[KR Reactions] RNG vs FNC: "sOAZ isn't FNC's Faker. Faker is SKT's sOAZ!"

▲ source : lolesports.com flickr


■ Game 1

[Picks and Bans]

▷As much as I love watching a close series, I think the game will go 3-0 today. I don't think FNC will take a single game.
└ That's what people thought before the SSG vs LZ match.
└└ It was actually reasonable for LZ to lose like that.
└ We can't be sure yet. Was there a single person here that expected MSF to take SKT to a game 5? As a matter of fact, most people here expected LZ to defeat SSG 3-0, too.
└ If FNC is able to defeat RNG even once, that would be a feat in itself. I'm not too knowledgeable about the game, but I honestly don't think FNC could win this... I would love to apologize later for making a false prediction, but still...

▷FNC took Janna, yet they opt into a Sivir? She doesn't benefit from Ardent Censer as much as Kog'Maw or Twitch... so why?
└ It's because Twitch's laning phase is terrible.
└ I think they picked Sivir to either win or stay even during the laning phase. She has great minion clear.

▷If it's Sivir, wouldn't it be possible for Soraka to die randomly because of Sivir's W? Soraka sacrifices her own life to heal, so it's possible for a random boomerang to kill her.
└ Sivir's teamfighting will become trash-tier later.
└ As you have seen yesterday, if there's a Ryze on the other side, it'll be really hard for Sivir to position and deal damage.
└ Her teamfighting isn't bad at all. Yesterday, Sivir suffered because of Trundle pillars; due to her rather short range. Damage-wise, she's really strong in terms of burst damage and AoE. She's also a great champion to pit against Tristana.
└└ It's nearly impossible for Sivir to freely DPS in the current meta.

[Game Begins]

▷Before today, no teams used Soraka despite the current Ardent Censer meta. Why?
└ Guaranteed to die if ganked.
└ Just watch the game. Look what's happening to Soraka.
└ She is weak to ganks. Also, the loss of health from healing is pretty severe.
└ Shielding is better than Healing in a lot of way.

[After Uzi Dies, FNC Takes the Lead]

▷Sorry to have said that Uzi is the best ADC in the world. I think Ruler is the best now.
└ LF> World's best ADC.
└└ They all died during or before reaching quarters.
└└└ No! We still have Ruler!
└ Everyone said that the ADC role is the most important role in the current Ardent Censer meta. But surprisingly, most of the "famous" ones have already been eliminated.
└ At this rate, Rekkles will become the best ADC in the world."
└└ Ruler who beat PraY, who beat Bang, who beat Rekkles, who beat Uzi, who beat Ruler. Look at the connections.

▷I think the two EU teams have practiced their hearts out. Yesterday, MSF might've not played perfectly, but they were definitely well-prepared. Today, FNC looks strong.
└ They're playing beyond the expectations.
└ People are overrating RNG because of the Group Stage results.
└ What happened during the week before quarters began? Every team looks like they're equal in strength.
└└ It could be because every team is scrimming each other, and so, now, they are all equal in strength.

▷So which one of you said that NA is greater than EU?
└ EU was hiding their true strength...

[RNG Wins a Teamfight Near Baron]

▷As soon as we started praising FNC, they lost.
└ sOAZ is once again the dogchamp-player.
└ So much mixed opinions!
└ Well, at least we know now that Rekkles can't take the 'World's Best ADC' award.

▷I can already see Bang getting beat up by Uzi.
└ He's already bruised by Hans sama.
└ Why is Bang always on the wrong end of a beating?
└ Watching these two teams play, I can feel that SKT will have a time of their lives regardless of which team they will end up facing.

▷Look at the size of that Cho'Gath! He's as big as the Nexus.
└ He's so big that he's being an easy target for skills lol.
└ He exceeds 10k HP when he pops the Gargoyle. He's cosplaying as Baron lol. People are memeing in chat that he looks like SC2's Dehaka.

