[KR Reactions] SKT T1 vs ahq: "Hunitzer, Peanutskeren, Fajergsen, 100lift, Wolfrost. Enjoyed the TSM game."

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■ Before the match & ban/picks


▷ I kinda feel bad for the SKT players. People saying that it should be a standard for them to go 6-0. So much pressure... but a lot of people have this same thought...

└ So much expectations LOOL maybe because Longzhu is 1st seed as well

└ yeah, if they lose one game everyone will flame

└ They won 3 championships so the expectation has to be high lel

└ It is because they won 2 in a row

└ There are no strong teams cept for EDG anyways


▷ Westdoor Fizz LOL

└ You gotta pick Fizz as Westdoor

└ How can he pick Fizz against Faker lel

└ Didn’t Faker’s Kass lose to Westdoor’s Fizz in 2015? LOL

└└ He got solo killed 3 times

└└ yeah he got solo killed


▷ Isn’t Faker’s Kass meh? Results are not that good

└ but Kass is a relief giver most of the time

└ Faker does have a lot of montage clips of him outplaying

└ A lot of mechanically focused pick. Needs a lot of team help

└ I don’t think Faker sucks at Kass. Didn’t he just play Kass in the lost games?

└└ How can there be a loss game? LOL

└└└ Like a game that is unwinnable regardless of champion pick


▷ Is Faker’s concept for worlds this year to play every champion? 4th game and all his champions are different lol

└ Think it is more experimental

└ It is good though

└ If he picks like that, it would be hard to vs him in tournaments

■ Game starts


▷ Why did he play Fizz… did he see Kass before? One tricks.. Picking a champion like that...

└ Fizz was picked first and then Kass

└ ‘That kind of champion’ was picked by Faker last week LOL

└ (After first blood on Faker) They just showed you why they picked him

└ They show right away LOL


▷ Even if Faker dies 3 times, I think SKT is still going to win… ahq relies too heavy on Kog’maw even if it is a Ardent Censer meta.

└ Nonsense... ahq has Shen and Sejuani. With 3 solo kills, SKT can’t win.

└ Their team comp is pre good

└ I think Kog Fizz vs Kass Varus is not bad. Skill matchup

└ Maybe so but 3 kills on Fizz? Can’t stop that.


▷ Peanut is not even ganking and he is down buffs + cs… what is he even doing.

└ ahq jungler is just better. I want to see Blank.

└ 2 level difference on the jungler...

└ I usually watch smiling even if SKT is behind but now.... Longzhu is playing so well. Worried if SKT can’t do well.

└ I think Peanut is the reason SKT has such a bad early game. Even when they would win in the summer 1st round, the jungle would give up towers and dragons. Loses all early game fights. He is always busy covering lanes… So frustrating.

└ Are they feeling bad for Svenskeren and showing a similar performance?

└└ Pounded to Peanut


▷ Anyone can see all the lanes are losing lol. Even if Peanut is not that good, he isn’t necessarily playing bad. Even in the fight at mid, you guys don’t think the enemy played well but Peanut played bad. Anyone can see that Westdoor and Mountain are better than SKT’s. Huni can’t do anything at top and ahq’s bot lane is doing well also

└ What they are saying makes no sense.

└ Sejuani is living in the bot lane so Bang and Wolf can’t do anything. Don’t think what you are saying makes sense.

└ The enemy jungler helps the other lanes, but our jungler isn’t ganking or counter ganking. Even down levels as well. How can this as a jungler even make any sense.


▷ Faker gets a kill in the meantime… wow.

└ Don’t disregard Faker

└ I will only believe in Faker

└ Faker must have been mad LOL. What was that right now… he is crazy.


▷ Kog'Maw went Randuin... ADC Tank lol

└ Randuin Kog lmao

└ Woong ends up being a pioneer for the ADC role.


▷ Faker is also at fault. Due to the gap in the junglers, he had to care for ganks and have played carefully. He keeps on putting faith in his mechanics and constantly plays aggressively. He gave up first-blood like that. Things might've gone better if he hadn't died.

└ If he didn't play aggressively, things would've gone even worse. Do you want SKT to play passively for 40 minutes, and give everything up?

└ Do you honestly think it's the first-blood that made SKT lost?

└ Are you insane? So did every other lane win their matchup? He constantly had the enemy jungler on him, but the other lanes didn't win.


■ Post-Match


▷ C9 stripped of happiness

└ A questionable loss for C9.

└ C9: "Hey, wait a minute!"


▷ Let's try Blank.

└ Peanut has been s***ing the bed for 4 games in a row. Peanut is being like 2016 Blank...

└└ Time for Blank to become the next Bengi.

└ Enjoyed watching Peaveskeren.

└ Is Blank's condition really bad or something? Why isn't he making an appearance despite Peanut's ongoing poor performance?


▷ Faker needs to deal damage, divert enemy aggression to his lane, and constantly make plays for his team to win. This is the true "Team SoloMid".

└ SKT = SoloMid Korean Team

└ SKT = South Korea TeamSoloMid


▷ Mountain has 100% K/P. He played amazingly.

└ The new star of the LMS region.

└ Mountain made 5 kills within the first 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Peanut attempts his first gank at 22-minute and fails. He was behind in levels all throughout the match, got all of his jungle mobs stolen at 15-minute. Why did he use his ult at 32-minute after his bot duo died in the toplane? Huni thinks he's Khan and gets stomped by Shen... How bad do you have to play for the casters to say, "The diarrhea from the top lane is dripping towards mid now." Faker was the only one that was playing like Faker. And Also, from an interview, Peanut has the audacity to talk about how SKT is too quiet for his taste and that it's too different from ROX.


▷ SKT's midlaner performs average = Loss. LZ's toplaner performs average = Loss. KT's botlane performs average = Loss... Samsung = Loss.


▷ Every Time Faker loses while playing Vlad and Kass, it always ended in a similar fashion. He needs time to scale, but the enemies constantly pressure his lane. Top and botlane wasn't a direct target for a gank, but they had to play passively anyway because Peanut was too behind. It's also worth noting that Huni went for a DPS build and still lost to Shen. The CS differential hit 60, and every lane had to turtle - this is a result of the jungler's terrible jungle pathing. Top had to hold his own and buy time for his team, but he lost. Some fans are defending them saying "this is their playstyle", but the truth is that SKT's top and jungle are not trustworthy.

└ This is the answer.

└ I agree, I feel sorry for Faker.


▷ The fact that Kassadin had 100% K/P at 15-minute into the game is proof that the other lanes failed to make anything happen. The jungler is a role that needs to make the early-game happen, but Peanut failed to do that. Slowly, the jungler and top laner were put behind. The SKT botlane that's famous for completely smashing their oppositions couldn't do anything more than staying even - I don't know if it's because of the meta. How did SKT become a Faker one-man team? SKT's coaching staff should be able to easily spot the underperforming players. If you brought subs, use them.

└ Yeah. Just shows the impact of mid lane

└ Didn’t Blank not come to play because of a cold? Is he feeling better now?

└ The jungle being incompetent is spot on here

└ This is so true. I haven’t seen the jungler helping any lane to win recently

└ Other team’s junglers are doing so much except for SKT’s

└ They aren’t a typical team. If mid wins, they win. In this games case, mid loses and they don’t have time to recover from it.


▷ Hunitzer, Peanutskeren, Fajergsen, 100lift, Wolfrost. Enjoyed the TSM game.


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