PUBG takes over 1st place in the share of KR PC Bang, LOL pushed back to 2nd place


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PUBG has taken over 1st place in the share of Korean PC Bang, which has been dominated by League of Legends for a long period of time. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds has recently been gaining popularity worldwide and still continues to grow.

League of Legends and Overwatch took over the top of the rankings of PC Bang share for last 5 years. From time to time, there were games like FIFA Online 3 that managed to climb to the 1st place for a short period of time with their events, but League of Legends and Overwatch continued to hold the 1st place in the weekly rankings.

It is significant that PUBG, a Steam game, and a paid, Early Access game, has been placed 1st. But what is worth noting is that it has been placed top for the game itself, not for temporary events, which also means that there is the possibility for its share will increase in the future, or even be placed 1st in the weekly ranking.

Notably, League of Legends has been placed 1st in the weekly KR PC Bang share after an intense competition against NC Soft’s Blade&Soul in August 2012 and has continued to stay 1st for 203 consecutive weeks. The title that managed to take that 1st place was Blizzard’s FPS game, Overwatch, and the two titles continued to compete for 1st place afterward.

If PUBG continues to stay on the top of the ranking, it would make it 5 years since a Korean game has placed 1st in the KR PC Bang game ranking after Blade&Soul.

However, PUBG’s victory in being placed 1st can always be taken away at any time- the gap between the share of League of Legends and PUBG is not that big. PUBG’s share of KR PC Bang is 24.28%, which is a less than 1% gap from that of League of Legends. It has yet to be seen whether PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds may continue to be placed 1st with the growing gap from League of Legends.

Meanwhile, over 15 million copies of PUBG have been sold ever since its Early Access release on Steam on March 23rd, 2017. It has also hit 2 million concurrent Steam users on October 11th.



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