[Taliyah Ults to Her Death]

▷Uh... Caps?
└ My eyes!
└ Baby Faker!
└ That play was very familiar. Oh, right, I've seen that play quite often in my Solo Queue games.
└ Both midlaner feel like weaker versions of Faker. Ryze is at least doing everything right, but Taliyah on the other hand...
└ If only Caps used that ultimate a bit better... it would've been amazing for FNC.

▷It's RNG vs FNC, yet you guys are talking about Faker lol. As long as Bang doesn't play Vayne, I think SKT will be able to beat either one of them.

▷Starting to see Sivir's strengths: being able to wave-clear and farm while 3 inhibitors are down lol.
└ Sivir's damage is now really strong... but it's too late. She had to have reached that power spike about 10 minutes ago.
└ Her W is hitting really hard. But FNC's tanks are just melting...
└ Cho'Gath is being unkillable with Soraka by his side, even after getting mauled by so many skills.

▷The highlight of game 1 was Ryze's Zhonya escape! I give that play a 10 out of 10!

■ Game 2

[Picks and Bans]

▷ RNG did win but Fnatic is playing well. They showed enough strength that they wouldn’t be 3:0’ed. The gap is really closing this time around.
└ Fnatic did well. They just lack a little bit of late-game concentration.
└ Taliyah was doing well in the early to mid game but lost focus and made some mistakes in the late game.
└ If Soaz and Rekkles didn’t use their flash, it would have been a good baron fight for Fnatic. It was unfortunate.

▷ I don’t think I have seen a Sivir do well this Worlds. Why would they pick Sivir into 2 tanks?
└ Rekkles is carrying mid and jungle but even with 2 kills... Uzi ADC difference lmao
└└ They lost from the draft
└ I don’t know why they picked Sivir. She has always been bad at killing tanks. Did they choose her for her ult? Just don’t understand why you don’t pick an Ardent Censer ADC.
└ I’m not sure if it is the coach but someone is putting Rekkles on weird ADCs.

▷ When they gave Tristana and Sejuani, it was already over
└ I think it was a very passive pick other than the Ryze. Well, we just have to see the next game. It is still anyone’s set.

▷ RNG still looks stronger than SKT. Samsung is back to form so we need to keep an eye on them.
└ I’m not too sure. Fnatic throws too hard after laning phase... Especially Rekkles
└ I don’t think they are better than SKT but they do feel safer than SKT. Watching RNG vs Fnatic, I don’t think SKT will get pushed by RNG.
└ We can only know when we see them play since performance is relative. We all thought Misfits was going to be weak, but they were pretty strong...I knew the bot duo was not that good, but I just assumed SKT will come out ahead.
└ If they picked Twitch instead of Sivir, they would have won.
└ Only 1 game has finished. Let’s watch the 2nd one. No one knows if it is going to be a 3:0 right? Fnatic would have gotten feedback from their game as well...

▷ Rekkles Vayne… tumble away~ lol
└ How hard do they want to lose bot lane that they pick Vayne-Janna?
└ Does Fnatic not even want to win?
└ Sivir can’t kill tanks so they want to pick Vayne for the tanks? A bit extreme no? LOL
└ They got Janna so can’t they play Kog? Can Rekkles not play Kog’maw?
└ Jarvan ult or Syndra ult... if either one of them hits Vayne, she is dead right?
└ Reminds me of yesterday. There is nothing that Vayne did.
└ Seems like Rekkles doesn’t want to make it to semis. Are they out of their minds in this draft?
└ Why can’t they think of picking Tristana? They can just pick Soraka if they lose Janna like RNG showed us in the 1st game.
└ Fnatic must have booked a ticket at 8 pm… they need to make their flight...

[Game Begins]

▷ What the hell… same first blood as last game lmao
└ Vayne got the kill… no way.
└ Did Tracer come and go? Why does it feel like Deja-vu?
└ Except for Bang, everyone is good at Vayne. Solo queue today got a bit dangerous again lmao.

