SSG CuVee: "As soon as I won Worlds, I thought, 'Hmm... so how much money did I just make?'"

The winners of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, 'Samsung Galaxy', was invited to a Korean talk show that was broadcasted on SBS. 

On a Korean show called, "Yu-Hui-Nak-Rak", the players of SSG made an appearance on TV to share the stories regarding their recent victory at one of the biggest esports tournament up to date. And of course, they were interviewed by the broadcasting staff.

By many fans, CuVee is highly regarded as the best toplaner in the world. Also, he is quite entertaining to talk to. The following is a compilation of CuVee's conversations from the TV show. 

Q. Before playing in the Finals, have you expected your team to win 3-0?

When we played the first game, and I saw how well our team performed, I knew that we would win.

Q. Even on a regular day, it seemed as if you were always careful around Ambition.

That's not true. It just looks like that in the pictures. 

▲ There are many pictures that depict the idea that CuVee fears Ambition

Q. How did it feel when you took the 3rd game during the Finals?

As soon as I won, I thought, "Hmm... so how much money did I just make?" I also thought, "Which skin should I choose..."

Q. You guys may have won 3-0... but SKT is still a very, very strong team. Did you ever think that maybe, if you hadn't won the 3rd game, that SKT could make a potential comeback?

SKT is indeed a powerful team... with the potential to make comebacks in almost every situation, and we've often fallen to it in the past. I was also thinking that if we hadn't beaten SKT during game 2, the series would've carried on to a game 5. So I knew it there and then that we had to take the 2nd set. 

Q. Which skin do you want for yourself?

I'm planning to receive a Gnar skin.

Q. Is there a certain female celebrity that you like?

I've only played games my whole life, so I don't know too much about TV or celebrities. Therefore, many gamers, including me, often fall for in-game characters. (Laughs) I personally like League's Irelia the most.

▲ CuVee's favorite character, Irelia

Q. During Worlds, a lot of people started memeing you when you ate a banana... How many can you eat at once?

If we are talking about "at once in the mouth," I think only one would fit... If you're asking for how many I can eat consecutively, I can eat them until my stomach is at the max. 

Q. What are your plans for the future?

Although I'm still young to really talk about this, I want to continue playing as a professional gamer and spend the rest of my life with the money that I have saved up during it.

Q. Where will you spend your prize money?

I'm going to save it up for now. I have many uses for it in the future.

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