Renewed Bern costume set released in BDO KR- lightened armor with better cloak

The renewed version of Bern costume set for Warrior has been released in Black Desert Online KR. The new version includes the renewed helmet and armor from the original Bern set and the rest of the gloves, shoes, and shield, which all appear the same as the old ones.

The helmet and top were released with the name, ‘Helmet N’, ‘Top N’, for the renewed Bern set. Since the gloves, shoes, main weapon, and sub-weapon will be the same as the ones in the original set, players who already have the original set won’t need to buy the whole renewed set but only the helmet and the top.

The newer version of Bern has more light looking parts on the top of the armor. The shoulder parts that once stuck out upward are now minimalized so that they go run smoothly along the shoulder line. The inner fabric shirt that was once thick is now made to look thinner so that it seems less chunky around the neck. Not only that, the cloak looks more attractive with new Celtic ornaments added to it. As for the helmet, it is still the same in the way it completely conceals the face of the wearer and the front part of the helmet can be opened and closed; the only difference lays in its design.



▶ The renewed version of Bern for Warrior





▶  The comparison of the renewed version and the original version (Left - Renewed, Right - Original)

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