Taliyah in real life - the LoL cosplay by Spiral Cats

Source: Spiral Cats

Spiral Cats, the professional cosplay group in South Korea, has done a cosplay of Taliyah, one of the champions in Riot’s famous game, League of Legends (LoL).

The champion of their selection is the stoneweaver who bends the very earth at her will, and is classified as a mid-range mage. The model is Goeun “Tasha” Oh, the leader of Spiral Cats.

The clothes and props were crafted meticulously to evoke the image of the stoneweaver, and the cosplay drew a lot of attention from gamers. In many of the photos, it seems as if she is really casting one of Taliyah’s skills.

“It’s been awhile since the last project and we are happy to see so much interest in these LoL champion cosplay photos. We will continue our to communicate with players about more quality game cosplays,” said Tae Sik Kim, the CEO of Spiral Cats.

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