PUBG’s AWS & MS Azure servers running simultaneously for server stability


PLAEYRUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has announced that they have each of their servers serviced by AWS and Microsoft’s Azure running simultaneously for the server stability.

PUBG has been using AWS (Amazon Web Services) from the start of their service. The infrastructure for AWS, placed 1st in the public cloud market, is mainly located in South Korea, China, and Japan for the Asian region, allowing the ping to be moderate; yet, it has been gathering player complaints in the forum since their infrastructure for NA and EU is mainly located on one side of the region.

Notably, since the concurrent players for PUBG go over 2 million, the server instability issue has worsened as the time went by; the PUBG players had to experience queuing problems especially around 11 at night, during which the game failed to queue them up for a game. The players dubbed it, ‘the 11 O’clock Fairy’.

Bluehole responded to the problem by having each of their servers serviced by AWS and MS Azure simultaneously to host the increasing concurrent players. Azure’s cloud computing service has the ability to automatically adjust the size flexibly against the explosive traffic whenever unexpected traffic demands occur. It has been used in Titanfall, receiving positive reviews from the users for its server stability.

Meanwhile, PUBG had a patch in which the players received increased damage for the blue zone based on the distance they are away from the playable zone and also went through a 1 hour long temporary server maintenance for their related process of reinforcing punishment on unauthorized cheating programs.

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