SSG Ambition: "Last year SKT was just an unbeatable team. However this year, we have a lot of confidence to beat them."

Starting from the quarterfinals to the games today, Ambition has shown his own worth. Although we saw an unfortunate side of Ambition giving first blood in game 1, Ambition played well throughout games 2,3, and 4 to secure the win for this team.


Picking the very sceptical pick of Lee Sin, Ambition still showed a solid performance. Although it was unfortunate to see him not utilize on Lee Sin’s early game prowess, he still compensated for the global objectives. Now, only the finals remain. Let’s see what Ambition has to say about the upcoming finals!

¤ How did you handle your mental after the first game?

I made a lot of mistakes, and the opponent prepared really well against us. I only focused on trying to play a lot better in the games to come.


¤ Yesterday, Faker picked Galio 5 times in a row. Today SSG traded picks with Galio. Were there any specific observations from Faker’s Galio?

Not really any special observations. I think Faker is just really good on Galio.


¤ Samsung is known for spreading their pink wards around the map for vision. Was this the key to winning today?

We do try to buy a lot of pink wards but it has become second nature for us. However, it is extremely difficult to guard these wards. I think we focused solely on protecting these wards.


¤ Samsung felt a bit shaken in the first game. However through the quarterfinals and now the semi finals, SSG has kept improving as a team. What do you think SSG has improved the most at?

We tried to fix small mistakes along the way. We always have a mindset to prepare well. Compared to other teams, I think we prepare exceptionally well.


¤ Last year’s finals was SKT vs SSG. The same as this year. Are you confident in winning against SKT?

Last year it was a 3:2 score.  Last year SKT was just an unbeatable team. However this year, we have a lot of confidence to beat them.

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