[KR Reactions] SKT vs Samsung : I prophesied correctly, "Today, a Korean team will win."


■ Before the game & opening stage

▷ Today’s game I can be a prophet for. "Today, a Korean team will win"
└ Damn, your predictions are on point!
└ Let me find a girlfriend by Christmas please!
└ Please let a Korean team win the next year worlds as well!
└ "Today, a Korean team will lose"
└└ I’m going to put my money on this!
└└ Both statements are true!

▷ Please let Samsung win today. I promise I’ll eat my vegetables and won’t cheat!

▷ How come there are only Chinese and English subtitles if it is a Korea vs Korea finals :((
└ Hmmm, it is a Korean finals but no Korean subs.
└ Reprisal for THAAD I guess.

▷ Why aren’t they playing ‘Legends Never Die’ and play Chinese rap god?
└ It must be an awesome performance for the Chinese but I don’t know what the hell they are saying.
└ Is this the continental weather?
└ Don’t diss, this is the PyeongChang Winter Olympics preview.

▷ Now they are playing ‘Legends Never Die’
└ Finally an actual song.
└ Sounds pretty bad. Same with the rap earlier...
└└ It was the same quality in the Korean stage. It is good when you’re actually there.
└ It doesn’t match the actual song lmao
└└ Yeah lmao, just get rid of the minions please.

▷ What is with the Elder Dragon? Thought that was real...
└ Chinese are pretty impressive. Bringing an Elder Dragon like that..
└ Since it is a Korean finals, they must have called the Longzhu Dragon :(((

▷ Is that Faker shout real life?
└ Imagine if he ran for election...

▷ This is the most cool out of the ceremony. Ambition… damn.

└ Looks like a horror movie.
└ For a second I read ‘did’ as ‘die’.
└ He looks more scary than cool;
└ Reaper Ambition.

■ Game 1

[Before the game & picks/bans]

▷ Chicken delivery is here! Perfect timing!
└ Damn… I still have 20 minutes on mine.

▷ News: Janna is taken
└ Samsung bans Sejuani and goes Janna?
└ SKT is crazy… why would they give Janna?
└ Are they saying giving Janna is better than giving Crown Galio? It might be.
└ This looks like a Samsung bot lane carry. Bot’s siege potential is insane. How could they give Ruler Janna though...

▷ I’m not sure if this was a planned draft or spontaneous... If SKT wins this game, it is likely they will win the whole thing.
└ If it wasen’t for Janna, SKT’s draft looks so good
└ Faker picked Cass. They won.

[Game start]

▷ Is it AD Kennen? He got Fervor.
└ It is AD Kennen.
└ I wonder how it will scale in the late game? I’m not sure because I haven’t played AD Kennen is such a long time...

▷ I see the bot lane CS difference. Is this the Bang ADC differenec?
└ Xayah tried to pull the lane and lost a lot of CS. It looks like SKT is doing well in the early game.
└ Looks like Bang got scolded by kkOma after the semifinals. He is trying so hard to get every CS.

▷ I wondered if Crown could hold the lane against Faker, but he seems to do pretty well?
└ If it keeps going like this, Samsung might have the upper hand.
└ Was there a reason Faker just used flash? Malz’s skills were all on cooldown and he didn’t even have ignite...
└ If they gave them Zac, they have to take advantage of the early game. Instead of picking mid on the 4th pick, SKT picked top first. Weird.

▷ 15 minutes have passed. After 15, Samsung can’t lose. SKT lost the 1st game.
└ Peanut is back to his old form, but he still does the same old Peanut. Why can’t he make plays like before? All he needs to do is ward bot and gank it...
└ Thought SKT was winning bot, but they lost again. What is Peanut doing?
└└ They can’t help but give the tower. Mid can’t do anything to help and same with top. Clear jungle difference and Zac is helping out bot lane. It can’t be helped that SKT’s bot lane is on a losing lane to get first towered.

[Samsung constantly wins out on execution]

▷ They take all the objectives. Samsung’s style of starving their opponent out is working.
└ 2 Mountain Dragons. They can get everything so easily.

▷ Aren’t they snowballing because Faker couldn’t do anything? Or am I just wrong?
└ Yeah. They put on the button wrong.
└ This all happened cause they wasted 2 summoner spells early.
└ Still… since there is only a 3k gold difference, SKT can still win this.

