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SKT Faker Clears Game of the Devil: Getting Over It in 4 hrs 20 mins


After the 2017 World Championship, SKT T1’s mid laner Faker started to spend a lot more time streaming. Like most high rankers, Faker also takes a long time to find matches. Faker plays small games to put that time to good use.

Last spring, he showed off the skilled control of a pro gamer by playing “I Wanna Be The Boshy”. On other occasions, he showed his humanity while amusing his viewers by playing “Poly Bridge” while the bridge crumbled.

This time he took on a challenging game which recently has recently gained popularity: “Getting Over It(GOI)”. If cleared quickly, it is possible to see the ending within 3 minutes. However, this game has earned an ominous reputation from its playtime: it can take an eternity to clear it.

▲ Cosplay of rising game "Getting Over It"

The viewers who have already seen Huni and Peanut suffer from the game wondered if Faker would stay calm while playing “GOI”. Faker actually fell back to pallet town(the starting point) several times while playing.

However, last Thursday, Faker cleared the game with a record of 4 hours and 20 minutes. Most fans’ reactions were “Faker is different with control-based games”, and were surprised by his fast clear time.

▲ Arriving at the top in 4 hours 20 Minutes(Screenshot from Faker Twitch Channel)

Meanwhile, fan art of Faker playing GOI is getting popular as well. Eosamunsu drew Faker’s playthrough like a series of scenes from Pokemon. This drew laughter from many people.

◆Eosamunsu’s Fan art of Faker playing Getting Over It

1) Faker who is suffering from the Pokeba… Pot Professor Oak gave.(Source)

2) Faker returning to Pallet Town when it’s time for dinner.(Source)

3) Faker: I’ll definitely get to the top today!(Source)

4) Professor Oak: You finally made it… Come back and visit sometime.(Source)

5) Faker with a hot body from all the hard work with the pot.(Source)



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