[KR Reactions] SKT vs RNG: "*Urgent News* Riot in Process of Creating Galio Skin..."

▲ source : lolesports.com flickr


■ Pre-Match

▷ Last night, I had a dream of SKT losing. I'm nervous.
└ It's okay. There are 10 other people here that dreamt of SKT winning.
└ People always say that dreams are opposite to what will actually happen.

▷ Even the opening casters are having a CN vs KR battle.
└ They're trying to overpower each other lol.
└ Caster Jeon's voice is growing weaker over time. Even then, there's no one that can replace him. I want him to continue casting, at least for a few more years.


▷ What's up with Peanut's facial expression? I'm guessing he's taking his slump too hard on himself.
└ Well, yeah... Cheer up Peanut!
└ He's probably really disappointed in himself that he isn't the starting jungler.

▷ Faker's interview is depressing. Explaining why he has 90% K/P... that it's not because he's good but because his teammates' playing conditions aren't well. It's sad for some reason...
└ He's really humble. He's covering for his teammates...
└ As expected from the world's greatest League player.
└ So if we decipher what he said, it's basically: "Everyone other than me suck"?
└└ That's the truth though.

▷ Please, let's establish another library here in Shanghai.
└ There are a lot of SKT fans in Shanghai, so I doubt that the stadium will turn into a library.
└ What do you mean by "library"?
└└ It means that if RNG loses, the stadium will turn silent, like a library.

■ Game 1

[Picks and Bans]

▷ Taking Galio + Tristana is an advantage for SKT, right? I was thinking that it's not a good idea to give RNG Galio... but they took Sejuani instead.
└ RNG took Twitch-Janna, and I think I've seen that somewhere... I think it's the same bot duo in which SKT lost their turret in 6 minutes...
└ SKT is going to be bashed if they don't break tower at 6-minutes.

▷ SKT basically building an anti Ardent comp. Almost wet my pants when I saw the Gangplank pick.
└ SKT insane today.
└ Gangplank ult + Zac ult + Galio ult = how can an ADC survive this?
└ SKT: "You sure your Twitch can DPS now?"

▷ I think the drafting phase is going in favor of SKT. The weakness of SKT right now is the botlane, and they got RNG to pick Janna-Twitch, which are weak during the laning phase. If there's a problem, it's that SKT isn't too used to playing with such an aggressive comp... unlike KT or LZ. So we'll have to watch and see.
└ Right now, people are saying SKT's comp is good. But as soon as they lose, the same people will say, "Why give Twitch-Janna to Uzi? I don't understand. kkOma is terrible during picks and bans."
└└ Criticisms towards picks and bans have always been result-based.
└└ If you can't tell why they picked like this, it would deserve criticism. But right now, it's pretty obvious why.
└└ If SKT loses to Twitch-Janna carry, the speculation that the SKT botlane has problems will be proven true.

[Early-Game Ganks]

▷ Gankplank is starting off with a shaky start...
└ I'm starting to sense the Summer Huni...

▷ Xiaohu counteracted well, but he still died...
└ As expected of Faker!
└ Faker is yet again carrying!
└ Faker is yet again doing everything by himself.

[In the Botlane, RNG Continuously Wins Trades]

▷ SKT can't overcome the difference in skills in the botlane. Sigh.
└ Tristana is behind in CS lol. God Uzi
└ Will SKT's botlane ever recover their form?
└ If SKT's botlane loses, there will be no room for comebacks for them... Keep your head up Faker.

▷ Isn't the Blitzcrank pick meaningless now? What was the point of throwing away Ardent Censer for him if they were going to use him like this?
└ Things didn't go as planned for SKT. They put RNG's botlane on champions that are weak during the laning phase to WIN during the laning phase. But they lost. Gangplank was also picked as a Shen counter, but he was ganked too frequently in the early-game. The only player you can trust now is Faker.
└ SKT pushed all their resources on their botlane, yet the botlane is creating all the disadvantages for the team.
└ Today, SKT fully committed to caring for their botlane. But the game is going in the wrong direction. Blitzcrank's movements are mediocre too... SKT's botlane is being completely exposed.

▷ The player-cam caught Faker's letting out a big sigh, lol.
└ Faker: "You, bastards in the botlane! Play better!"
└ Is Uzi just really good or is Bang-Wolf just really bad?
└└ Both.