▷ We still don’t know until a teamfight. It is not like we haven’t seen SKT’s amazing teamfighting... If they lose the teamfight then SKT lost :(((
└ I don’t see a teamfight because of Janna. I think Janna is just going to carry the teamfight.
└ There is a good chance we won’t see SKT’s strengths if Samsung keeps playing like they did in the semifinals.

[SKT steals baron but loses the teamfight]

▷ Damn, Peanut’s baron steal...
└ He steals this...
└ They did steal baron but lost the fight.
└ If they just let Gragas die, SKT would have came out ahead.
└ Faker is throwing the game by himself. Loses the lane and throws the teamfight.
└└ Faker is just trying to follow up to make a big play. How can you say he is throwing? Don’t just look at the result and flame him.
└└└ Faker did throw.
└└└ People usually say things regarding the result. It is true that because of Faker, the game is like this.
└└└ If they just let Peanut die, SKT would have at least gotten a few towers.

▷ I think Samsung is the ultimate counter to SKT. When SKT is behind, they force fights but Samsung avoids fights all together. If you look at the LCK, games 1 and 2 were exactly like this.

▷ AD Kennen is weaker in teamfights compared to AP, but they have Zac and Janna to cover that.
└ Because it is Samsung, they can compensate so well.

[Samsung gets baron and closes the game]

▷ Faker’s snowball was non-existent. Did his flash in the baron pit put the game to this state?
└ The first flash he blew on the Malz ulti was too big.
└└ Faker gave a big lead away in mid and they started losing rom that point.

▷ Just looking at the picks/bans, SKT had to win the lanes early. Since they didn’t win the laning phase, SKT can’t even start a teamfight.
└ They completely got outplayed.
└ Can’t they just ban Malzahar? Like the same thing as last year when they banned Viktor and Crown was useless.

■ Game 2

[Picks and Bans]

▷ To call SSG's games boring would be a compliment for the team now.
└ Annoying playstyle = So good that it's annoying.

└ The reason SSG wins are considered boring is because the enemy team is bad. SKT is barely doing anything, hence the reason why it's boring.
└└ Yeah, SKT is playing badly. Varus ults aren't landing at all.
└└ But SSG's engages are better than SKT's. Asking SKT to do anything would be asking for too much. SSG prefers to not fight even if they're ahead.

▷ Has SSG learned to macro at Hogwarts?
└ The wizard of macro, "Bat-Harry"! 3 Earth Dragons to 3 Inhibitors! Other than getting the Baron stolen, everything else was perfect.
└ When they beat LZ, I felt that "SSG is different this year." If SSG keeps playing like this, it's possible that SSG can actually win...

▷ SKT took Cassiopeia and Gnar, champions who are strong in lane, against Ambition's Zac. However, even when that's the case, Faker almost got solo-killed by Crown and Gnar was countered by the AD Kennen. Peanut wasn't able to do anything, and the game went out of control.
└ Eh, SKT just got stomped.
└ I'm an SKT fan, but I can't defend them this time round. Every single one of their lanes lost. Strictly speaking, I think SKT will lose 0-3. Cassiopeia can barely stay even, though it's staying under its tower, and the jungler is constantly behind. Varus ult is countered by the Xayah ult, and Janna prevents SKT from effectively engaging fights. As for Gnar, he's just getting beat on endlessly by Kennen. No one on the side of SKT did well, including the coach.

▷ SKT, red-side again?
└ Why are they taking red-side?
└ It's highly possible that they have another surprise pick.
└└ Yeah, that's highly likely.

▷ What is this? It's the exact same comp!
└ This is game 2, right? Why are the picks exactly the same as game 1? lol.
└ Both teams are having a fight of pride!
└ Faker's Ryze... he must be really angry.
└ Victory Ryze!
└ But Malzahar counters Ryze... Why did they take him?

▷ Huh? Yasuo? Lol.
└ If SKT loses this, Inven is going to explode. SKT is going to receive so much flak for taking Yasuo.
└└ Is Huni playing Yasuo for the skin? Also, it could be the other way around. If SKT wins, Solo Queue is going to explode.

[Game Begins]

▷ Huni must've been really angry to pick Yasuo. I mean, he did receive a beatdown from the AD Kennen. I bet even kkOma felt so bad for him that he allowed it.
└ SKT is having a good start. They got two Flashes just now.
└ Everyone, Yasuo is this good!

