Source: PraY and GorillA Have Become Free Agents

Many of the 2017 LCK Summer Champions have become free agents.

Longzhu Gaming's coach, Kim Jung-Soo; ADC, PraY; and support, GorillA have all had their contracts expire on the 20th of November(KST). After a session of negotiation with Longzhu Gaming on the 21st, however, they have become free agents. The three will be free to sign with any team that they desire. As for Khan, he hasn't decided yet. As for the remaining two starting players, Bdd and Cuzz, their contracts will remain intact until 2018 and 2019 respectively... but the absence of PraY and GorillA, who acted as the pivot of the team, will most likely bring severe effects.

PraY first joined the scene in 2012 through 'Najin Black Sword'. Also, throughout his career, he has held the LCK trophy a total of three times through Najin, ROX Tigers, and Longzhu Gaming. As for GorillA, he played for 'Najin White Shield' in 2013 before joining hands with PraY to become the famed 'PrillA' botlane as we know it today - he too has held the LCK trophy, twice, alongside PraY. 

It's still possible for PraY and GorillA to renegotiate and remain with LZ. But for the two, one of the best bot duos in Korea, to become available for hire by other teams will definitely bring massive changes to the LCK. The two possess the competence necessary to perform in whichever team that they are placed in. If a team employs these players for the purpose of reinforcing their botlane, great results may follow them in 2018. 

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