▷ Of course, there won't be answers for any comebacks if you give up botlane initiative with that comp. Tristana-Blitzcrank losing to Twitch-Janna... You have to win that lane even if you end up dying once or twice. Give Faker a champion that he can carry on, please! So what if Faker is exceptional on Galio? There is nothing that he can do! SKT fans put faith onto Faker and the possibility of him carrying. But we can't even do that when he's on that champion!
└ Wolf: "It's only natural to give up the tower at 6-minutes if you're playing Twitch-Janna."
└└ Why couldn't he have just been honest? Honestly confessing that they're just bad? lol.

[SKT Takes a Small Victory in the Midlane]

▷ Wow, Faker is doing everything.
└ Huni laid out some decent barrels too.
└ How frustrated do you have to be to initiate a fight with your entire body lol?
└ Faker is really trying to turn this around.

[RNG Wins the Fight in Midlane to Secure Baron]

▷ I feel so bad for Faker ;_; ... He's setting the tables for his team, but the botlane is constantly trying to sabotage the free meal.
└ The end... RNG just stole the Elder Dragon.
└ What can SKT even draft for their botlane now? Give them strong laning phase champions to lose. Give them scaling champions to have the botlane tower destroyed in 5 minutes. What can they even play?
└└ I mean, what can you even draft for them if they're expected to lose against Twitch-Janna as Tristana-Blitzcrank?
└└ Just give Bang Tristana with Ardent Censer and have him only farm until the late-game where he just 'attack-ground' and have Faker carry him.

■ Game 2

[Picks and Bans]

▷ How can SKT lose against a "6-minute tower botlane" of Twitch and Janna…
└ PLEASE bot lane carry your own damn weight or at least not feed!!!!
└ Faker does everything by himself...
└ To be honest the draft was really good. It was just the bot lane...
└ ??? : You cannot lose against the Twitch Janna lane. JK. There are no absolutes in this game~

▷ kkOma is still laughing. There is still hope! Whatever you do... Don’t get kkOma mad.
└ Banana, banana toppings. They need some.
└ The mood doesn’t seem serious in the waiting room? Were they happy if we won the first game and feel whatever if they lose? If this is not the case, the mood is...

▷ ??? : You need to know this, Faker… League is a team game.

└ LOL Bjergsen lmao

▷ Galio again? I feel uneasy about this...
└ I think we lost again...
└ Why are they focusing so hard on this Galio pick? Is it that important to first pick?
└└ It is because Chinese players are really good at the champion.

▷ Varus lmao
└ They chose the guaranteed loss card
└ As soon as Varus came out the whole chat was like “2:0 GG” :(((((
└ Camille on top of this.
└└ How can you win Gnar with Camille? If Gnar isn’t trolling, Huni can’t win lmao

▷ Does Wolf think he is Ignar now? This Leona pick...
└ It is Fervor of Battle Leona
└ He is using Ignar scripts
└ I wonder what Ignar is feeling right now watching this game.
└ At least misfits put Ardent Censer in the mid lane, SKT has no Ardent Censer….kind of risky.

[Game Begins]

▷ Oh my god… FINALLY, bot lane is winning lol.
└ Don’t be too sure just yet...
└└ This is a draft that SKT CANNOT LOSE. Varus + Leona Ignite vs Barrier Twitch + Rakan. They cannot lose.
└└└ You said that last game ._.
└└└ Lane dominant vs Weak lane and summoner spells oriented towards the late game. This is why SKT will win.

▷ WOOOOO! SKT bot gets first blood~
└ They finally won laning phase. However, Faker did make this play happen by stopping Nocturne.
└└ Faker’s rotations are so clean. He uses the momentum to even grab a kill in the bot lane.
└└ How can Faker roam like that and never fall behind cs? So wonderful to watch...

▷ Did the Chinese fans all die in the crowd? So quiet?
└ Where is the Library here? So quiet, I really want to study now.
└ I can only hear the in-game sound... think all the spectators left.

[Fight in Botlane. Faker Fights 1 vs 3]

▷ Faker God...
└ Faker.
└ Even though Gnar did a super play... "Yeah.. nice try. I’m Faker, remember?"
└ I honestly think he is not human.