▷ Faker's Ryze is really something. Because of his amazing movements, he's able to play out the laning phase like this.
└ Ryze has been reworked 2 times. How can Faker play every single variation so well?
└└ It's actually wrong to say that Faker is playing Ryze. Faker is Ryze in itself.

[SKT 3-Man-Dives Crown]

▷ SKT is just all about the Faker carry. Faker is the basis of all SKT’s strategies.
└ Did SKT finally warm up? Even though it is still the early game, SKT isn’t looking too bad. Peanut looks like he finally got his senses.
└ Faker looks mad. Scary af...
└└ I can feel that he is hella mad LOLL

[Ambition gets a 4man Jarvan ulti to get 4 summoner spells from SKT]

▷ That ulti was insane
└ Everyone is running away from Ambition because he has something in his hand lmao
└ Suddenly the mood changes

[Samsung wins the teamfight at dragon and win further fights]

▷ Bang throws so well!

└ bang makes sure Yasuo loses for the solo queue players lmao
└ For a second I thought Bang was Cody Sun LOL
└ If he is going to play like that, why did he play Varus?

▷ Ambition’s knockup was crazy WTF!
└ Is this SKT’s teamfighting? Why are Samsung doing the play SKT should have last game?
└ Is Samsung going to break Faker’s Ryze record?
└ I have to give it to Faker for trying his best. He did so well but how can the game go like this?
▷ In anyway you look at it, Yasuo is science. Even if you don’t do anything wrong, Yasuo is going to get flamed for it.
└ Instead of Ryze being a fsure win, Yasuo made it a fsure loss.
└ In conclusion, Samsung getting Janna was not the answer.

▷ Bang isn’t playing like he was in 2015 so why are they giving away Janna? Just ban Janna, Kalista, and Sejuani. Or just pick blue side. This is truly a mistake.
└ Bang + enemy Janna = GG. SKT’s bot is trash so why did they give Janna? It isn’t like he does a lot of damage in teamfights
└ He can never hit his ulti against a Xayah.

[Samsung gets baron and wins the game]

▷ Is this deja-vu of last game? Lmao
└ Unless Yasuo can ult Janna there is no answer... Can Huni even get in range to get the ult of Janna?
└└ They can never kill Janna. Even if they do, they can’t kill Xayah.

▷ At this rate, SKT is going to lose the finals in an hour.
└ Samsung is executing better than they did in 2014.
└ The battle between the science of Ryze and Yasuo. Yasuo won.
└ It seems like there is 4 Challenger players and one Diamond 1 player.

▷ I guess Faker’s Ryze record is broken.
└ Eventually, Ryze became a pick that became the similar reason why they lost the first game.
└ Faker can’t even cover for Bang’s throws.

■ Game 3

[Before the game picks and bans]

▷Samsung: Since everyone said it was going to be a boring series, we are going to win with some fun for you guys ^^
└ This is it!
└ It’s true that the first game was no fun, but this time it was so fun!
└ They showed us the best teamfight in a while.
└ They crushed the 100% Ryze winrate, and crushed the superior picks and bans
└ The reason game 1 was no fun was because SKT sucked so bad ol
└ Faker’s Ryze vs science = Science’s victory

▷ The one who broke Faker’s 100% win rate on Ryze was not another midlaner but his own teammate Bang...
└ You can’t even really blame the picks and bans because SKT was winning at first, but then Bang suddenly started playing like he’s in solo queue and threw the game

▷Legends never die? That’s before you met me.

└ God slayer Ambition
└ He’s becoming less and less human

▷ Is Blank gonna play?
└ Dark Knight rises!
└ Tbh I don’t feel like Peanut’s the problem... It’s just that Samsung is insane right now at focusing in teamfights and pure physical.
▷ Ambition did destroy the Rox Tigers. Absolute annihilation...
└ He’s even successful at hunting Peanut!
└ But can Koo Rox really not win even when they change rosters?

▷ ??? : We are the best team in LPL. Because we won a set against that Samsung.

└ ??? : Fuck we secured two sets!

▷ Lol NOW SKT bans Janna
└ Of course you have to ban Janna
└ Are we gonna see the Sejuani from Samsung?
└└ Can they win after giving up Sejuani?

