SSG CuVee: "I would like to give myself an 8 out of 10. As for Khan, I'd give him a score of 6"



On the 20th of October, 'Samsung Galaxy' has qualified for the semifinals by defeating 'Longzhu Gaming' on Day 9 of the League of Legends World Championship currently being held in Guangzhou, China. It was an unexpected result, especially since SSG took the win without conceding a single game.|

After the match, SSG's top laner, Sungjin “Cuvee” Lee, and AD Carry, Jaehyuk “Ruler” Parkwere interviewed by the Chinese press. During the interview, CuVee shared that the experience from last year has helped him by a tremendous amount for the match against Longzhu Gaming, today.

Here is the full text of the interview with Cuvee and Ruler.

(To Cuvee) Did you expect to win 3-0? What do you think was the reason that you guys won like this?

CuVee: I didn't expect the game to be a 3-0 victory for us... and before we played, I honestly expected the match to be a very intense one. I think today's results came from our team's focus in teamfighting.

(To Cuvee) If Team WE defeat Misfits, SSG will have to play against Team WE. Are you confident?

CuVee: If WE manage to advance, it'll be our team's very first match against them... so we'll have to analyze the matches between C9 and WE before I can answer that question.

(To Cuvee) You played against Khan today. How do you rate your performance, and how do you rate his? 

CuVee: I would like to give myself an 8 out of 10. As for Khan, I'd give him a score of 6. I'm higher than him by 2 because I contributed more to my team and their fights. 

(To Ruler) PraY played Varus two times today. What're your opinions on that champion?

Ruler: Varus is strong in situations where the enemy team is forced to funnel-in on a narrow path. If the enemy team is aware of that, however, he's not that great. 

(To Ruler) SSG finished second during the 2016 World Championship. Do you think that the experience from last year helped?

Ruler: Before the game, our team discussed that we have an advantage over LZ because they don't have as much experience as we do. So yes, I think so.

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