Lee "Flash" Young Ho's power proved again with ASL Season 4, and various reactions to him


Today's cartoon is about 'Flash' Lee Young Ho, who has so far won three times at ASL, and about various reactions to him.

On November 12th, Lee Young Ho won again at ASL with a tremendous performance. Many fans are amazed by his talent, but also many fans are worried about the StarCraft esports industry in Korea, seeing the same person's victory recent season.

Of course, there are many fans who refute these opinions. They ask if the Terran is OP, and why the Terran player was the only one of the four players in the quarter-finals. And they also wonder, whether the game is fun or not, "Is there anything wrong with the 'good guy winning the game'?".

Balance issues in the StarCraft race will continue forever. And I understand that a certain player winning in a row can make the league less intense. However, that should not be a reason to disrespect a player's efforts.

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