▷ Wolf is Leona
└ Ignar’s Legacy...
└ This is not the only time he has done this..
└ They can’t just throw away Censer though...
└└ I think they’re gonna play Karma if she isn’t banned?

▷ They gave away mid Karma to Faker?
└ I feel bad for him. He has to play shit like Karma for his team
└ That’s crazy. It’s because he’s tied back by Censer.

[Match start and SKT’s 2 kills and first tower]

▷ Bang is getting whooped like a bitch right from the start...
└Tower hugging from the get go.Omg, my eyes...
└ There is too big of a difference in the bot lane. There is just no answer.
└ I really can’t help but cuss. Why is the team difference so high?

▷ Faker is Faker once again except for game 1... but how can you carry with Karma?
└ Even Blank is getting some nice ganks.
└ Mid jungle top are doing everything. Only if bot could pull their weight...
└ They got some nice advantages, but because of their botlane, they have to get even more. Once Varus gets strong, he’s going to be OP.

▷ There is bot CS difference...
└ There’s over 25 CS difference lmao… They’re getting ripped apart...

[SKT wins teamfight in front of dragon pit]

▷ Faker and Blank are doing everything. And even Hunie is doing all that he needs to.
└ I think Wolf probably just pissed a little? LOL
└ Leona was seriously so tanky. It somehow accidentally became a super play lol
└ And Faker is carrying on even Karma haha

▷ Could it be lose lose win win win? There is hope. Let’s go round 4 SKT!
└ Faker is seriously not a human. How can he be a playmaker with Karma...

[SKT loses a little in botlane trade]

▷ Nice Bang throw...
└ Bang this son of a bitch, there is no answer for him.
└ How can 4 people be spoon feeding him but he just spits it out because he doesn’t want to eat?
└ Varus doesn’t even have flash so why does he use ult... lol

▷ Faker must be so frustrated. He probably cussed inside at least a thousand, a million times.
└ I really don't want to bad mouth Bang but in an Ardent Censer meta Bang is really throwing. Are they just saying ‘we are not scared of your ADC (Ruler) so we are going to CC chain the support? At this rate, Bang is probably gonna be kicked out to another team or at least he needs to repent seriously.
└└ Please, I wish he would play well :(

[SKT wins teamfight at Baron pit]

▷ It’s game over if Varus doesn’t have Flash. This is too hard, even for Ruler.
└ Wow, and Tris almost died before Varus.
└└ My heart was pumping because I thought Tris was gonna die. If he died, Wolf would’ve taken so much criticism.
└└ Please just ride the bus. And don’t throw. Because then, mid jungle top will carry :(

▷ Faker’s moving is insane. I was watching him the whole time and he just dodges every skillshot.
└ I haven’t seen him get hit by a single Rupture. Lol
└ And was Karma always such a scary champion? Lol I just don’t understand.

▷ This is the difference between Lulu and Janna. The difference between Janna’s Ardent Censer ult and Lulu, who loses half her health if she gets in range to use her ult.
└ Lulu is a trap pick because she was used so many times.
└ The most important thing is that Faker has Ardent Censer. If whoever has Censer dies, then the rest of the team just dies off, but because Faker has Censor, I don’t think they can possibly lose.

[Samsung successfully defends Tier 2 mid turret]

▷ Varus’ deal is no joke even though he only has 2 core items and no flash.
└ I feel like Varus just did 3 times the damage of Tristana that teamfight.
└ If they play this wrong, it might be a comeback for Samsung...

▷ Tristana is in a free deal position, but she keeps cancelling her auto. What are you doing, Bang?
└ It looks like Samsung has laid in bed with the enemy LMAO
└ Tristana is 4/0/2 but she’s not scary at all. She’s not intimidating at all.

[Samsung wins teamfight in front of Baron pit and gets baron]

▷ Even GAM played teamfights better than this, guys! Wtf is this in the World Cup 2:0 Finals game?
└ Bang is seriously so amazing. How can he throw a game that was already won?
└ Can Faker not even win this game?
└ What kind of pro can’t even do a proper formation? Wow… so frustrating
└ They have to investigate Bang for throwing on purpose for money. That kind of play just makes no sense...

[Right before the match ends, SKT barely defends base and gets Elder Dragon]

▷ Hunie and Faker must be about to pass out. Can’t believe they barely defended that...
└ Tbh you can’t blame someone for thinking this game is an intentional throw. How many times is Bang doing shit that makes no sense?
└└ I’m thinking the same thing.
└└ They should monitor his bank account.