▷ They gave up a tower in 8 minutes. Why did they pick Vayne?
└ The Vayne we know all so well LOL
└ Vayne: "Don’t worry guys. When I get this champion, I’ll kill everyone."
└ Bang was screwed when he lost the 2v2, but Rekkles got first blood. If they still lose, Vayne is just trash, right?

[After Caps’ Power Play at Top]

▷ He lives that?
└ That was insane.
└ I wondered every time when he was going in what he was doing, but it turned out to be a super play lmao
└ Suddenly reminded me of Faker? It was almost a lost game. He kept it alive.

▷ The Vayne is different from the Vayne we usually see lmao
└ Is that the same champion that Bang played? It looks different… is it just me?
└ I think foreigners are better at Vayne than us LOL

▷ What is Fnatic doing? They need to contest but are just standing there.
└ They always do that.
└ By looking at their movements, it looks like they didn’t even know they were taking baron...
└ RNG doesn’t seem so dominant. They seem poorly managed.

[Fnatic Wins a Fight in the Midlane]

▷ XL-OAZ is here!
└ Vayne is going to get so big after this.
└ Is that the same Soaz that s*** over the group stage? Did he work out on his body?

▷ mlxg is the weak point of RNG... He overextends with all damage items without tank items.
└ Why did the ditch Sejuani and go towards Jarvan?
└ Damage Jarvan is so trash

▷ Vayne went Runaan’s... I think he is going for the Ardent Censer synergy. The lane clear is too good.
└ Is Rekkles the innovator with the Runaan’s? What kind of Vayne goes Runaan’s... I don’t know about anything else but the silver bolts don’t proc. Because of Runaan’s, they silver bolts keep resetting
└└ It doesn’t reset it, dummy

▷ This Fnatic is definitely different.
└ I thought RNG was going to go 3:0, but I don’t know now
└└ Is theme for worlds this year ‘comeback’?
└ 1st seed teams doing so bad... was RNG this slow of a team?
└└ They are going to be in so much pain because of this Vayne. They need to shut down Vayne early... but RNG’s jungle is so behind.

▷ If it wasn't for Faker, this might be the biggest upset in the quarterfinals.
└ I don’t see RNG coming back from this.
└ Vayne easily got 3 cores plus QSS already. Fnatic is insane
└└ When you stand in front of a fed Vayne, you get one shot and you get one shot!
└└ Tumble crit is 1128… GG

[RNG Steals the Baron]

▷ They steal this? lmao
└ How are they still in this
└ EU is so fun to watch LOL
└ Full damage Jarvan with ult + smite is insane.
└ Cho’gath as ult but gets it stolen?
└ Of course, Fnatic loses the second baron. First one was because RNG fought well and the second one… RNG somehow steals it.

▷ At least Vayne has Runaan’s so RNG can’t push lmao
└ He even melts the super minions.
└ Her range tho :(((

[RNG Uses Baron to Push and Win]

▷ All of a sudden Fnatic sucks so much… EU so fun to watch LMAO
└ This is the true late game Fnatic
└ Execution is so trash
└ Choosing an ADC with a range lower than 600. They have to pick an ADC that isn’t so trash.
└ If they lost a game like this, Fnatic can’t win any game. Fnatic just can’t do it. They were so ahead in the early game and throw it this hard?

▷ I knew Vayne was a trash champion
└ If you can’t deal damage as Vayne, don’t play Vayne
└ If you can’t win the game with a good lead, that champion is bad
└ Fnatic has no answer. Same as the 1st game.
└ Caps keep overextending on his position and dying so stupidly.
└ All inhibitors are down and they don’t fight. If you guys aren’t going to fight, Fnatic needs to give up.

■ Game 3

[Picks and Bans]

▷Maybe Fnatic doesn't deserve to win. How did they lose game 2 like that?
└ It was super frustrating for even us to watch that. Imagine how it would feel for actual FNC fans?
└ They have Cho'Gath and Vayne, yet they still got Baron stolen... They couldn't kill Jarvan either, lol.
└ Maybe if they hadn't picked Vayne...
└└ I wonder how the game would've turned out if FNC took Kog'Maw instead.