[RNG turns the fight around at mid]

▷ Huni lmao
└ Is this just a game to annoy the living hell out of Faker?
└ Huni overdid it again. Bang got caught out and Faker tried to make the best out of the worst. On top of all this, Camille just did some questionable plays.
└ Huni’s ult positioning was just ??? he could have just killed Rakan and backed off.

[Huni & Faker's Godlike Play in the Botlane Leads to Baron]

└ This is the definition of ‘HERO IS HERE’. Faker...
└ What is he, seriously :(((((
└ How many people did Faker represent in that game? I think he was 3 players in one.

▷ I thought SKT was behind, but they were up 10 thousand gold?
└ It turned into a library again.
└ Even if some team can beat SKT, they cannot beat Faker. This is fact.

▷ Faker Mejai’s LOOOL
└ If someone else does it, it is BM. When Faker does it, it is completely fine~
└ They are reading books at the Chinese library LOL
└└ You have to read at least one book if you go to a library.

▷ The difference in performance for Wolf from game 1 to 2 = Chinese internet was slow so they couldn’t finish the Ignar script downloads.

■ Game 3

[Picks and Bans]

▷ NA would be able to reach at least semis if they have Faker too. If you can't reach semis with Faker, just quit playing LoL.
└ Bjergsen: "I have to do THIS much to win!"

└└ Bjergsen was the problem!

▷ Game 2 Faker's activity heat-map.jpg

└ He didn't visit the north and south pole... time to bash him for not being everywhere when he's supposed to.

▷ Faker reading his Mejai's at the library.

└ I mean he's only reading a book, in a place that's fitting: a library. Is there a problem?

▷ Don't even argue with me on who the best midlaner is. Let's just argue on which Faker was the best. 2013? 2015? 2016? Maybe 2017?
└ I have my bets on 2018 Faker.
└ Faker can only compete against Faker for that title.

▷Uzi Vayne?
└ That's pushing it. There's almost no way...
└ In terms of confidence, Uzi won already.
└ Vayne is probably even weaker than Twitch when playing against Galio-Zac.
└ Bang really needs to win this and redeem himself. If he loses while playing against Vayne... there will be no coming back.

[Game Begins & Xiaohu Secures Two Kills]

▷ Uzi must really want to kill Galio for him to pick Vayne.
└ Leave Galio open, then take Vayne... He must be really angry at Faker, and hence, will try to kill him.

▷ Wow, Xiaohu is insane. That solo-kill...
└ Faker needed to teleport bot right after he got solo-killed. Is he playing with chains around his neck?
└ It seems rather okay. SKT shouldn't fall behind too hard from this. SKT's botlane has Ardent Censer.
└ Even after that, Galio's CS is fine.

[SKT Secures a Kill in Midlane]

▷ Ryze got too excited. He paid the price.
└ I was seriously wondering what in the world Faker was doing. It was all a setup.
└ Faker's acting... woah.

[RNG Wins Botlane Trade]

▷ Botlane... Again...
└ Vayne is growing stronger. This is bad.
└ Uzi is such a great player. I'm starting to get worried.
└ Why did Bang greed for an extra AA? He just gave Sejuani the opportunity to land passive stacks.
└ Huni's call was bad. They have no objective lead, and they didn't recall when the timing called for it. This is a Solo Queue situation... where the botlane and jungler have to recall, but the toplaner suddenly teleports in and forces you to fight...

▷ Uzi was pretty mediocre during quarters... so why is he so good today?
└ Maybe his fever didn't go above 40 degrees Celcius?
└ The skill gap between the two ADCs is very, very wide.

[RNG Wins a Big Fight in the Midlane]

▷ How can you be caught out like that?
└ ...and Faker dies trying to save Bang.
└ I have a feeling that Bang will be benched at the end of the season.

▷ Losing at 23-minutes while playing against Vayne...
└ SKT just becomes so weak when Faker struggles.
└ Just how many people does Faker need to fight against to win?
└ Uzi's Vayne is completely different to Bang's...

