Samsung Galaxy Crown: "I still think that I made some mistakes in the 1v1s and 2v2s"

It was a shock to all when SSG beat LZ 3:0. Many people still assumed Longzhu would win whilst watching the first game.


In the first game, Longzhu’s mid laner destroyed Crown. BDD successfully killed Crown in a 1v1. Following the death, Crown started to focus more. Regardless of what happened with Crown, the impeccable teamwork from the side of SSG closed out the game. Crown renewed his image from the first game by performing extremely well in the following games.


In games 2 and 3, Crown regained full confidence. Crown dominated Longzhu and scored constant lead for his teams. As a result, SSG qualified for the semi finals.


After the game, Crown was interviewed. Let’s see how he is feeling about moving onto the semi finals!

¤ How did you feel before the series and how did this change as the series went on after that game 1?

Before the match and even a couple of days before, I was not too attached to the results and just thought to try my best. So, I wasen’t too nervous coming into the series. Winning definitely feels much better.


¤ How would you say your confidence is now? Beating BDD and the LCK champions rumored to even win the whole thing.

I think for me personally, I think my mindset is the same as the group stage. I just think that, regardless of who I play against and what the result is, I should put my best into it. I’m sure my teammates’ confidence had gone much higher as we beat Longzhu.


¤ You are always careful at talking. Are you at least proud of how you did today? You had a monster of a performance Crown.

Even though I might have played a somewhat good performance for this series, I still think that I made some mistakes in the 1v1s and 2v2s. Since there still is area of improvement, I still want to be a bit more humble during interviews.

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