KT Mata: "When our team failed to make it to Worlds... I was mentally struggling"

On the 1st of December, in the semifinals of the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup, 'kt Rolster' and 'Samsung Galaxy' had their fight atop the OGN eStadium, and in the end, KT came out on top and had defeated SSG with a score of 2-1. KT had lost their ticket to the 2017 World Championship by being defeated by SSG during the regional qualifiers, so this victory was more valuable than any.

The following is an interview done with KT's support, Mata.

How do you feel about making it to the Finals?

It's been a while since we've won, so I'm extremely happy. As we were unhappy with our results during the last split, we did a lot of thinking and practiced harder.

Your team lost 0-3 to SSG during the regional qualifiers. Has this victory made you feel better in any way?

No, I don't think so.

Of course, 'KeSPA Cup' is an important tournament. But it's not as important as Worlds.

How did you feel when you witnessed SSG taking the Worlds trophy?

I was moved... especially when I saw them embracing each other after the win, being happy together. That's when I saw and felt how the SSG players all rely upon each other. It was a ceremony in which only those who are capable and has achieved something could attend...

How did you spend your time during the preseason?

I was just leisurely relaxing. But something came up that really bothered me... so I didn't get the rest that I really wanted.

During game 2, SSG's botlane seemed very strong.

Today, we built our botlane composition with the mindset of "enduring and surviving." However, the 2nd set was quite hard to endure...

Who do you want to meet at the Finals?

I don't really mind which, but personally, I want to meet SKT. I would like to share fun games with them. We also have a lot to learn from them. It'll be a good fight.

Why did you decide to remain with kt Rolster?

I was very disappointed at my performance... but I knew for a fact that I'm capable of doing better. That's why I decided to stay. 

It's not just me, all the players on the team tried their best - but there was an issue that no one was able to fix. During the next season, we will fix those issues and show better performance.

Any final words?

When our team failed to make it to Worlds, my mind became infested with countless thoughts... I was mentally struggling. However, thanks to the fans who are cheering for us, our players became motivated again - eager to do better in the next season.

I want to sincerely thank our fans. I also want to thank the members of our coaching staff. Please continue to show concerns for us and cheer for us.

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