Korean Pro's Preseason Jungle Runes: Score's Gragas And UmTi's Lee Sin Build.

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Following this pre-season, there was a large scale update regarding runes reforged. I understand everyone has been busy trying to figure out what is what. Below is a program made by Riot Games Korea. This program picks the chosen rune path from the representatives players of each respective lane in the LCK. 2018 pre-season is finally underway. The first rune path is by kt’s jungler, Score. Jin Air Greenwing’s jungler, UmTi, has came out to introduce us the warrior Lee Sin build path and the tank Gragas build path.

◈ Score’s suggested runes and champions : [Engage focused Gragas aiming for maximum survival]

¤ Primary Path [Resolve]



After immobilizing an enemy champion, increase your current Armor and Magic Resist by 10 + 30% for 2.5s. Then, after 2.5s deal magic damage to nearby enemies.  Damage: 40-140 (+3.5% your maximum health) Cooldown: 20s



Increase your Tenacity and Slow Resistance by 10% for each Summoner Spell on cooldown. After casting a Summoner Spell, gain 15% additional Tenacity and Slow Resistance for 10s.


-Iron Skin

Gain 5 Armor. Whenever you heal for at least 20 health or from a consumable's effect, increase your Armor by 5% for 3 seconds.


-Second Wind

After taking damage from an enemy champion heal for 4% of your missing health over 10 seconds.

¤ Secondary Path [Domination]


-Sudden Impact

After exiting stealth or using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport, damage a champion to gain 10 Lethality and 8 Magic Penetration for 5s. Cooldown: 4s


-Zombie Ward

After killing an enemy ward, a friendly Zombie Ward is raised in its place. Additionally, when your wards expire, they resurrect as Zombie Wards. Zombie Wards are visible, last for 180s, and don't count towards your ward limit.

★ Score’s reasoning


For my path, I chose Aftershock. The Aftershock rune is a lot similar to the old Courage of the Colossus. On top of this tankiness, we are adding  Unflinching. In order to sustain in the jungle, we put Iron Skin. To help with initiating fights, we take Second Win for the extra sustain. You can sustain through extent fights through the runes that mainly focus on armor/magic resist, health regeneration, and CC shields.


For the secondary path, we take Sudden Impact. Sudden Impact is extremely good in increasing your damage after you use your E on Gragas. As a jungler when fighting for vision, I suggest Zombie Ward as a must for vision control.

◈ UmTi’s suggested runes and champions : [Damage and gank oriented Lee Sin]



¤ Primary Path [Domination]



Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities in 2s deals bonus adaptive damage. Damage: 40-220 (+0.50 Bonus AD, +0.30 AP) damage. Cooldown: 50-25s


-Sudden Impact

After exiting stealth or using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport, damage a champion to gain 10 Lethality and 8 Magic Penetration for 5s. Cooldown: 4s

-Eyeball Collection

Collect eyeballs for champion and ward takedowns. Gain an adaptive bonus of 0.6 Attack Damage or 1 Ability Power, per eyeball collected. Upon completing your collection at 20 eyeballs, gain an adaptive bonus of 6 Attack Damage, or 10 Ability Power. Collect 2 eyeballs per champion takedown, 1 eyeball per ward takedown.


-Relentless Hunter

Gain 8 out of combat Movement Speed plus 8 per Bounty Hunter stack.  Earn a Bounty Hunter stack the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion.

¤ Secondary Path [Sorcery]


-The Ultimate Hat

Your ultimate's cooldown is reduced by 5%. This number is increased by 2% each time your ultimate goes on cooldown. Stacks up to 5 times.



Gain 10% CDR when you reach level 10.  Each percent of CDR exceeding the CDR limit is converted to an adaptive bonus of 1.2 Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power.

★ UmTi’s reasoning


If you are playing a gank oriented jungler, the most important thing is damage. Similar to last season’s Thunderlord’s Decree, the new rune (Electrocute) gives you that same amount of burst damage. This synergizes very well with Lee Sin. Sudden Impact works with Lee Sin’s Q, W, and Flash. Again, this rune gives Lee Sin a lot of damage and synergizes well with his kit. The Sorcery rune here is The Ultimate Hat. From using it at 6 till the end of the game, this rune allows Lee Sin to use Dragon’s Rage as much as possible. In my personal opinion, I think warrior/assassin junglers are coming back into the meta and that they are really good.

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