0% Win Rate for Tristana! Worlds Semifinals Pick & Ban Statistics Analysis


■ 2017 Worlds Semifinals Pick & Ban Statistics




Tristana with 0% win rate & Varus with 100% in the Semifinals

Kalista has continued to record 100% pick & ban rate in the semifinals for League of Legends World Championship, proving itself as the 0 tier ADC. Kalista is capable of taking the lead in controlling the jungle objects, has great synergy with Ardent Censer, and her ult can make up for the drawback the Ardent Censer supports have, which is the instant-kill, making Kalista the NO. 1 champion for bans. Second to Kalista the mighty was Tristana; yet, she failed to stay successful in Worlds semifinals.

Tristana had pathetic records of 0 wins, 5 losses, making it 0% win rate in the semifinals, reducing the ban rate as well. This is not due to the fact that their opponents were tough; no matter what nationality the player was, all matchups in which ADC chose to play Tristana have ended with tragic losses. This is expected to show a great change in how players feel towards Tristana in the finals, who was once a 1 tier champion.


Tristana, once great, now hit the bottom in the semifinals.


The ADC champion that has good records in comparison to Tristana is Varus- with 44.4% pick & ban rate, 4 wins and 0 loss in the semifinals, Varus showed the highest win rate among the champions. SKT Bang’s 1 win and SSG Ruler’s 3 wins in the semifinals resulted in 100% win rate for Varus.

Notably, Ruler has shown the truly best Varus plays, which had great synergy with his teammates. Having no survival skill may be the only flaw Varus has, yet his ult offers AoE CC, which has a great synergy especially in team fights, making up for its flaw. Also, Varus is a great champion for SSG in team aspect; due to this reason, bans on Varus in the finals are much expected.


Varus with 100% win rate, compared to Tristana.




Gragas makes a stop to Sejuani’s tyranny & Jarvan IV’s limits

Sejuani has scored 100% pick & ban rate in the semifinals. Her ban rate has been greatly increased to 77.8%, and after mlxg managed to get 2 wins in the SKT T1 vs RNG matchup in the 1st matchup of the semifinals, she has been banned for the rest of the matchups. Also, Ambition’s past data includes good Sejuani plays, which is expected to lead to bans in the finals as well.


Sejuani continued to prove herself as the 1 tier jungle Champion.


Various jungle champions made appearances in the semifinals due to Sejuani bans. First, the champion with the best results would be Gragas- Gragas has 100% pick & ban rate, 5 wins, and 0 losses, and the victim of this drunk glutton happened to be the royal Jarvan IV.

Gragas has recorded 4 wins and 0 losses against Jarvan IV, placing him a 1 tier champion to replace Sejuani. On the other hand, Jarvan has pitiful 1 win and 5 losses; he lacks in tanking even if he builds Cinderhulk. There has been several more jungle picks other than Sejuani, Jarvan IV, and Gragas, but these three will be the top 3 jungle champions for picks & bans as the rest failed to come up with good results.   


The comparison of the win rates for Gragas and Jarvan IV.



Galio now popular mid champion & Gnar in the center of the game!

The fever for Galio picks that has been rising since the patch 7.21 has been mollified after the hotfix. Yet, another Galio fever has come again in Worlds- Faker has led his team to the victory with his Galio plays in the 1st matchup of the semifinals. Faker’s world best Galio plays have shown how differently Galio can be played, making it a tough champion to play against.

His Galio has successfully played the main role of supporting his team by tanking as well as quickly joining the team fights with his ults. Faker’s Galio may be frightening, but there is one reason it did not get banned- Faker has such wide champion pool that it is hard to find meanings in the ban itself, and Faker is even scarier when he is given DPS to play with.


Galio is now expected to be the main mid Champion even in the finals.


The top tank meta, which included playing Cho’gath or Maokai, now is the past for Worlds; each team chose to play by more aggressive strategies for top laners. First, SKT’s Huni has shown good plays with Camille or Jayce, champions great for split pushing, and which happens to be Huni’s strength. SSG’s CuVee has also played various champions like Kennen or Camille.

Like this, bans on Camille and Jayce have been witnessed against teams with strategies slightly more advantageous than the tank meta. Also, there have been several times teams tried to hide which is the top champion during the Pick and Ban phase; due to this reason, Gnar became the main pick.

Gnar does not fall behind in laning against any other champions; instead, he is great for harassing opponent top laner, making it easy to pick Gnar first. Also, Gnar has achieved 4 wins and 1 loss in the semifinals, during which Gnar’s Rage control, his biggest flaw, was covered up with great skills. As each champion has its own strength, intense Pick & Ban phase for the top lane is much to be expected.


▲ Gnar is a good Champion to pick first.

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