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BDO KR Patch Notes: Nov 9th - Absolute Skills for Musa and Maehwa, New Meals and Elixirs




※ Translator’s Note: The term “Absolute” is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the associated update goes live in the NA/EU server. The Korean word is 진(pronounced as Jin), and can be translated to Truth, Absolute, or Nature. Other terms/names used in this post are also subject to change.


[Major Updates]

Absolute Skills for Musa and Maehwa

Reworked Horse Awakening System

New upgraded meals and elixirs

New Enhancement UI


New Event: Pearl Shop - Buy one get one free
  -  From Nov 9th to Nov 16th
  -  A total of 11 Pearl items will be on sale and available for Buy One Get One Free.

New Event: Making Cookie Stick Box
  -  From Nov 9th to Nov 23rd
  -  Get ingredients by grinding, gathering & fishing, and make Cookie Stick Boxes with them.

New Event: Prepare for Winter with Warm Attendance Rewards
  -  From Nov 10th to Dec 14th
  -  New Loyal Attendance Rewards include Training Manual - Skill (afk skill exp)


Fishing Rod placement has been adjusted for the following classes: Sorceress, Ranger, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Wizard, Witch, Dark Knight, and Mystic.


Fixed an issue where using Absolute: Blasting Gust in certain situations activated Evasive Shot.


Fixed the graphical glitch with the shoe part when wearing Clead Armor.

[Musa and Maehwa]

Fixed an issue where Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot did not work properly.


A new highest rank for mainhand skills, the Absolute rank, has been added for the following skills.
  -  Slice, Whirlwind Cut, Retaliation, Upper Kick, Blunt Kick, Sweep Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Carver, Stub Arrow, Divider, Dragon Bite, Ultimate Dragon Claw, Blind Thrust, Nemesis Slash, Blooming, Lunar Slash, Rising Storm, Cyclone Slash, Blind Slash, Gale, Musa Spirit, Backstep Slash, Charged Stub Arrow
  -  You can learn the Absolute skills after completing the Awakening Weapon quest at level 56.
  -  You need the maximum tier of each skill to learn the Absolute tier.
  -  The Absolute skills have higher damage and higher number of hits than the regular skills do.

The skill description for Rising Storm: Blaze has been edited.
  -  Applies Rising Storm III’s damage > Applies Rising Storm’s damage


A new highest rank for mainhand skills, the Absolute rank, has been added for the following skills.
  -  Slice, Whirlwind Cut, Retaliation, Upper Kick, Blunt Kick, Sweep Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Carver, Stub Arrow, Divider, Dragon Bite, Ultimate Dragon Claw, Blind Thrust, Nemesis Slash, Blooming, Lunar Slash, Red Moon, Cyclone Slash, Blind Slash, Decapitation, Maehwa’s Will, Backstep Slash, Charged Stub Arrow
  -  You can learn the Absolute skills after completing the Awakening Weapon quest at level 56.
  -  You need the maximum tier of each skill to learn the Absolute tier.
  -  The Absolute skills have higher damage and higher number of hits than the regular skills do.


Fixed the graphical glitch with the Eunyoo costume.


Fixed an issue where the damage for Block Jump was not properly applied.


Wagon accessories for Farm Wagon, Trade Wagon, Merchant Wagon, and Noble Wagon will now have the name of the type of Wagon with which the accessories can be used.

You can no longer use Black Spirit’s Training (AFK Leveling) while in a Party or in a Platoon.

You can now get loot from boss monsters even when the difference in the party members’ levels is more than 10.

New Item, Emergency Ship Repair Kit, has been added.
  -  Emergency Ship Repair Kit repairs less durability points than other Ship Repair Kits do, but can repair a ship very quickly.
  -  Emergency Ship Repair Kit can be Manufactured with Ship Repair Material, Steel, and Plywood Hardener.