■ Game 4

[Picks and Bans]

▷ Last game, as soon as the casters commented, "Tristana has to carry this game," he gets caught out.
└ They're at the point of losing to Vayne while playing Tristana-Lulu...
└ It's really sad that botlane isn't able to take the initiative against Uzi. The rest of the RNG squad is constantly arriving before SKT because of it. As a result, Faker's roaming gets twisted up, and SKT starts losing power. And at the end of the day, the person that gets all the flak is Huni. Have you guys noticed the pattern here?
└ SKT's pattern: Focus Faker, and if he falls, you win. If he endures your focus, you lose.
└ I feel like this year, Bang and Wolf aren't concentrating on their games. And please, let's stop giving Sejuani over. Blank's Flash timing was bad in the last few games... and now, you guys lose to Vayne? 
└└ Please! Let's ban Sejuani.
└└ mlxg is really great on Sejuani...

▷ I feel like Peanut is going to see some play time now. SKT didn't lose because of Blank, but kkOma always subs out the jungler when they're down 2 games; just to bring some change to the air.
└ Right after you said that he actually subbed Blank out.
└ Let's go Peanut in both game 4 and 5!
└ But if they lose, wouldn't Peanut absorb all the flak? This looks hard for SKT to make a comeback... I feel like Peanut will receive all the criticism if SKT ends up losing.
└ The last survivor of the old ROX...

▷ I feel like SKT is going to lose. I really think they're going to lose this year. I used to think, "They're SKT, they can't lose," but not anymore.
└ I felt that during game 1.
└ Last year, when ROX played against SKT and pushed the score 2-1, I considered ROX "good" and not really that SKT is "bad". But now, I just think they're bad.

▷ Picks and bans have been pretty good for SKT. The only problem is the botlane's performance.
└ If an ADC can't carry in the Ardent Censer meta, then he's bad. No need for a long story.

▷ Finally, SKT is drafting appropriately. They should've banned Sejuani sooner.
└ SKT's draft today was actually pretty good. It was picks and bans that weighed SKT down during quarters. In semis, the problem is the players.
└ I'm not sure about Galio. It's a pick that seals away Faker's carry potential.
└ Bang on Kog'Maw...? I have a bad feeling about this... I feel like he's asking for a beatdown with that pick.
└ RNG is just as sharp during their draft as SKT.

▷ Isn't Lulu at 0% win-rate at the moment? Uh-oh.
└ SKT has 0 DPS with their comp. If Kog'Maw falls behind, SKT is screwed.
└└ I wouldn't say 0 DPS. It's the late-game meta and Kog'Maw is very great in it. 
└└ I wouldn't say 0 DPS. It'll be a meta of utilizing Kog'Maw's passive. 

[Game Begins]

▷ Look at Twitch's item lol. Just how bad is SKT's botlane for a Twitch to start the game with Targon?
└ They also picked Soraka...
└└ Soraka's Q is landing like it's a target skill lol.

▷ Oh god, Peanut is falling behind as well.
└ Underleveled as well... Jungler is ruined.
└ Mid is under-leveled now too lol.

▷ He's letting that Soraka land all its Q on him... You won't win lane like that... come on.
└ Soraka only "feels" strong because the jungler can't find an opening. Jarvan is constantly tracking Peanut... In this kind of a situation, where Soraka is free of ganks, she can be quite scary.

[Xiaohu  Secures First-Blood]

▷ Jarvan is consecutively making the "great" escape. He's a survival expert lol.
└ mlxg is playing really well today. He might be the enemy of the team I'm rooting for, but I must acknowledge him.
└ If only Faker had the mana to cast Q.
└ They're really focusing mid and jungle. Almost disgusting...

▷It's really sad to see Faker looking powerless. He's stuck on Galio for the team... and his mechanics are limited to that champion. He must be really frustrated.
└ I had a feeling that SKT lost the minute they gave Faker Galio. It's similar to Faker picking Karma in the past; SKT losing because Faker can't exert the performance of 5 people on such champions. I feel like if Faker doesn't get fed, SKT loses.
└ Faker is a player that would become said if he's told to play Ryze. But he's stuck on Galio... But, at least it's Galio. Imagine if he was forced into something worse. I feel so bad for Faker.
└ If this was Solo Queue, the midlaner would've thrown his mouse at least 100 times. Faker is suffering as he plays League.
└ I've started smoking again after having quit for a while. Everyone other than Faker is trash.

