[KR Reactions] WE vs SSG: "Oh, did I kill another? Goodbye, God of Pick'em."


■ Game 1

[Picks and Bans]

▷ The remaining 3 teams, they all have Korean ADCs. Bang, Mystic, or Ruler... who will become the best ADC this year?
└ Faker will become the best ADC if he switches roles.
└ It's the botlane meta, right? So although we have the CN vs KR setup, in truth, it's more like KR vs KR...
└ If WE lose, the entire stadium will turn into a mourner's house. I mean, the games being played in Beijing... but it'll be a KR vs KR...

▷ They just gave over Xayah-Rakan. Why?
└ I think they're trying to keep Condi away from Ezreal... but they gave him Gragas...
└ I'm nervous about this. I feel like WE's botlane will take the initiative.
└ ???: "I'll never forgive lovers. Ambition, destroy them!"

└└ Hey, stop! kkOma is going to cry when he sees this.

[Game Begins & Ambition Dies to First-Blood]

▷ Uhh... Mr. Ambition? What is SSG doing?
└ First-Blood-tion just got first-blooded. Any problems?
└ Ambition's passive skill lmao.
└ SSG is going to win this now. I'm not even surprised anymore at whenever Ambition dies to first-blood.

▷ Xayah-Rakan is so strong...
└ There are reasons why teams were banning the two. If you're caught out by Rakan, you're going to be wrecked by the two for 2-3 seconds without any way to retaliate.
└ I.Hate.Couples.
└ KT left Kalista open after scrimming against SKT. Now, we have SSG that left Xayah-Rakan open after scrimming against SKT... Fishy...

▷ But look! SSG's botlane isn't really falling behind. This looks pretty good.
└ Isn't this good for SSG? Kennen is the core pick, and he's farming without too much trouble. I think CuVee will end up carrying the game.

[WE Secures Their 4th Kill]

▷ I don't think SSG stalling the game out will play to their favor. SSG will grow weaker as the game continues, in my opinion.
└ Yeah, I thought it was going to be fine, but they're receiving a beatdown.
└ Jarvan did nothing for 16 minutes lol.
└└ He started the game off by dying...
└└ It's because he's been covering for mid and bot.
└└└ Him giving up first-blood probably plays a big part.

▷ SSG will probably lose the 1st game. I saw them losing as soon as Jarvan gave up first-blood.
└ That one person who had his pick'em 100% correct... he's from the future, right?
└ Gave WE's botlane Xayah-Rakan and gave Condi Gragas... There's no way that SSG can win this.
└ People criticize the picks and bans based on the results, sure, but SSG's draft was really terrible here. What were they thinking? Giving away both Xayah and Rakan like this?

[WE Secures Baron and Cements Their Lead]

▷ I think Kassadin and Shen are the winning cards for WE, instead of the Xayah-Rakan. Ruler and CoreJJ actually endured their laning phase pretty well, despite giving away their tower first. Kassadin and Shen, on the other hand, are just crushing Taliyah and Kennen. SSG lost the game from the picks and bans.
└ The top side of the map just exploded for SSG. I expected SSG's botlane to explode, but the top side is getting blown up instead lol.
└ Has Crown used his ultimate at least once this game?
└└ He must be missing the R button from his keyboard.
└└ He didn't run into an opportunity to use it. He didn't have the time/place to use it, at all. lol.

▷ The snowball started rolling as soon as Ambition died. SSG's initial plan did have a solid foundation. Although I don't really understand why SSG left both Rakan-Xayah open, I think they had faith in their individual mechanics. If SSG had won against Xayah-Rakan, WE's mentality would've been completely crushed. SSG most likely picked Kennen to constantly pressure Shen and keep him from ulting. The Taliyah pick was to chase around the Kassadin roam as much as possible. Tristana-Taric was picked for the mid-to-late-game. Ambition's game-plan was to most likely play aggressively around the mid and botlane, but he fell way too behind when he died early on. In the end, the snowball started rolling in favor of WE. Xiye was also fantastic on Kassadin... Using this game as a motivator, SSG needs to give each other solid feedback regarding the picks and bans.
└ Didn't SSG scrim against SKT? Maybe Bang and Wolf played Xayah-Rakan and had completely s*** the bed? Maybe that's why SSG saw the duo weak?

■ Game 2

[Picks and Bans]

▷ Why did they give Xayah-Rakan? Do they need to taste the s*** to understand what it is?
└ Was it because they had a good result against it in scrims?
└ So frustrating that we don’t know the reason.

