Samsung Galaxy Ruler: "The head coach told me that I am a better ADC player than PraY"

SSG had been undervalued since the very start of the group stage. Although CuVee did receive some good remarks, the rest of the team were low on the radar of expectations. The same went to the bot lane duo, Ruler and CoreJJ.


However, the current meta almost forbids any team with a bad bot lane to strive too high. It can be said that, Samsung making it to the semi finals proves how much their bot lane is extraordinary.


Ruler has shown a consistent and impressive performance against Longzhu. Never overextending. He will always try to do the best with the situation he is given. With this, Samsung claimed 3 wins off Longzhu Gaming. After the game, Ruler was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the flip of expectations and his journey to the semi finals!

¤ Why do you think it was such a convincing… convincing win for Samsung today?

I think in the first game of the best of 5s was the most important factor. Overall, I think my team had a better focus in the teamfights.


¤ You did really well and up against Pray. What do you think about your own performance today?

For the first game, I was still nervous. I think I made some small mistakes during the teamfights. After game one, the head coach told me that I am a better ADC player than Pray and to have confidence in myself. That made me more relaxed and made me perform even better.


¤ You are going to have a tough semi finals with either WE or C9. Who do you think you are going to end up playing and what you think about those teams?

I think WE has a higher chance to come to the semi finals. I think Mystic is a fantastic ADC player. I would like to play against him. I am really looking forward to that match up.

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