▷League of Legends is a game of siege. In an actual siege situation, cannoneers are the best. Therefore, Tristana is the best.
└ Just ban Tristana you fools!
└ Screw Sejuani and Janna. Tristana is simply the best. If you aren't going to take it, ban it!

▷Does FNC have some sort of a Cinderella disorder? They seem to struggle past 35-minutes. I can see them going, "What do I do? is it okay for me to make this play?" Sure, you can get Baron stolen sometimes, but I saw them hesitate without doing anything when RNG was going for the Baron. It's really frustrating seeing them being too afraid to make a move.
└ The Vayne isn't the problem. The macro from FNC, in which they aren't able to close out a winning game, is the problem.
└└ Sure the macro is a problem, but Vayne caused that problem. When at an advantage, you have to push down turrets and take solidify the said advantage. But for Vayne, her short range handicaps her pushing capabilities, and also, her team had troubles initiating. In the end, RNG dragged the game into the late-game, and FNC lost due to the range differences between the two ADCs.

▷Rekkles: "Hmm... my first champion was Sivir and my second Vayne. What should I play next?"

└ sOAZ: "Just play what you used to play, you bastard!"

▷Whew, Fnatic took Tristana this time.
└ They took both Sejuani and Tristana. They won't have an excuse if they lose.
└ If Fnatic loses with both Tristana and Sejuani, will that prove that Sejuani-Tristana isn't that great of a comp? Or will it prove that Fnatic is a bad team?
└ RNG has both Galio and Cho'Gath... I think they will be unkillable. Kog'Maw is going to freely dish out damage.

▷Am I the only one that feels like FNC is going to lose? FNC may have taken both Sejuani and Tristana, but for some reason, Galio and Kog'Maw feel stronger.
└ Might be because of the skill differences between the two teams?
└ RNG took Morgana. It's a composition that pushes Uzi to carry.
└ If Cho'Gath and Galio shuffle around in the frontline, I can picture Kog'Maw dealing free damage.


▷Looks like Jarvan is screwed now.
└ FNC will screw everything up for themselves.
└ Don't worry, FNC will lose anyway.
└ There's no need to take early advantages against FNC. They'll fail to make anything happen post-30-minutes.

[Rekkles Dies to First-Blood]

▷mlxg did such a great job canceling out the Rocket Jump.
└ Tristana should've Flashed first. How many times have we seen Tristana die while preparing for a jump during this Worlds...
└└ Easier said than done.
└ Rekkles is really underperforming. Didn't FNC lose during the group stage because of his forward-Flash?
└└ Sure FNC lost because of that, but before that mistake, he made everything happen for his team. His entire team was underperforming, so he tried to make something happen.

▷I miss Misfits.
└ It's really painful to watch right now...
└ FNC's macro is really bad... how did they make quarters?
└ Longzhu's group must've been the easiest one. How did FNC finish 2nd...?

[Post-15-Minutes, RNG Starts Taking the Lead]

▷I think SKT can win semis now.
└ SKT's botlane will probably lose. But if SKT can cope with that, I think they can take on either team.
└ Don't hold me my words against me, but I think saying that "RNG is the best team," is wrong now.
└ Have you forgotten SKT having troubles against MSF?
└└ Then were you expecting RNG to have troubles against FNC in the early-game?
└ Seeing this series today, MSF looks so much stronger.

▷How SKT can beat RNG: Put Faker in the midlane and ban 5 ADC champions that Uzi uses.
└ I agree lol. Just start the ban phase by banning Tristana, Caitlyn, and Twitch.
└ Sounds like a plan lmao.
└ Watching RNG play reminds me of SKT. It's either Faker carrying his team or Uzi carrying his team.
└└ Not really.

