SKT T1 Wolf: "I knew our comp would give first tower in the first 5 minutes."

From a SKT T1’s fan’s point of view, it has been a roller coaster of a ride.


The last game in the 2017 League of Legends World Championship group stage was held between SKT and EDG. For the chance to place 2nd seed in the groups, EDG adopted an early game oriented play style. EDG massively ahead, SKT created yet again another picture perfect comeback to secure the win.


Today’s game was a more worrisome game compared to that of week 1. In the first 6 minutes of the game, SKT’s bot tower fell and it didn’t stop there. However, Twitch and Janna’s late game prowess was still relevant. In crucial moments combined with the ults and playmaking potential from Faker, SKT showed why they are called the champions.


What will be in the minds of the spectators who witnessed such a worrisome game? SKT T1’s support, Wolf, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the game!

¤ How do you feel making it into the quarterfinals?

First of all, there are a lot of things I regret on our first game. In the last game against EDG, I thought while playing “we aren’t doing too bad right now”, but everyone was thinking “this is going to be a hard game”. The fact that people thought in this way scared me.


¤ Faker said “our early game comp was bad” about the match against ahq. What do you think was the reason for your loss?

To be honest, our bot lane comp was very aggressive. The enemy jungler focused top side so we decided to focus on our bot side. However, we couldn’t snowball as much as we needed in the early game. It was a composition that is supposed to get early game leads pre 6 but that didn’t happen. Mid and jungle lost their initiative so that was unfortunate.


¤ How did you feel about facing Westdoor’s Fizz again?

I honestly don’t have any thoughts on it because I’m not the one who is getting hit by fizz (laughs). I think Faker dies a lot when he plays against Westdoor. When I saw the Fizz pick, I thought to myself “I have seen this last year” and Kass kept getting dove by Fizz (dying as a result). Fizz will survive the dive because he is 'Fizz'. I thought “this time will be different” but sadly that didn’t happen.


¤ You guys lost your first bot tower in 6 minutes. Did you feel worried at all?

In the pick and bans, I was wondering whether or not we should pick Twitch. We thought “if we picked Twitch+Janna, 100% our tower goes down in 5~6 minutes” but picked Twitch+Janna anyways. I think this is something most teams already know. When we played Twitch+Janna in scrims, our tower will always go down around 5 minutes in. I would say “Take care of top lane. Just wait a bit.. We scale well. Let’s try to stall the game till we get IE”. I think that is how we managed to stall out. We gave what we had to and defended what we could. When we got Infinity Edge, we started the comeback.


¤ In the late game, the opponent threw the game in your favor. How did feel about this?

It wasn't them throwing but more so us not capable of losing at that state of the game. Before that state, I would get caught out and lose baron. If I didn’t die then, we would have gotten to our scaling faster. It was unfortunate we lost that opportunity. I knew with your kind of comp, it was impossible to lose.


¤ In a meta focused on late game teamfighting, some teams are focusing on snowballing the early game. Which method do you think is better?

Whichever method involves an Ardent Censer support, Caitlyn/Xayah, or a Twitch like hyper carry. Because of this, I don’t think there is necessarily a comp that focuses on the early game. For example, the bot lane (Lulu + Varus) is an early game comp for us but it definitely has it’s pros and cons. If the match with ahq was snowballed in our favor, they would have said we made a great draft. In the EDG match if we lost really hard against them, they would have said our pick/bans were wrong.


¤ You are going to face Misfits in the quarterfinals and possibly RNG.

I think RNG is really good. They pick/ban really well which worries me a bit. We just need to focus on the Misfits game for now.


¤ On the other side, it is Longzhu against Samsung. Is it pleasing to see this from a SKT point of view?

Jokes aside, I really want to meet a Korean team. Same goes to Samsung and Longzhu. We lost to Longzhu in the summer finals so we want to absolutely destroy them. If Longzhu does end up on the other side, I hope to face them in the finals. I think there is a saying "Thanks for fighting my fights for me" (laughs).


¤ Going to Guangzhou, I heard it is extremely hot during the day. Are you worried?

I did hear that it was going to be extremely hot. Honestly, other teams are not worried but I am. I get hot really easily...even during the games, it was cold but not for me so I wore a t-shirt.


¤ Thanks to your team, C9 makes it to the quarterfinals as 2nd seed. Did the team thank you in any way?

It was the same as last year. Last year, we defeated a team and got C9 into the quarterfinals as well. Impact said thank you to me back then. After the game today as I was walking down, he shows me his mouse pad and says “I was getting ready to play!!!!”. Impact thanked me and the C9’s CEO also thanked me...


¤ Lastly, could you saw a few words to your fans?

I understand that our performance recently has not been up to par compared to before. We are trying all sorts of things and receiving good feedback as well. Our fans will, of course, worry but we will show you the old SKT in the quarterfinals. I hope you guys could have fun watching us in the quarterfinals. Take care you guys! Thank you!

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