[KR Reactions] G2 vs Fenerbahçe: "Now we need Teemo and Master Yi to come out"



In the 5th game of the 2nd week of groups, another round of ‘cancer’ champions were picked.

G2 Perkz brought out the Yasuo against Fenerbahçe. The team comp was obviously based around the star of the team, Yasuo. However, we did not see the infamous solo queue Yasuo that we usually see. Perkz played a rather professional performance against Fenerbahçe, pressuring them. The relentless focus from the EU team in the last game against FB lead to FB’s defeat. It was truly a sight to see.

Although the result of that game had no bearing in their succession to the quarterfinals, the atmosphere was tense. The teams were focused. Let’s see how the Koreans reacted to such an intense but yet emotional game.



▷ Yasuo is truely science.

└ Jarvan and Tristana were the only two who played the game seriously LOL. The rest were like "I wish we can play on the group stage forever"

└ I don’t think it is because of the Yasuo. I think G2 is just bad. They can’t take advantage of situations and keep losing out.

└ Are the EU teams hype about those kinds of plays? They will get hype over legit just breathing lol


▷ Insane… what a back and forth game!

└ FB just sucks lol. Even when Frozen was in the LCK, his Victor was trash. He could only play utility defensive champions like Orianna. Frozen played okay in the pro season. Just because each ADCs are doing free damage, he walks up to do one spell and gets hit by Yasuo Q.


▷ EU vs Copycat EU

└ This is the reason why Turkey couldn’t apply for the EU


▷ GG for solo queue today. Mid Yasuo and ADC Vayne lel

└ Top Urgot

└ They didn’t even carry...

└└ Vayne did hard carry, Yasuo did alright as well I think?

└└└ Yasuo definitely carried.


▷ The appetiser was too sour and much before the main meal...

└ It’s too powerful lol

└ Too spicy

└ Was like watching Korean football...


▷ If you look at the scores for the group stage. G2 > Fnatic. 3 wins 3 losses against  2 wins 4 losses. LOL

└ The difference in skill with the teams they faced as well.

└└ To be honest, Samsung and RNG are better than the GAM and IMT.

▷ Thought meta picks were going to come out but only manly picks from Group C

└ Now we need Teemo and Master Yi to come out

└ If you get eliminated, win or lose, be the winning disqualified team


▷ ??? : Who carried?




└ This is EU’s dignity.

└ Seeing Perkz cry is so sad...

└ G2 wins the championships LOOL


▷ Cross counter.gif

└ This is before the finals

└ and the ending

▷ G2 was able to defeat FB in the promo of the EU LCS, able to stay in the league!

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