Making High School Esports a Reality


For those of you who have been within the HSEL, you must know that there is a lot that occurs behind the curtains of the league, things like how the videos are made and how streams function. Well, there are a group of interns that do those things. These interns are divided up into three separate teams; Team Content Creation, Team Production, and Team Social Media. All of these teams are vital to HSEL's success. This then leads to the higher ups of the administrators and the HSEL staff that work on a completely higher level than that of interns.


Team Content Creation is the creative side of the HSEL and is always there when something out of the ordinary needs to be done. Currently, there are four interns within the group. Jalen, Adam, Noah, and CJ. Things that catch your eye are usually created by the Content Creation Division. It is a great division that requires time and a lot of effort. The team creates things like posters, ads, and “How-To” videos to make the experience in the league ever so pleasing.


The group of interns that make your phone useful is the Social Media Team. They do things such as update you through apps like Instagram and Twitter. It is lead by Ben, a long and dedicated member of the HSEL team that has been present since January of 2017. Along with him are members Adem, Jose, and Andrew. They are always on top of things and make you sure that all the new content that you become available to is known.


Across the way, is the highly effective Team Production. They are the reason for the smooth and elegant streams that you view from the comfort of your home. They make sure that the stream goes well and the commentary can be to the benefit of those that watch. The members that can brag about their achievements of the unhinged streams go by Elijah, Reese, J, and Marcel. Elijah has great faith in his team and states that the Production Team’s job is "to make sure that matches are streamed and shows are aired, both for the enjoyment of viewers and to spread the word of HSEL to all corners of the internet.” This makes many in the Production Team seem ahead of the curve due to their usefulness to the league.


Every once in a while these interns rise above their peers and become known as administrators of the league. This vacuum of power was finally filled with none other than the leader of the production team, Elijah. He states that the position is, "Not much different than being an intern, I have similar responsibilities but some of them are more difficult, as is with any higher-level position". He proves that he can handle the task effectively and shows off his skills constantly.


Just above this position is that of an HSEL Staff Member. These people are ancient beings to HSEL. They know the company like the back of their hands and are generally considered the backbone of the organization. They are known as Mason, Aaron, Beau, Brennan, and Charlie. These guys are the reason why HSEL has become a reality and a beacon of hope to many who want to end up in esports as a profession. We will dive further into the teams in the future but for now stay calm and game on. HSEL Jalen signing off.

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    level 1 Haithnasty

    This is a really well written article, I like the use of varying word choice and cohesion. Really love it.

    -Haithnasty, South Dakota

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