▷It seems like RNG is throwing.
└ Lol. The differences between the ADCs.
└ Whether it be FNC or RNG, I think Huni can stomp them regardless of who advances.
└ Starting from the quarters, the "famous" ADCs are proving that they were overrated. PraY, Bang, and now, Rekkles... Is the Ardent Censer meta burying these players?
└└ Yeah, FNC might be able to win if sOAZ starts contributing more to his team. But then, Rekkles is underperforming, so I don't see a way out for FNC.

▷FNC=National Argentina football team. sOAZ is Messi.
└ Will he be today's Bjergsen? He's in so much suffering because of his teammates.
└ sOAZ's Tweet about wanting to farm without worrying about his team seems reasonable now.
└ FNC is relying on a player that debuted in 2010! FNC, stop this abuse on the elderly!
└ If we remove sOAZ's mask, will we see Faker?
└ I want RNG to drop at least 1 game... I want to see more of sOAZ's plays.

▷"You bastards! You told me that Tristana is OP!" To perform like that on Tristana... just how much is Rekkles underperforming?
└ sOAZ is playing so well, but his teammates are really trying their best to sabotage that.

[FNC Takes the Baron]

▷Woah, FNC lol. Can they...?
└ This game is insane. What the hell am I watching?
└ The game itself is really intense, but it also feels like a show-match lol.
└ Faker received the energy from the Gods yesterday. Today, it's sOAZ who is receiving it.

▷???: "Hmm... my bat sales number are increasing. The person that bought it was... sOAZ?"

▷SKT should have an arguably easy time against RNG. Watching today's series confirms this.
└ The EU special.
└ Did sOAZ sell his soul to the devil? He's making everything happen for his team.
└└ sOAZ's Gnar is really something else...
└└ But what is Caps doing? Is he even doing anything?

[sOAZ Dies]

▷They failed to secure the top inhibitor. Such a waste!
└ Rekkles is playing too carefully.
└ He should've just destroyed it and jumped out.
└ My eyes!

▷Their standard macro seems bad, but their ability to create variables is very innovative. Is this why EU is so relevant?
└ They play beyond your imagination.
└ With a Baron-fake, they took Elder Dragon lol.
└ This is the Europe macro.
└ Whether FNC wins or loses, all the games are entertaining lol.

[RNG Successfully Defends Their Nexus]

▷This game is spiraling out of control lmao.
└ FNC, please... don't lose this one...!

[RNG Steals the Baron]

▷Wow, mlxg, how did he steal that?
└ Why did FNC hit Baron until the very end? They would've gotten it eventually anyway when all the inhibitors are down. I feel like they unnecessarily rushed it.

[FNC Destroys the Nexus]

▷F****** Europe LOL.
└ The legacy of xPeke continues...
└ The Chinese killers, Europe is back!
└ Stop saying that RNG is the best. Putting performances aside, FNC is the best! Their games are really fun.
└ A game of sOAZ vs Uzi. But in the end, xPeke wins the game.

■ Game 4

[Picks and Bans]

▷FNC won, but... come on Rekkles! Do more damage!
└ Yeah, it was a bit frustrating. He had more power over Kog'Maw but he was still too scared to approach it.
└ My blood pressure was off the roof when I saw Rekkles trying to damage Galio in the end... a Galio that won't die anyway. Rekkles should've diverted the enemy aggression to himself and have had his teammates take down the Nexus. If sOAZ didn't have Guardian Angel, FNC might've lost.

▷sOAZ pulled a Faker that last game.
└ I now understand his Tweet regarding the desire to farm for 20 minutes without worrying about his teammates.
└ sOAZ carried that game...
└ sOAZ isn't FNC's Faker. Faker is SKT's sOAZ!
└└ I agree.

▷Team SoloTop vs Team SoloADC

▷The #1 ADC and support player for this year's Worlds are Tristana and Ardent Censer. Nothing more.

└ The Faker of ADC is Kalista then?
└└ 100% banned lol.