▷ Samsung’s problem is that they don’t have Faker. Even if the team is having a rough time if they have Faker then we can expect something. The more Samsung is having a tough time the more we don’t have to expect much from them.
└ When Samsung is losing they be like "Guess we’re going to lose"
└ Crown played well last year :(((

▷ ??? : "Give them Xayah Rakan. It is hard to pull apart 2 people who love each other."

└ What is this heartseeker LOL

▷ Isn’t Condi really good on Gragas? Pretty sure that is still the Gragas with the E nerf...
└ Traditional thing for worlds
└└ Oh, it got patched? I didn’t even know.

▷ We still don’t know since it is only game 1. Like yesterday, SKT had a tough time. We just have to watch and see. SKT experimented against RNG. I’m not a Samsung fan but it might be a loss-loss-win-win-win.
└ Are you saying they should just lose the first game? LOOOL
└ They lost so hard I’m kinda worried.
└ At least SKT showed a little bit of a fight
└ If Samsung won game 1, the draft would have been easier... I don’t think it is easy to grab a free win in the semifinals though.
└ SKT’s draft is good with counter-picks. I don’t know about Samsung
└ Samsung doesn’t have Faker

▷ Varus?
└ He isn’t going to be able to do anything. He will burn his flash when Jarvan and Galio go in and the next time he doesn’t have flash he will just die.
└ WE’s draft is GG. Tank damage balance is good. They can peel for Twitch well and their late game is good also.

[Game Begins]

▷ This draft is better than the last one. All on Ambition. He needs to ward well for mid and focus on bot and top. He needs to ward against Galio around 6. Otherwise, they will get destroyed by the Galio roam. Bot has lane advantage so they will gain a cs lead. Top is also the same. If Ambition gets good wards, they might have a good chance to win.
└ Oh dang, Ambition got first blood this time.
└└ Yeah but he gave his double buffs right after his kill :(((
└└└ I think it is still okay because he burned both flashes with a tp right? Although if he was careful, he wouldn’t have died.

▷ Luckily, we see why Samsung drafted these champions. Samsung’s mid and jungle is fairly weak but focusing on an early game draft usually backfires. If they execute well, I think it will work out well.
└ Yeah but time is not on their favor for Samsung.

[WE Wins the Fight at the Tier 2 Tower]

▷ Damn… only if he was Mega Gnar.
└ Samsung just fought poorly. They got Twitch but got aced.
└ He could have gotten Galio but Crown missed his Q...
└ This is not the Samsung who took down Longzhu. Did their bling go away? :(

▷ Wasn’t it a champion different more so than Crown playing bad? Malzahar is pretty bad early.
└ His skill shots was really bad
└ If he teleported early, they might have done better
└ Yeah maybe it would have changed the outcome but Crown did miss all his skill shots...
└ It is a champion difference but Crown is playing bad recently. This is why he tends to pick CC heavy champions in the mid lane.

[Samsung Wins the Teamfight at Top]

└ Monsoon was insane
└ He didn’t even use flash and he lives that? Janna + Ardent Censer really has no answer lmao

▷ Ambition’s ult was on point
└ Is this going to be another ‘Ardent Censer’ ending?
└ RNG was the same yesterday as well. Chinese players have a tendency to play over aggressive and trip over their own feet. This year is the perfect year for RNG and WE to win worlds so the adrenaline is kicking in. Eu and NA were also extremely excited and often go crazy. China is just attacking like a god damn electric drill LOL
└ I usually don’t like a library kind of crowd but seeing the Chinese crowd quiet makes me happy LOL

[Samsung Wins the Baron Fight and Wins the Game as a Result]

└ Ardent Censer is actually insane. They aren’t ADCs anymore... That’s a damn tank.
└ Ardent ruined the game!
└ If it wasn’t for Janna that was a lost fight;
└ The meta is really disgusting...I’m not saying much because it is our team. If it was a Chinese team that did that, I would have sworn so hard.

▷ Janna ult >>>>>>>>>> Taric ult
└ It is really a no-delay-invulnerability LOL
└ Immediate effect + health restore + procs Ardent Censer + knockback enemies = Busted

▷ Ardent made China laugh because they became so strong with it... But in the end, Ardent made China cry LOL
└ Change the Summoner’s Cup with the Ardent Censer design. This disgusting League of Ardent Censer.
└ Season summary: GUYS THIS IS NOT GOOD! RIOT WHAT THE F***!

■ Game 3

[Picks and Bans]

▷ ???: "Tell me, you bastards! Who carried that last game?"

