SKT T1 Huni: "While laning against Letme, I realized he wasn’t a strong laner."

In the 5 games against SKT T1 and RNG, the most worrisome player was Huni. It was not a question of his skill. It was a matter of what he needed to do every game and the skill level of RNG.


Huni played aggressive style champions for all 5 games. Gangplank, Gnar, and Camille. Although the champions he played did fit his playstyle, he lacked his defensive/passive aspect. However we cannot deny that through his split pushing and teleport plays, Huni provided a vital aspect and advantage to his team. As if he was a double edge sword, Huni can hurt and/or excell his team.


The more important the match the more nervous it would have been for Huni. A set of games that put more emphasis on each death. After the game, Huni was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ The crowd was incredibly loud at the stage chanting ‘RNG’. What did you think of this?

It was a first time experience for me. I have never heard of a crowd cheering for an enemy team that loud before. The desk would start to shake and I could even hear them through the headset. It was an amazing level of support for RNG.


¤ Did you get nervous because of this?

I think it was the reason why we won (laughs).


¤ There were a lot of aspects that were not SKT like in game 1. With the Gangplank and Blitzcrank pick, did you guys have a plan to play more aggressive today?

It wasn’t that we were playing aggressive but to fit our team comp balance. If we pick Galio and another top lane tank is picked, the balance in the comp is not that good going into the late game. It was a situation where I needed to pick a damage dealer in the top lane. I was given last pick and a counter pick, but I didn’t play that well. Throughout games, I think I played really bad in most of the games.


¤ You are THE Huni. You always have a load of confidence with your Jayce + Trundle pick and had a lot of success with them.

Oh of course I have confidence in my Jayce and Trundle pick but this is different (laughs). I played especially bad in games 1, 2, and 3. It was a little bit unfortunate.

¤ This time instead of Blank subbing in, Peanut was subbed in. What was it like in the team environment with the coach?

I knew today we were not on form (laughs). The coach told me to play aggressive and focus only on laning. While laning against Letme, I realized he wasn’t a strong laner. There were moments I would be able to get the tower in 10 minutes. I think because of this, games 4 and 5 went really well. I think our success was also due to Gnar as a pick. He is very safe pick and a really good side lane split pusher.


¤ What are your thoughts going into the finals and who do you want to vs in the finals?

This is my first time going to the finals. I plan on not getting nervous and playing like a regular season final. I think Samsung is going to qualify to the finals. This is because their vibe right now is really strong. They also were the only team to go through the quarterfinals 3:0. I strongly believe Samsung is really strong, but we as SKT have nothing to fear. We have our own strengths as well.

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