Every Player on 'kt Rolster' Renews Their Contract

kt Rolster will field the same players for 2018.

On the 22nd(KST), through their official SNS, kt Rolster announced that they have finalized the contract signing procedure. Although head coach Lee Ji-Hoon had left, coach Oh Chang-Jong, Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft, and Mata have all decided to stay with the organization.

In 2017, when KT first revealed their roster, they were given the nickname "super team" - as they were decorated with players with astounding careers. It was a gathering of players that had the experience of winning the LCK, LPL, and/or even Worlds.

In 2017, as a team, KT had displayed a unique but aggressive playstyle. They had defeated the LCK Champions Longzhu Gaming during the Summer Split, and they have made many memorable moments for the fans whenever they played against their rival, SKT T1. KT placed 2nd during the Spring and 3rd during the Summer Split of the LCK. 

Although they had lost to 'Samsung Galaxy' during the regional qualifiers, they weren't discouraged and had decided to remain as a team, to once again aim for the top.

On the other hand, KT will play in the quarterfinals of the '2017 LoL KeSPA Cup' on the 28th.


This is the official English text of their announcement:

Hello, This is kt Rolster.
First, We appreciate all the fans who have supported kt Rolster in 2017.
We would like to announce that kt Rolster have re-signed all main players - Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft, Mata - and coaching staffs.
We will work hard to do our best in upcoming 2018 season.
Thank you.

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    level 1 oriole520


    World Champions Longzhu Gaming?

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      level 1 Ready


      Thank you for pointing it out! We've corrected the article.

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