▷4 ADC bans along with Janna and Lulu lol. Are they shooting to carry the game from the toplane?
└ I think RNG messed up their drafts.
└└ Same can be said for FNC.
└└ FNC's draft is a lot weirder. Who are they going to take? Jinx?

▷6 ADC bans?
└ I never thought that in my life, I would see a Vayne ban.
└ I've seen Vayne bans that target his or her own teammates. To prevent them from playing her lol.
└ This is the very first time where I've seen 9 bans targetting the botlane.
└ All 10 bans are targetting the botlane. Is there anything left to pick for FNC's botlane?

▷I almost turned off my screen after seeing the Jhin hover.
└ I was rooting for a Dravan pick... but it's Varus.

[sOAZ's Power Play & FNC Takes the Lead With a Dive]

▷sOAZ's carry! Perfectly calculated.
└ His performance today is insane.
└ It's so refreshing to see this.

▷Great dive.
└ Let's go to game 5!
└ mlxg is out of his mind, in a bad way.
└ Wow, look at Gnar marking the invisible Twitch, preventing him from dealing damage.

[Caps' Galio Dies in the Midlane]

▷Did Caps receive bribe money from somewhere?
└ Match-fixing.
└ Is that what you guys call the "Balance Angel"?
└ There no other way to put it. He probably has the money deposited in his account.
└ That one mistake swayed the game in RNG's favor.
└ I don't think even 'Intermediate AI' could've played it like that.

▷Caps and I share a lot of similarities. Our field of vision only covers the distance of two Teemos long.

[Uzi Takes a Minor Lead in the Botlane After a Fight]

▷Uzi is so good at looking for opportunities to trade. Whenever the team needs him to dish out damage, he's there.
└ Having the kill over to Twitch is huge. The kill-score might be near even between the two teams, but this still favors RNG because of my earlier point.
└ Why did Galio ult there? He should've absorbed Twitch's damage with his taunt.

▷Was there an issue with the shotcalls? Why did Galio make that play?
└ He might've typed in "/mute all". If they're communicating with voice chat, he shouldn't have made those plays.
└ It's Caps vs mlxg... on who is giving a harder time for their teammates.

▷Run for the hospital mlxg.gif

└ Stunned+Rooted+Taunted+Airborned+Airborned
└└ Jeez...

▷???: "Mr.sOAZ, Caps might be a player that gets solo-killed while playing Galio, but I'm different. Please call me whenever you're interested. I'm even from Denmark!"

└ Lol.
└ If FNC's midlaner was Bjergsen, the Finals for this year's Worlds might've been SSG vs FNC.

[sOAZ Gets Interrupted While Summoning the Rift Herald]

▷From XL-OAZ to s-OAZ.

└ This is the sOAZ that we all know and love!
└ You idiots! This was sOAZ's plan to make Soraka waste her silence!
└ It's because the Herald was too heavy to carry!
└ sOAZ: "Using something like the Rift Herald is unfair. Therefore, I'll throw it away."

▷In my personal opinion, I think Soraka is a bad pick. Even if the Ardent Censer is what it is right now, unless you play her to the degree of 2016 Wolf, I think she's really lackluster.
└ I also believe Soraka is a questionable pick...
└ Me too.

[mlxg Dies After Getting Hit By a Chain of CCs. Mid Tower Falls as a Result]

▷Jarvan died while standing.
└ I would've smashed my keyboard. "F***! My character won't move!"
└ I thought he was hit by a Malzahar ult.

▷Today's series = 'Caps vs mlxg' on who can troll harder.
└ A battle between sOAZ and Uzi... on who can amend for their mistakes. 
└ Is this the same RNG that beat SSG? In a short amount of time, one team got a lot stronger, while the other got weaker.
└ RNG's mentality seems to have gone bad after losing that 3rd game. Their concentration seemed to have dropped. 

▷It's really hard to decide who the best player for each given role is, this year... except for Faker. Let's just all agree that the best jungler is Sejuani, the best ADC is Kalista, and best support is Janna.
└ And the best "fun" player is sOAZ.