[SKT Takes Down the Midlane Tower]

▷ This looks pretty good, actually.
└ Their macro is on point. This should be good.
└ Aren't their late-game pretty hopeless though? If Jarvan and Rumble ults on Kog'Maw at the same time, it should cripple him out of this world. 
└└ You're right. SKT will need to widen the gap during the mid-game.

▷ My heart is shaking. How many times have we felt this thrill while watching SKT during Worlds semis? I mean, to be honest, the quarters this year was also pretty exciting. 
└ mlxg's Jarvan is so good...
└└ One ult from him got flashes from both Bang and Wolf...

[SKT Wins a Big Teamfight in the Midlane]

▷ Uzi just threw!
└ Wow... SKT...
└ How in the world did they win that?

▷ Bang started acting like a human being again.

[RNG Wins a Big Teamfight Near Their Inhibitor]

▷And... we're screwed.
└ What's going on...
└ Faker overextended. Bang and Wolf's positioning was also lackluster. That was a big mistake.
└ Why did they go in... ;_;
└ They needed to have fallen back immediately. They wasted too much time and were CC chained to a silence. 

▷ This game is making me bipolar lol. Faker overextends and botlane dies too quickly...
└ If SKT loses this, Faker is going to have such big regrets...

[SKT Wins a Big Teamfight and Takes the Game]

└ Finally, he's showing the performance of 100 men.
└ Bang made this game happen. Let's give him some credit.
└ F*** that was awesome! I feel like my life expectancy just dropped by a whole year.
└└ It's because Bang rewound time and went back to his 2016 form.

▷ Bang's Kog'Maw looked like it had rabies!
└ Big Bang!
└ Bang: "I'm Proud."

■ Game 5

[Picks and Bans]

▷ I'm watching today's series like a person with bipolar disorder. In game 1, I was cussing at Bang and Wolf. In game 2, I went, "Oh my... my Sang-Hyeok!" In game 3, I started cussing again. Then, in game 4, I'm worshipping Bang-God... I really hope they win the 5th game. 
└ I too am riding this rollercoaster. I want SKT to win.
└ LOL, same.

▷ Bang's "100 people" comment makes a lot of sense now. He's been charging up his energy for 100 games and then, BOOM!
└ What is this? A spirit bomb meta? lol.
└ Then what about Faker? The player that carries without having to charge his energy?

▷ ???: "RNG, you too...?"

└ Falling down at the most important moment... like KT.
└ RNG probably felt more pressure. RNG has a bad record in Bo5 games, plus, RNG is now tied in score, despite having the convincing lead. SKT probably sees themselves as the challengers now, and they are much more experienced in Bo5s. SKT should win this - as long as they draft properly.

▷ Galio 5 times in a row...
└ Was there ever a time in history where one player plays the same champion this many times in a row? I'm legitimately curious.
└ Should SKT win Worlds, I know what skin Faker is getting.

▷ Crap... Uzi's Tristana is really strong.
└ Corki is also pretty scary. Xiaohu is good with him.

▷ Leesin? RNG is really refreshing things up here.
└ RNG is filled with stars. Whether they win or lose, the fans will have no choice but to cheer for them.
└ There used to be a time when "Peanut" defined Leesin...
└ Regardless of the outcome, I want to acknowledge their confidence.

[Game Begins & SKT's Botlane Takes First-Blood]

▷ SKT struggles during every semifinal they play at Worlds. Najin in 2013, ROX in 2016, and now... RNG...

▷ Augh!!! Finally, an early-game setup succeeds!
└ Where the hell did Taric ignite? lol.
└└ He might've used it out of habit lol. - thinking he had Heal.
└└ He's just saying "hi." lol

▷ This game will be the best chance for SKT to redeem themselves. Peanut and Bang will both be reevaluated and recognized, should they win.
└ A jungler should gank just like that! But the junglers in my Solo Queue never does.
└ It doesn't matter who the player is. Whoever is subbed in plays better than the starting player I feel. 

[Leesin Dies From a Dive]

▷ AAHHH! I screamed! 
└ Leesin is crippled, and toplane is going in favor of SKT. This is great.
└ SKT is winning every lane. Will China see yet another library?