▷ Bang’s positioning is the worst every teamfight
└ His counter-carry outweighs even Faker’s carry... He’s the best adc in the history of League.

[Samsung wins teamfight in midlane and wins the game]

▷ Sigh, 3 consecutive games, Bang... he continues to throw...
└ SKT showed us today that a one-man team cannot win. If there is a fucking troll, even god Faker can’t do anything.

▷ Even if Bang receives tons of criticism, he deserves it. When his entire team tries their best to kill Varus, he pushes him with his ult to save him, and he dies instantly so their team loses Baron and the lead... I bet even SKT fans can’t defend Bang. They probably went, "This is a won game, but what is he doing?" When I saw Faker crying...
└ I’m an SKT fan but I can’t deny it.
└ Was there ever a match where somebody carried the other team this hard? He rekt his own team by saving Varus 3 times with his ult.
└ Bang is like Dade. Just as Dade couldn’t backdoor, Bang can’t do what he needs to do.
└ Bang has to just accept it Faker wants to slap him in the face 100 times.
└ I thought Varus had a new dash skill. He lives because of Tristana’s ult when he should’ve died 3 times lol. How thankful he must be that the opponent played Tristana!
└ Varus’ new escape skill “Buster Shot”

- Many criticisms of Bang’s play after the game -

■ After the game

▷ Samsung Galaxy. Dramatic remnants of the 2:0 before 2015. In 2016, Ambition did perform well in execution but still had some clear weaknesses. However through constant practice, Ambition made it into worlds with a 19:0 record beating kt. They got flamed for having an easier group compared to Rox Tigers and went 3:2 into the quarterfinals. Placing first in the split in 2017, they hit a rough patch by getting 3:0’ed. Samsung later placed 4th. At the moment that mattered, Samsung took off by beating kt 3:0 and qualifying for worlds. They also got flamed for being the only Korean team to place 2nd in groups. Samsung later beat Longzhu 3:0. And now, Samsung knocked down SKT 3:0... Samsung showed us that hard determination never lies! I want to congratulate, yet again, Samsung for their win!
└ It felt like I just watched a drama. Made me gulp
└ It was a drama fsure.
└ Hearing ‘Legends Never Die’, it fits Samsung perfectly.
└ From today, I am a Samsung fan
└ The cartoon has finally been finished. I am proud to be your fan, Samsung!

▷ To be honest, Faker played so bad this series. As soon as Faker saw bang ult to save the enemy, he should have paused the game to smack bang in the head and take away his R key. Since Faker didn’t do that, Bang saved Ruler twice and lost the game.
└ The persuasiveness is here!
└ This is so true lmao

▷ Look at Faker cry. Damn.
└ What did Faker do wrong? Looking at him cry makes me so sad :(((
└ He must be thinking he lost because he played bad :((
└ They didn’t lose because Faker played bad. Everyone who watched the games will understand. He was carrying but his team didn't want to get carried.
└ From the moment he stepped onto the pro scene, this is the first time I have seen Faker do this.
└ I can see Faker come back from this. I can’t wait for Faker next season. Good luck Faker!

▷ I felt so scared when I saw Faker cry. The amount of times he has won but he still has the competitiveness in him. I predict Faker is still going to be the top player in the following years. Good luck Faker… we believe in you!
└ I sympathize with Faker.
└ They say that once a pro player loses their competitiveness, they are done. Watching Faker still have that drive amazes me. I wonder if I have ever had that much drive as Faker when I worked…
└ This is what every athlete in any sport should act like.
└ Watching SKT lose... I wanted SKT’s reign to seize this worlds but looking at Faker at that state makes me sad. Watching ‘Legends Never Die’ while watching SKT lose felt really weird. I think Faker has already surpassed the level of a normal League of Legends player.
└ Normally in that situation, a player would rage at their teammates. However watching Faker being mad at himself makes me realize, he has become an extraordinary player. I cannot wait for him next year.

▷ The main character of ‘Legends Never Die’ was Ambition. He has never won the LCK nor has he done exceptionally well and won anything at worlds. This is truly a complete drama. I am a SKT fan, but I really want to congratulate Ambition as an old CJ fan.
└ So this is the result when you get out of CJ...
└ The past victim has become the criminal.
└ Legends never die!

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