, held a session to talk about the current issue of BDO, what PA has been doing to improve the overall gameplay, and future plans that the game will follow.

Below are the works PA has been doing regarding some current issues, reworks on existing content, and future updates that are in development.


[Current State of BDO: Regarding some Current Issues]

Damage Numbers

JaeHee Kim started the session by addressing the current issue regarding damage numbers. "We want our players to focus on the action, rather than on number, when playing BDO." said JaeHee Kim. He added that although the devs are aware that many players want damage numbers to be visible, but they believe that damage numbers should remain hidden for more action-packed gameplay. However, the mobile version will have damage numbers since the mobile version cannot deliver the exact same action that the PC version has. In the mobile version, players must make sure that the skills they set up are working, and the only way is to check the damage numbers.

Undocumented changes

Kim also addressed the issue regarding undocumented changes. He admitted that some of the changes do get left out due to the devs' mistakes. For example, there was an issue on undocumented Wizard nerfs recently, and the devs found out that they unintentionally changed the AoE of Cataclysm when lowering down the required level to learn that skill. Also, there was a bug that the graphical effects of Aqua Jail Explosion did not match the moment when the skill actually deals damage. While fixing this bug, an issue where Aqua Jail Explosion could not be smoothly connected to another skills has occurred. (These issues have been fixed now.) Lead Producer Kim said that PA has strengthened the process of documenting the patch notes to make sure that no details are left out.


He also mentioned other things that PA is doing to make the game better. PA is working on optimization including decreasing the game's size. The game’s size decreased from 51G to 27G now, and Kim apologized for the bugs that occurred during the process of optimization. PA is working on fixing the bugs at the moment.


▲ The total size of the cliend has decreased from 51GB to 27GB.


[Upcoming Reworks: Reinforcing existing content]

Gathering and Training Reworks

Lead Producer Kim announced that PA will reinforce existing content to make all content enjoyable. Starting from next week, players will be able to make some money in Red Battlefield. Gathering and Training will also be reworked. There will be more mini games for gathering, which will not be as simple as the cow milking mini game. There will be a mini game that works like Minesweeper, or other simple games. There will be more benefits from Training Level, and you will be able to accumulate the chance of successful awakening for your next attempt when you fail to awaken your Courser.

Tutorial Reworks and the Story Book

Kim also announced that the tutorials and the quest system will be reworked. The reworked tutorials will introduce different content including life skills to players, and will show them what to do when they don’t know what to do. To revamp the quest system, a new feature called the “Story Book” (name tentative) will be added. With the Story Book, players can make money by doing quests all day and doing quests will be a lot more enjoyable.

Class Balance

Lastly, Kim mentioned about class balance. PA has recently added the Absolute (Korean word 진; pronounced as Jin) skills so players can choose between Awakening skills and Non-Awakening skills. Since all classes have the Absolute skills as of this week’s update, PA will be working on balancing the Absolute skills starting from next week. Also, the Musa will be reworked next week in the KR server. 



[New Features: For New Experience]

The Action Mode and 3 Dimensional Mini Map

“The Action mode” a new game mode where players can focus on action will be implemented. The Action mode is a mode that simplifies the interface by leaving out only the absolutely necessary information (HP, quick slots, buff/debuff icons, etc.) on the screen so the player doesn’t have to see any information that is unnecessary in combat. Also, a 3-dimensional mini map is in the pipeline. The 3-dimensional mini map will show the geographical elevation more clearly, and will be available in-game in the near future.


▲ The Action Mode will hide all unnecessary information so players can focus on the character's movement. 
▲ The 3-dimensional mini map in development. You can see the geographical elevation of the area in the mini map.

Imprint System

The Imprint System will allow players to have their names written on their gear. Although the system only allows the players to write their (family) names for now, more options like customizable graphics will be available in the future.

Remastered Graphics

About remastered graphics, lead producer Kim mentioned that it is 60 to 70 percent complete at the moment. The remastered graphics will make the game look like a whole new game, but will not affect the system requirements. The remastered graphicscan be turned on/off.

