IMT Flame after his AMA: “I’d like to show how powerful NA top laners are in All-Star.”


An AMA event with Flame from Immortals was held on October 23rd. Many fans asked about how the Immortals were doing after their denial from the NA LCS and their future plans in the AMA, and there were also questions about who the best top laner is in Worlds.

Flame answered by mentioning that “Nothing has been decided yet. But the team offered to help us transfer to other teams (if the players wanted),” and also demonstrated his confidence in his skills by saying, “All top laners in Worlds are similar in skills but I don’t think I would fall behind any of them.”

Here is the interview we had with Flame after his AMA.


▶ AMA with Flame -Ask Us Anything


▲ There were many questions about Immortals' position regarding the issue.



You just finished your AMA with your fans from all over the world. How was it?

I’ve been taking some rest after Worlds, and it was fun. I’d like to thank everyone for taking interest in me.

What was the most impressive question you got from the AMA?

It is hard to pick just one. All the questions left pretty strong impressions.


▲ The best comment picked by Inven- the convo between Flame and AnDa



You’ve been staying in Busan after Worlds. What have you been doing?

I was very sorry that Worlds ended for us much earlier than I expected. I was a bit angry as well that I played a lot of games to climb the ladder in KR solo ranked games after I arrived Korea, during which my health became not too good; I’ve currently been trying to keep in good condition by just resting. I think I’m going to rest for 1~2 more weeks then get a new team and gain more points in solo ranked games again.

This has been mentioned several times during the AMA- will you consider getting a new team regardless of the region?

I feel that staying in Korea is much more convenient for me as I am a Korean. So if I can join a team that can try to win Worlds, I’d like to stay in Korea, but if that is not so, I think I’d be asked by NA teams to join as NA seems to acknowledge me and treats me well. Personally, I feel confident in adjusting to a new environment, language, or even to new team members, so I don’t want to have regional conditions when looking for a new team.

Is there anything you’d like to say lastly for your fans?

First, I’d really like to show my appreciation for my NA fans for supporting and rooting for me during my time in NA. Although I am so sorry that we didn’t get to win and didn’t make it to the top rounds and ended up with a sad result.

If I get to play in NA again next year, I’d like to show my fans my team playing in the Semifinals. Also, All-Star is coming up soon, in which I would personally like to represent NA and show how strong NA is and how powerful NA top laners are.

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