New Item, High-Quality 4-wheel Wagon Badge, has been added.
  -  The item can be exchanged with 150 Shiny Golden Seal - Imperial Delivery or can be crafted in a Tier 3 Wagon Parts Workshop.
  -  The item will increase the wagon’s max weight by 200 LT. The weight capacity can be increased with Enhancements.

New Materials for Cooking and Alchemy have been added.
  -  Ancient Cron Spice: can be purchased from NPC vendors / Cooking material
  -  Tears of Falling Moon: can be purchased from Old Moon Managers / Alchemy material

New Meals and Elixirs for upgraded buffs, Cron Meal and Panacea, have been added.
  -  Cron Meals and Panacea can be crafted via Simple Cooking and Simple Alchemy.
  -  Cron Meal and Panacea buffs will have only 1 buff icon for multiple buffs.
  -  Cron Meal and Panacea buffs will write over the regular food/elixir buffs.
  -  Using regular food/elixir while Cron Meal/Panacea buffs are on will not erase the Cron Meal/Panecea buffs, but will give you Health exp.
  -  Elixir buffs will not be available while Panacea buffs are on, except for the following elixirs: Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Khalk’s Elixir, Elixir of Deep Sea, Perfume of Spirit, Whale Tendon Elixir, Tough Whale Tendon Elixir
  -  Cron Meal buffs and Panacea buffs will not overwrite each other.
  -  Using an additional Cron Meal/Panacea while the buffs are already on effect will cause the old buffs to be written over by the new buffs. (e.g. Use Cron Meal with Seafood and then use Cron Meal with Delicacy > only the buffs from Cron Meal with Delicacy will remain.)
  -  Materials can be replaced with higher-tier materials of the same kind. (Less amount required in this case.) (e.g. 1 Special Balenos Meal can substitute for 3 Balenos Meals.)

You can now use Advice of Valks and Valk’s Cry within the Enhancement screen.


You can now make Energy Potions by spending your Energy from NPC Alustin in the following regions.
  -  Alejandro Farm, Glish Village, Keplan, Port Epheria, Calpheon Library

Combat EXP buff and Skill EXP buff from Daily Achievements have combined into one.
  -  You can now get both buffs by accepting the rewards for the Daily Achievement “Daily grinding hours”.

You cannot use the “Come Together!” button when your mount has Trade items.

The Courser system has been reworked.
  -  You can train each area up to 180%.
  -  0.5 training points will increase per training item if the training meter is above 100%.
  -  When the Courser successfully awakens, the Courser will have more chance to become Arduanatt if the Skill Training meter is high, and will have more chance to become Dineh if the Elegance Training meter is high. (Max chance 90%)
  -  Strength will be distributed between Skill and Elegance and contribute to each category equally when the Courser tries to awaken.
  -  When the Courser fails to awaken after using Cron Stones, the remaining training points will always be in a whole number. (The number below decimal point will be gone.)

Fixed an issue where Arduanatt’s landing animation after using Wings of the Wind looked unnatural.

The navigation to Ancado Inner Harbor (except from Valencia) has been improved.

Stocks of the trade items that do not have a minimum required trade level will be doubled.

The prices of some Trade items in the Valencia Territory have increased, and the stock of the items have changed.

Minimum buying price and maximum selling price of some Trade items have been adjusted.

The maximum selling price of Luxury Goods, Military Supplies, and Medicines has been set to 140%.

The minimum buying price/maximum selling price for Groceries have been set to 60% and 160%, respectively. Trade items in the Groceries category will expire in 2 hours.

The minimum buying price/maximum selling price for Raw Materials have been set to 60% and 140%, respectively.

The minimum buying price for Clothes items has been set to 50%.

However, the above changes will not be applied to certain Trade Items.

Imperial Delivery Items have changed in all territories.

You can no longer use the Open Arena in the servers where the Node/Conquest War is going on.

If you enter the server where the Node/Conquest War will begin within 15 min or the War is going on, you will be moved to the closest village automatically.