▷ [Urgent News] Riot In Process of Creating Galio Skin... Basic Skin Design Has Been Leaked.
└ Faker wants an Ahri skin, but Riot has probably already started the development of a Galio skin. Ahri will probably become his retirement skin, should he retire.

▷ Watching this series almost made me tear up. Score's face keeps appearing in front of me. He's a player that could probably relate the most to the Chinese crowd right now. 

▷ Is Faker making clones of himself?
└ I swear he was in botlane. Then suddenly, he's in mid. And now, he's in top...

▷ We shouldn't be too sure yet. Corki's DPS is really strong at the moment.
└ Tristana is leveling faster than Caitlyn. She also hoarded a lot of CS. We can't let our guards down just yet.
└ Why is Corki so strong? I think Corki is the strongest champion right now.
└└ Once Trinity Force is out, Corki out damages just about everyone else.
└└ Sorcerer Boots + Trinity Force = His permanent power spike.

[During the Mid-Game]

▷ Bang dropped way too many CS. What's the point of taking first-blood if your enemy ends up taking a 50 CS lead? Will he be able to make a late-game comeback like this?
└ He's behind in items as well... Isn't it dangerous for Caitlyn to fall behind this early?
└ Uzi's growth is really intimidating.

▷ Corki is also well fed... but what's going on with Faker's level? lol.
└ Xiaohu is a great player. But when pit against Faker, every player looks weaker.
└ Something is wrong with Faker's CS! He has 303 CS in 25-minutes...

[SKT Wins a Baron Fight]

▷ Lol, mlxg threw! 
└ He's going to receive so much flak for that after lol.
└ Wow, I was applauding while watching that.
└ Wall-Flash! Wall-Flash!
└ We won!
└ In the end, RNG falls first...

▷ Library has been successfully established... I really feel bad for the CN fans though.
└ They would've won if they stalled post-40-minutes. Their greed for Baron really made them pay.
└ The good players played bad, and the bad players played well. Strange game...
└└ Peanut played really well today. If SKT wins the series, Peanut should receive the MVP title. 

▷ Caitlyn laying down traps and shooting the s*** out of them reminds you of THAAD doesn't it?

[SKT Wins a Big Teamfight Near Elder Dragon & Game Ends]

▷ Huni GNARRRRRR!!! Ultimate was AMAZING!
└ We did it... ;_;
└ SKT did it!
└ These crazy lunatics! In the end, they just had to make Finals!

▷ ???: "Ah, s***!"

▷ Summary of Today's Game in 1 Picture.jpg

■ Post-Match

▷ Not a single player underperformed during game 5. The SKT that we knew and believed in is back! Peanut and Huni really played out of their mind. Peanut was subbed in when his team was losing 1-2... To have him make a comeback to 3-2... I'm really proud of him.
└ SKT kkOma: "We may have our slumps, but we always get back on our feet."
└ It's so weird. All the players that were in a slump suddenly started playing well - especially when it was such an important series. Congratulations to SKT for making Finals, and now, it's time to root for SSG. 

▷ Faker: "I told you before... Galio is OP at the moment."

▷ In the end, only "he" makes it out alive.

▷Bengi: "Tch... I guess I can leave in peace now. Finally, you two are worthy of taking my spot."

└ Master Bengi... The Summoner's Rift itself...
└ We need you back for next year. If you aren't capable of playing as a player again, please come back as a coach, at least!
└ Master jungle ;_;

▷ Uzi: "You fans all told me that as long as I don't flash my Worlds emote or buy Mejais, Faker won't get angry! He's just getting angry without a cause now!"

└ He picked Vayne and woke Bang up...
└ If only he didn't pick Vayne in game 3.
└ Vayne woke SKT up.

▷ When Peanut was subbed in, instead of pushing resources into the botlane, SKT started marking the enemy jungler. Botlane's performance getting better also helped. This year's SKT was about: losing if Faker makes a single mistake. But today, I saw the 2016 SKT.
└ Peanut is back to form and so is Bang. I'm really looking forward to the Finals now.
└ "Legends Never Die." Riot is making it so obvious that they're rooting for SKT.

▷ Today's Losers.jpg

└ 27 million viewers were forced into a library...
└ What the hell... that's like half the population of KR!
└ Their population is something that we truly can't compete in.
└ The scale...

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