▷Why did Varus buy Guardian Angel? It's not like Levi's Rengar is playing for RNG.
└ They have a Galio in the team, but they still opted for a Guardian Angel. Feels like a bad choice.
└ Varus needs to build as much damage as possible...
└ FNC also has 3 Solari and 4 Ninja Tabi lol... Are they planning to receive a beatdown from Twitch without retaliating?

▷The skill gap between the two midlaners is huge. The CS difference is at 100, and Corki is in the process of becoming an unstoppable thug.
└ And Gnar can't really do much against a Corki...

▷Why is FNC giving Baron free massages? 
└ They're constantly hitting it, but are retreating right after. 
└ Baron: "Just K.I.L.L me..."
└ Baron got a new skill. An AOE taunt.

[FNC Secures the Baron While RNG Secures the Elder Dragon]

▷FNC's persistence paid off. They finally got Baron.
└ Their macro is out of this world!
└ What good use will the Baron be though?
└ Baron, after getting beat the s*** out of him, he can finally rest.

▷I still think RNG will win... The teamfighting power from their composition still seems a lot stronger than FNC.
└ FNC has no damage. I think they took the Baron solely to recall faster to their base.

[RNG Wins a Teamfight and Closes the Game]

▷FNC lost because Varus had no damage.
└ This series was one of the worst ones I've watched so far. It wasn't a game of League of Legends from this world. 
└ It felt like the Taric was using his ultimate for the enemy Jarvan.

▷Game 4 was like watching the LCK regional qualifiers. Super frustrating.
└ The fate of the Baron-fetishists. 
└ What I got from this game is that: RNG aren't normal either... or maybe, they were hiding their true strengths?
└ If Caps didn't get solo-killed, and sOAZ didn't fail to summon the Herald, FNC might've smashed the early-game. In the end, they kept throwing their lead away and lost.

■ Post-Match

▷Game 4 was really questionable...
└ Group B must've been a super easy group for them to reach quarters.
└└ How about RNG that dropped a game against them?
└└└ And SSG that lost to RNG 0-2?

▷Rekkles is crying...
└ Shouldn't it be sOAZ that's crying? 
└ Looking at the Varus item build, I would feel sorry for the team too...
└ I feel really bad for Rekkles. He often makes it to Worlds, but he seems to underperform every time.

▷Until game 3: "Wow, this is such a fun series!"... After game 3: "Why did I tune in today?"
└ How did SSG lose to RNG? If SKT solves their current problems, they should be able to beat RNG.
└└ If Bang returns to his original form, that is.

▷Seeing RNG play, it's highly unlikely that they're hiding strategies. Since Season 3, Uzi's playstyle revolved around his entire team pushing resources onto him. Now, add in Ardent Censer, and we have a really strong team.
└ Not in the LPL. Today was a bit strange because RNG never pushed resources onto Uzi to this extent.
└ Why does RNG keep opting into the "support" Uzi playstyle? LetMe, mlxg, and Xiaohu are all great players.
└└ Because that's the most reliable way to play for them. They have the confidence to win if they hit late-game. Unless you can pull off plays like what sOAZ did today, the game will always be decided by the performance of the ADCs. 
└└ First of all, mlxg didn't play that well today. If he plays like this during semis, RNG is 100% going to be eliminated.
└└ mlxg is in a really deep slump.
└└ In the current meta, that playstyle might suit them the best.

▷Galio getting solo-killed was truly a sight to behold.
└ Fnatic did nothing but try and macro their way out. I don't think I saw one serious teamfight. Anything close to a teamfight that occurred, RNG won. 
└ After seeing the Galio solo-kill, I legitimately suspected that a match-fixing was going on. He had nearly no health, but instead of going back to base, he tries to walk to botlane.
└ The caster even went as far as to joke, "Maybe because Corki is level 7, I'd be at least level 6, right?"

▷ "In the end, this picture won't be used for the semifinals. The two teams that exerted an incredible amount of energy during groups, lost during quarters as if it was all a lie..."

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