The Pet [Event] Kuku Bird can be exchanged with the same type or with Wizard Ghosphy.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to move smoothly after taking out Epheria Sailboat from Shakatu Abandoned Ferry.

Fixed an issue where the anchor in Epheria Frigate looked unnatural after wearing blue ship accessories.

Fixed an issue where the graphics for Peridot Wagon looked unnatural if the wagon is loaded with Trade items.


You will now fall down from your mount when you are attacked by Quint/Muraka’s basic attack while riding on an elephant.

[Quest and Knowledge]

When you have a level 50 or above character in your account and create a new character and skip tutorials, tutorials will also be skipped for other newly created characters.

New quest, [Wagon] The Goose Fairy of Flondor, has been added.
  -  You can accept the quest after completing the “Meryndola is a moody person” quest.
  -  You can get 1 Meryndola’s Element and CP exp from the quest.
  -  You can now get the quest objective item for the “Trophies of the Manes” quest more easily.

The quest objective NPC’s name during the “Box Full of Water Bottles” has been edited.

You can only use the summon scroll given during the [Boss] Giant Chief Gehaku in the spot marked on the mini map.
The quest objective monsters in the “Barbarian’s Tyranny” quest have changed.
  -  Imp Work Supervisor > Abandoned Mine Red Orc Guard, Kuruto Executioner

You can now store the worker contract given as a reward for the “Building a Rowboat: Lodging and Workers” quest.

Fixed an issue where the image cards for the following knowledges did not match the actual content of the knowledge.
  -  Kamasylvia Horned Deer, Kamasylvia Young Horned Deer, Kamasylvia Horned Doe, Kamasylvia Herb Stoneback Crab

New Knowledges have been added.
  -  Cron Meal with Seafood
  -  Cron Meal with Simple Table
  -  Cron Meal with Delicacy
  -  Panacea of Vendure
  -  Panacea of Beast
  -  Panacea of Giant

New Knowledges have been added in the Great Desert Adventure Journal III category.
  -  A Survivor’s Journal
  -  A Broken Slate
  -  A milestone in the Desert
  -  Traces of Campsite
  -  The new Knowledges are acquirable by interacting with the new objects added in the Valencia Desert.

Some Knowledges in the Ecology category will appear on the world map.

The hints for the following Knowledges have been edited so they can lead you to the actual Knowledge.
  -  A Valkyrie’s role in war
  -  Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Integrity
  -  Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Service

[Graphics and NPCs]

Fixed an issue where the cut scene for NPC Purajin in Valencia was shaking too much.

Fixed an issue where there was a blue light effect on the staircase in Valley Lily Inn.

Fixed an issue where the characters were not able to move after an unintended action in certain areas including Abandoned Iron Mine.


The Enhancement interface has changed.
  -  Black Stones will automatically go up when you choose a gear to Enhance.
  -  When you don’t have the Black Stones you need, a gray Black Stone will appear in the Enhancement Material section.
  -  When you check the “use Cron Stones” button at the bottom of the Enhancement screen, the Cron Stones in your inventory will automatically go up.
  -  You can check the details on what happens when Enhancement fails at the bottom of the Enhancement screen.
  -  The label for “Add Cron Stone Energy” has changed to “Breakthrough”. You can choose the Breakthrough tab within the Enhancement UI to add Cron Stone Energy to your gear.
  -  The description on the additional effects you get in each Cron Stone Energy Level is available in the Breakthrough screen.

▲ The new Enhancement interface 
▲ The Breakthrough (adding Cron Stone Energy) menu

Sold Out items in the Pearl Shop will now appear at the bottom, while New and On Sale items will appear at the top.

Fixed an issue where the item tooltip for Pearl Items overlapped with the purchase window.

The graphical effects for coupon books have changed.

Fixed an issue where the special emote button did not work in Pearl Shop.

Fixed an issue where the character’s portrait did not appear in certain PC conditions.

