WE Ben: "To be honest, I don’t think the Ardent meta right now is good for the game"

Although WE started off as the 3rd seed in the play in stage, WE was not a team to be looked as an underdog. WE proved this. Beating all the prominent teams from the play in stage to the group stage, WE has played 6 games and won 5 of them. Not only did WE make it into the quarterfinals but they also gave a hard time to TSM and MSF.


In the last game of today, WE clapped on MSF, giving TSM a fighting chance for the quarterfinals. Since if MSF won against WE, TSM would be eliminated. Beating MSF. WE gave TSM a tiebreaker chance for 2nd seed.


What will be on the minds of WE? Finishing their round in Group D, what would their thoughts be going into the quarterfinals? After the game, WE’s support, Ben, was interviewed.

¤ Now that you have made it to the quarterfinals how do you feel?

I’m just happy I made it into worlds and amazed we made it to the quarterfinals.


¤ How did you think about the game state right now?

Since it is such a Ardent Censer focus meta right now, I think teams who can team fight the best are going to have a lot of success.


¤ What teams do you want to face against in the quarterfinals?

I really want to face one of the very top teams. Teams such as SKT T1 or Longzhu.


¤ Coming from Rift Rivals and now doing so well at worlds, you must be feeling very pleased right now.

I don’t think I played that well at Rift Rivals. However, I am playing good now and I’m happy about it. I’m just trying my best right now to perform well.


¤ Mystic previously commented that it was going to be very difficult going into worlds. Did this make you feel a bit worried in a way?

Mystic saying that did make me a bit worried (laughs). I realized it was going to be hard but glad we did well.


¤ You are performing really well at worlds right now. How far do you think you guys will make it?

Right now, I think we can make it to at least the semis and hopefully win it all


¤ After your game with MSF, you got to witness the game with TSM. Do you have any words you want to say to TSM or about TSM?

Since we did give them an opportunity to make it into the quarterfinals, I hope they do well and win. Maybe we can even see them later on in the competition.


¤ Since it is the Ardent Censer meta right now, do you think it fits you personally?

To be honest, I don’t think the Ardent meta right now is good for the game. In the aspects of a more focused teamfight meta and hard CC, I personally like it in that way.


¤ You are a Korean on a Chinese team and scene. How does it feel when a foreign crowd cheers for you?

It meant a lot for me and provided so much support. Even though I couldn’t hear them that well when I play, it does count for a lot.


¤ You are going to Gwangju to train more before your next game. What aspects will you practice on?

Since there are a lot of Ardent Censer supports coming out right now, a lot of teams will prepare to play with and against these champions. I think I need to practice playing with and against these champions as well.


¤ Could you name 3 supports at worlds right now who you think is really good?

I would rank the top 3 supports as 1: SKT T1 Wolf, 2: RNG Ming, 3: I don’t really know.


¤ Because you don’t have that much of a fanbase in Korea, how do you want the Korean fans to remember you as?

I want to thank everyone who has watched and supported me. Even though it hasn't been that long since I debut as a pro, I will try my best to do well and be the best for my team.


¤ Could you say some last few words to your Chinese and Korean fans?

Thank you so much for all my fans for supporting me. I will try my very best in the future so please stay tuned.

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