└ God-Censer
└ The Censer of Light
└ Large-Censer
└ Not all Censers are the same. The realest and the best Censer user is Janna.
└ The best support player at this tournament is Ardent Censer. Those who argue with me have less IQ than Riot's balancing team.
└ Ardent Censer is in the top 10 most searched word at a search site we're so familiar with. Lol.

▷ Faker has tainted your minds... SSG are the ones that took the OP champion, Janna. Sure, WE may have taken Galio, but that champion isn't as OP as you'd think. It was Faker that was OP, not Galio!
└ Faker didn't pick Galio. Galio picked Faker.
└ Galio is about... halfway from being OP? Janna is just OP period.
└ ???: "None other than Faker shall pick me."

▷ SSG pushed all their resources into an early-game comp. WE, on the other hand, pushed all of theirs on a late-game teamfight comp. I wonder how the series will turn out lol.
└ As long as Crown holds his own in the midlane, it'll be good for SSG. When in a slump, Crown always received a beatdown from an Orianna when playing as Taliyah - he always failed to utilize the strengths of Taliyah to the fullest. If Crown holds his own, the picks and bans will favor SSG.

[Game Begins]

▷ This would be such a fun series if the outcome goes: L-W-L-W-W.
└ That's what happened yesterday!

▷ SSG sucks at trying to roll a snowball. I think they'll lose post-30-minutes.
└ CuVee constantly having to use his ultimate to cover for his team is pretty bad. SSG needs to play aggressively and roll a snowball... especially since WE have a strong late-game comp.
└ Is SSG fails to roll a snowball within the next 10 minutes, SSG will lose.
└ Damn, it's disappointing to see Shen and Taliyah not being able to fully utilize their kit.

[Both Sides Play Passively For 20 Minutes]

▷ I was dozing off in my sleep. Because I'm an SKT fan, SSG games don't excite me as much.
└ Dozing off in your sleep? What?
└ Lmao, what the hell does that mean?

▷ Kill-score at 20-minutes: 0-0. Both sides are depending on Ardent Censer, sure, but this is a bit too much.
└ Rift Herald just packed his things to call it a day and left.
└ Yesterday was such a thrill of a series. Why is today's series so sleep-inducing?
└└ Both SSG and WE have passive playstyles. On top of that, the meta revolves around playing passively...

[SSG Secures First-Blood and Wins a Big Teamfight Near Baron]

▷ Huge win for SSG!
└ Jarvan died before using his ult lol.
└ Cho'Gath overextending cost them their lives.
└└ SSG: "Thank you for engaging that fight for us!"

▷ SSG: "We'll destroy you!"

▷ Is this the same WE as the one from game 1? Why are they playing so differently? Moreover, terribly?
└ In a passive environment, there's no team like SSG. I'm so glad that they didn't meet RNG.
└ SSG is starting to display the unique LCK macro.
└ Riot: "S***, in the end, is it another KR vs KR Finals?"

[SSG Wins Another Fight Post-30-Minutes]

▷ SSG games are so boring. But they have to be boring because: if the game is boring = SSG is winning.
└ You're actually very correct lol.

▷ Orianna's Shockwave landed on 3 members but did 0 damage LOL.
└ That Shockwave just made me laugh out loud so hard. Completely different from Faker's.
└ He only landed it on tanks.
└ When he landed the Shockwave, the crowd blew up almost instantly. But when it ended up being a failure, the crowd immediately died. Lol.
└└ I thought it was a choir when they all became quiet at the same time. 

[SSG Constantly Pressures WE and Wins the Game]

▷ Crown bought Mejai's.
└ He's just reading at the library.
└ Autumn is the perfect season for reading.

▷ Orianna has 3 core items, but she's doing 0 damage.
└ He probably built the items prioritizing survival. It wasn't the best choice.
└ Buying Banshee's was a bit too much.
└ He also used Shockwave when the enemy was invincible...

■ Game 4

[Picks and Bans]

▷ The feeling you get from reading at a Chinese library.
└ The library meta!
└ Crown, the librarian!
└ I am a Samsung fan and I'll always cheer for them... but even I admit that their games are boring.
└ Seeing how SSG is playing, I feel like SSG lost game 1 on purpose to bring entertainment to the Chinese crowd. WE is playing so weird all of a sudden.

▷ ???: "I knew SSG was going to win. There's no way that a team that took down Score was going to die in the semis."

└ Shutup! You're the devil!
└ He will never catch a break.
└ Score = Never go to Worlds.

