Misfits Hans Sama, Maxlore: "I just want to go home and enjoy my nuggets."

Misfits making it to the quarterfinals were like a setup drama. Before all the games were played out, no one had a clue who will the be victors of Group D. Although FW got eliminated, people were clueless was because all 3 teams remaining had the same score of 2-1. It was somewhat expected that WE would come out as 1st seed, but no one knew who would take 2nd seed. TSM or Misfits.


As expected, the fate for second place would be held between TSM vs MSF. With MSF winning against FW and TSM winning against MSF, TSM and MSF both had 3-3 for their score.


Luckily for TSM, WE defeated MSF and giving TSM a tiebreaker. The opportunity given by WE was wasted as Hauntzer’s Jayce could not shut down Alphari’s Cho’gath. The team carry, Doublelift, could not grow to a size to deal significant damage to Misfits.


Many fans estimated a different fate for TSM this year. They couldn’t make it into quarterfinals last few times...so they thought TSM could make it this time. This just shows how much potential TSM showed the fans in the NA LCS. However, the opportunity to make it into the quarterfinals slipped through TSM’s reach. Misfits claims the win, showed their international performance to the world.


After the game greeted with happy faces, Misfits’ jungler and ADC, Hans Sama and Maxlore, was interviewed. Let’s see what they have to say about this significant achievement!

▲ Sjokz with Hans Sama and Maxlore

¤ What do you feel like...doing that heroic heroic day of making it to quarters?

Hans Sama: It obviously feels amazing for me. Playing my first year in the LCS and making to worlds was a huge step. Getting out of groups feels pretty damn good and I will try my best for the next stage.


¤ First, can you guys tell me what it took for this marathon of a day? The ups and downs. To finally do it.

Maxlore: It took everything we got pretty much. We had so many losses today actually. I didn’t think we could make it at some point, but at I had to fight those thoughts. Everyone has to fight those thoughts. Once we lost to WE, we refreshed and refocused. It basically took everything we had, yeah.


¤ I heard that you guys were very stressed. How have you coped with this and do you feel like you have grown throughout this day?

Hans Sama: I would say I have grown from this day. I feel less pressure since the play offs started. I learned to not think a lot and play with huge confidence. For now, it worked pretty well. I stepped up, in my opinion. I am able to carry games now.


¤ I heard the one year plan: to get to worlds. What is the next step Maxlore?

Maxlore: I just want to go home and enjoy my nuggets. What about you?


¤ You still have some games to play (laughs).

Maxlore: Oh the home as in the hotel.


¤ You guys have a lot of support staff. How have they helped you out so far?

Maxlore: Everyone helped. Even our assistant coa- *oh sorry*….. strategic coach, H1va, you might know him from Origen. People in the background like our analyst, Empire, and our mental Psychologist who can’t be here with us. God bless wherever he is. All these people deserve praise. However, I honestly don’t think we should relax because before the night we should have a winning mindset. Coming into today, we lost some games that we shouldn’t have. We had situations we had never encountered before and we lost because of it. So, we need to learn from our mistakes because we are going to play a seed one team. We are going to fix our mistakes and smash them.


¤ Is there anything you guys want to say to your Misfits fans or EU fans you made so proud of? Hans Sama?

Hans Sama: Thanks so much for cheering for Misfits. We hope we don’t disappoint you. We will try our best.


¤ Max?


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