A message that says “all settings will be set to default” will pop up when you click the “Set to default” button in the Settings menu.

Pulling your mouse over a skill icon in the “Available Skills” section of the Skill window will now point you to the same skill in the main Skill window.

The color of the icons for Pet Command has changed.
  -  Swift: Green > Red
  -  Cautious: Red > Green


When you click the Recharge button in the Pearl Shop in fullscreen mode, you will automatically switch to window mode.

Fixed an issue where Guild Promotion messages were not affected by the Chat Filter function.

ou can now add more search filters/conditions when looking for templates in the Beauty Album menu.

[New Costumes]

The Black Horn Costume for Ninja :

The Tritsch Costume for Witch :



Welcome to Black Desert Online Inven Global: We provide in-depth guides for BDO along with the latest information on updates within the KR server.


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    Great new patch for KR - this is the second update to the enhancement system that involves the Cron Energy system, although there's no footage of the Cron Energy system in use, is there a video from Inven Global of "Cron Energy System In Use - Enhancing" ? Would love to see that!

    • 0



      Hi, above video is one of our staffs trying to add Cron Stone Energy to his Dande and Nouver. You need certain "Cron Stone Energy points" to get the additional AP, but in the video he couldn't got up to that point because he didn't have enough Cron Stones :( But you'll see the interface and how the system works :D

      TRI gear gets the additional AP at Energy Levels 2, 5, 9, and 15, and TET gear gets the additional AP at Energy Levels 3, 8, 16, and 30. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!

  • 0



    Thanks for your great work Yullie!

    Do you have any additional information's about the Imperial Delivery and Trade changes?

    • 0



      The minimum buying price for some items changed to 60% so this might create a bit more competition, but other than that the changes are not that significant. For Imperial Delivery, PA did not give us the exact list of the new Imperial Delivery items and it's hard for me to find out what items were added and what items were taken out from the Imperial Delivery list. I'm sorry I could not help :( Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    • 0


      @Yullie Thanks, well we have to find out ourself next week :)
  • 0



    Will you also release  a reaction news on the new maehwa and musa absolute skills? 
    • 0



      Will do! We're working on the details/KR reactions on the new absolute skills, and it should be out in a few days. Thank you!

  • 0



    Any idea what's the duration of the food and the elixir?

    • 0



      The food buff is 120 min long and the elixir buff is 15 min long

  • 0



    Sorry why cron meal with delicacy give +2 accuracy lvl? Is it wrong translation?

    • 0



      Hi, the item effects for Cron Meal with Delicacy should say Critical Hit Level, not Accuracy Level. I'm sorry about the wrong translation :( It has been fixed now. Thank you!

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      thank you Yullie, i love you :)

  • 0



    Hey, can you tell me if these new elixirs/meals are any good for money making?

    • 0



      Hi! The new meals/elixirs can be made using Simple Alchemy/Cooking, not Alchemy/Cooking so it's not hard to make them once you have the materials.

      There's no big difference in selling the materials (=regular meals/elixirs) and selling the new meals/elixirs. The prices change a lot, so you should check the marketplace before you are selling them for maximum benefit.

      If you buy all the regular meals/elixirs from the marketplace to make the new meals/elixirs and then sell the new meals/elixirs, then it would not be beneficial at all :( The maximum marketplace prices of the new meals/elixirs are not much expensive than the prices of regular meals/elixirs. You also have to pay for marketplace fee, so you will actually end up losing money if you do this D:

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    Hi, can you use the Blue Elixir version to make the Cron elixirs instead of 3 green elixirs?

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      Hi, 1 Blue Elixir can replace 3 Green Elixirs when making the new Elixirs. Thanks!

  • 0



    Hi, sorry I have one more question. What's the Cooking Level required to craft the Cron Meals?

    • 0



      NP :) You craft Cron Meals (and the super elixirs as well) by simple cooking/alchemy so cooking/alchemy level is not required.

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