▲ Remastered graphics turned off (left) and turned on (right)

Character Tag System

A new system where you can swap your character will be added. The “Tag” system will allow you to swap your character without disconnecting. For example, while you are grinding with a Warrior, you can switch to your Dark Knight alternate and continue to grind on the same exact spot. The “tagged” characters will share Emergency Escape cooldown, and there will be a brief loading time. Kim also mentioned that PA is planning to add the “Tag” system in KR next week.


▲ The Tag system (name tentative) will allow you to tag an alt character and switch to that character without disconnecting.

Guild Battle/Duel/Conquest War Season 5

There will be changes in the Conquest War to add more fun to the War. To make the Conquest Wars more exciting, new rules will be implemented to the Conquest War. New forms of battles like the Guild Battle and the Duel will also be added for the Conquest War. The Guild Battle will consist of a 20vs20 Battle, a 5vs5 Battle, and an all-out Battle. Also a system that will allow the players who are not in a guild or small guilds to participate in the Guild Battle is in the pipeline. In the Duel, one player from each side will have a 1vs1 fight, and the winner’s team will get a buff. The system is still in development, so details regarding rules will be revealed later via GM notes.

Skill Customization

The Skill Customization feature will allow players to change certain skills’ cooldown, AoE, and graphical effects to maximize the skill’s power.

New region, Dreagan and the Dragons

Dreagan will be a new region in the world of BDO after Kamasylvia. Dreagan will be a region that requires a new form of party play, and Dragons will be killable in the new region. Dreagan is scheduled to go live in the game early next year.


▲ Dreagan, the new region that will be added in the future.
▲ Dragons will be killable in Dreagan

New servers for underaged players

In order to allow more people to enjoy BDO, servers for underaged players (15 or order) will be added. The new servers will be separate from the existing servers, but the underaged players will be able to move to the “adult” servers once they meet the age requirement. The new servers for underaged players will open on Dec 21st.


There will be a Christmas gift for everyone. A Maid will be given to players all around the world as a Christmas gift.  

New Class, the Lahn



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  • 1

    level 1 N0rthWind

    Wow. These are absolutely amazing changes! And a rework to Musa too, at last!?

    Only thing left is to release a male version of Ran and I'll be SO hyped about this game once again :D

  • 0

    level 1 deeps


  • 0

    level 1 Malphie

    Yullie, you are the best ^^

  • 0

    level 1 Sephri


    Is there anything more known about the skill customization? Sounds interesting, but also a bit weird how graphical effects could maximize the power of a skill.

    Wondering if Musas rework will also affect Maehwa since they share their pre-awakening tree almost entirely.

    • 0

      level 1 Flood_Machine


      Already buffed. Female characters > Male characters in this game.

  • 0

    level 1 Flood_Machine

    Ok. Buff Musa then wait for 1 year to buff Ninja... wait another 2 years to nerf DK, Striker and Mystic. sounds fair...

  • 0

    level 1 EusDevil

    ty vm for dark knight male version, very nice of you to add new female classes while there are lots of already females without male version class, i guess you wanna be called tera 2, dont give me excuses like lore and bla bla, i am very disappointed

  • 0

    level 1 Cha-

    H Y P E

  • 1

    level 1 Bolththrower

    Was there any talk about a new UI? OR is this the "action mode" that was mentioned?
    Saw some screenshots of what looked like a completely new more streamlined UI but it looked to have all what the one we have now has but more modern/streamlined.

  • 0

    level 1 BlackRuins

    I heard the new UI is only for Xbox, is that true?

  • 0

    level 1 Kurt_Ferro

    Optimize for Multicore CPU like Ryzen for 6 and more core would be nice, and maybe use Vulkan for MAC/Linux support and better performance with last hardware.

  • 0

    level 1 Zephan

    "He added that although the devs are aware that many players want damage numbers to be visible, but they believe that damage numbers should remain hidden for more action-packed gameplay."

    "In the mobile version, players must make sure that the skills they set up are working, and the only way is to check the damage numbers."

    So, PC players don't need to know if their skills are working properly...? They have HP bars on mobile too so I'm not sure I understand the difference.

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