▷ Lee... Sin?
└ Ambition on Leesin?
└ Everyone's getting cold feet all of a sudden.
└ SSG really wants to entertain the fans and go to game 5, huh.
└ Even Ezreal seems better for SSG than Lee Sin. It's midlane Galio and jungle Jarvan...
└ 957 is playing Kennen too, lol. I'm excited to find out who'll win.

[Game Begins & Ambition Secures First-Blood]

▷ Lee Sin vs Kennen, the fight between two champions that guarantee a loss.
└ Not if he builds Ardent Censer on Lee lol.
└ It's half-half, but Ambition does have experience on Lee.
└ Doesn't Lee Sin counter Kennen? All he needs to do is ult when Kennen approaches with ult.

▷ CoreJJ's backup was really good! SSG is on a good start.
└ But using 3 Flashes just to kill support was a bit... too much.

[WE Wins a Big Fight At Top and Continuously Takes the Lead]

▷ Damn.
└ SSG got too excited.
└ Lee Sin is science. See you guys in game 5.
└ Did that 100% pick'em guy see this coming?

▷ SSG's botlane is playing really well. Ambition, the player that played really well throughout the series began throwing lol.
└ Classic Solo Queue Lee Sin.
└ Just keep Ambition on a tank!

[SSG Wins a Big Fight At Botlane]

▷ NANI!? WE completed their Ardent Censer, but SSG still won!
└ The library is still open for business!
└ I feel like all the CN ADCs are treated like princesses. They're good when the entire team protects them, but they die so easily in skirmishes.
└└ They were always like that.

▷ I think WE is having some communication issues.
└ I feel like WE will have some roster changes post-season. Their backup is off point, and I fear that it's because of communication issues.
└ On the other hand, Ruler's in-game senses on using his ultimate were really good. CoreJJ's teamfights are also on point.
└└ Crown also showed up this series.

[SSG Constantly Split Pushes and Secure Baron]

▷ SSG's macro is so, ridiculously good. WE is playing poorly, sure, but SSG is playing fantastically.
└ SSG is patching up their earlier mistakes with amazing macro.
└ SSG is back to their 2016 form...!

▷ Ambition just instantly made the entire stadium into a library... Just what are you...?
└ "Gap is closing" my ass. WE is playing really badly.
└ The players of WE aren't waking up. They seem to play well once they have the lead, but their positioning is just terrible.

▷ SSG is playing so cunningly. If you take something, you have to sacrifice something in return. But SSG is just taking and taking without giving anything up in return.
└ WE must have high blood pressure now. Lmao, that would anger me too.
└ The CN crowd might get on stage and attack SSG at this point. They're playing to anger WE now lol.
└ There's no one that has on point pick'em now.
└ CN teams have no patience I feel. They're playing desperately and are in turn, losing everything.

[SSG Wins the Series By Overtaking WE in Terms of Both Macro and Teamfighting]

▷ A competition in China with no Chinese teams. Lol.
└ Ambition flashed the Worlds emote at WE, the team that mercilessly flashed their emotes in before matches.
└ China went boom lol.

▷ WE: "Please, just once... Please let us fight one last time!"
└ CuVee's Gnar is constantly trying to pick a fight. But WE are running away from him.

▷ Ambition: "Oh, did I kill another? Goodbye, God of Pick'em."

■ Post-Match

▷ Why SSG played so well.jpg

└ That's what happens when you flash Worlds emote at a Korean team.
└ But SSG did the exact same when they won...
└ Last year, flashing Worlds emote when destroying the Nexus was considered cool. This year, people are considering it a form of BM.

▷ LZ was out of luck this year... Why do PraY and his team always face a team that makes it to the Finals during quarters...
└ Remember, the team that beats "that team" always reaches Finals.

▷ The difference in macro between WE and SSG was too big. If yesterday was a close fight, today was just... too much.
└ SSG just played really well. The gap in skills in terms of macro was very, very wide. 
└ It's the semifinals, yet we see such a big gap in skills.
└ Ambition wasn't the usual Ambition as we know it. He was a macro magician today.

▷ ???: "Paper, Paper Please."

▷ kt Rolster: "Damn, we're so unlucky all the time. We always play against the Worlds finalists before the actual tournament. Hence the reason why we always fail to make it."

└ KT died an honorable death...
└ Press X to offer your condolences to KT.
└ Damn...

▷ Why are we playing the LCK Autumn split Finals in China?
└ To show the people of China how LCK plays?
└ Every year, regions from across the world donate to Korea and allow them to play in their region cost-free. 
└ China granted Korea full access to play in one of their unused stadiums. They are also offering a lot of money to the winners!
└ LCK always have their Autumn Split at Worlds... It was in Germany in 2015, America last year, and this year, in China.

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