SSG Ambition: "I want Jarvan to be my skin. Jarvan really fits perfectly with me."


Being a frequent source of entertainment at this year’s World Championship, Samsung Galaxy’s Ambition has claimed everyone’s attention. We got to speak a few words with Ambition about Worlds.

Appearing on the SBS show ‘Yu-Hui-Nak-Rak’, Ambition has shared some of his overall thoughts during the end of his journey at Worlds. We gained some more insight on what was really going on during the extraordinary teamfight in game 2 of the finals.

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Below are the answers to the questions asked in the broadcast.

¤ What did you feel after winning the World Championship?

It felt invigorating to finally see all the hard work and time I put in come to this result.


¤ What did you say to your wife after your win?

It was actually as if she was a prophet, because she confidently said ‘you are going to win’. After the victory, she said her prophecy was right and I had to be 3 times more grateful to her. She said it in a joking manner but to see it actually come to fruition like this is astonishing. I think it all went well.


Ambition’s Wife, Solji Maeng



¤ How are you spending your free time?

I’ve been sleeping a lot since I left home… I have just been sleeping a lot, and eating a lot of delicious food.


¤ You won the first game in the finals. What went through your mind when you grabbed the first win?

First of all, I was extremely relieved. I kept telling myself that we had to win the 2nd game. SKT is a team that gets stronger the more they lose. I thought to myself ‘Let’s do better next game as well’.


¤ Which season was the best-suited season for you?

I personally love the jungle tank meta. Instead of playing champions that can easily kill the enemy and get killed in high risk high reward gameplay, I would rather play a champion that gets the enemy’s attention and CCs them. This is why I think the meta right now is fitting for me.


¤ You played amazing as Jarvan in the 2nd game. Especially the moment when you got a 3 man knock up into ulti near mid. What went through your mind during this play?

At that time, we were at a disadvantage so I wanted to avoid a fight if possible. However, when SKT lost their strong formation, I was like ‘Screw it’ and went in. Somehow, we won that fight and got baron. Afterwards, I thought to myself ‘We won this game’.


¤ There was one moment where you flashed away and then Q’ed back to your flag. Was this a play that you practiced beforehand?

Control in teamfights is all about practice and game sense. I had to live even a second longer so I had to flash behind and then Q back to my flag.


▲ The crucial moment where the 2nd game was decided


¤ Who are the hardest opponents to face against at every World Championships?

Rather than during the game, I was more so focused and conscious about Faker during game preparation. His champion pool is so large that trying to prepare against him is painful for the mind. We were lucky that in the finals, Faker picked exactly what we were expecting him to pick.


¤ Did you think you guys were going to go 3:0?

I did think we were going to win before. There was a time during the 1st game that I thought ‘I think we have the upper hand in skill’. We did have a lot of confidence coming into the finals for this Worlds.


¤ You have the most experience and age on your team. Do you give advice to your younger teammates on a regular basis?

As long as my teammates do well, I can perform as well as them. If my teammates want to practice loosely, I tell them ‘This opportunity may only come once’ and tell them to practice harder. We usually have our own pace in practicing, but since it was such an important time I think I talked to them more about it.


▲ He probably doesn’t hit his teammates for not practicing… right?


¤ You played extremely well in the finals but you didn’t gain the MVP title. Are you a little bit upset?

I don’t really care who gets the MVP title. If the 2nd game and the 3rd game was switched, i think I would have gotten the MVP title (laughs).


¤ Do you have a female idol you have interest in?

From a young age, I never really had an idol I really liked. You can ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing.


¤ What skin are you planning to get for Worlds?

I’m still thinking about it. In the jungle, there are so many champions that overlap with previous Worlds skins... Even though this champion already has a Worlds skin, I want Jarvan to be my skin. Jarvan really fits perfectly with me.

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