[KR Reactions] Fenerbahçe vs RNG, "WARNING - Vayne in solo-ranked inbound!!"



In the 4th match on Day 2, Week 2 of the League of Legends World Championship 2017, RNG picked a somewhat geeky champion - Uzi picked Vayne, the champion as known as the “troll pick”.

Despite Fenerbahce choosing a counter-composition against Vayne, RNG easily claimed victory due to a big gap of potentials between two teams. The result favored RNG to obtain the ticket to the quarterfinals and confirmed G2 dropping out from the league.

The community responded as to FB’s performances that it was an unsatisfying match for them, and Korean fans shared the same thought. Of course, there are many comments praising about the appearance of Vayne in the league after a long time as well.



▷ I’m going to play Vayne right now.
└ ^^^
└ ^^^^^^
└ Watch out for solo-ranked today, too many Vayne insects
└ Guinsoo Vayne FTW
└ WARNING - Vayne in solo-ranked inbound


▷ The tactic was good, but they lacked the potential. To see that Vayne was fed so hard lol
└ Turkey surely is a true alliance with us. They have shown how our soccer team will do in the World Cup in advance.
└ They can even win without Vayne lol
└ This frightens me so hard. I think that our World Cup team will lose more miserably than that.
└ Move unable to join because of the visa was critical. I can’t help but think that Move is way better than Crash. The teamwork could’ve been better…
└ Interesting to realize that SSG had a close fight against this low-skilled FB in the early game
└ FB even loses against Vayne. I’m curious to see whether they will win at least once.


▷ G2 would feel quite unhappy about this. Another victory for RNG means G2 leaving for good, and it will be meaningless to win the next match.
└ G2 was unlucky with the group composition. Too bad that they will leave for sure.
└ G2’s loss, not FB’s, as a matter of fact.
└ Yesterday was so fun, but today? Nah
└ G2 goes back home and Fnatic goes up… Such is the life.


▷ Doesn’t Vayne lose her potential in the late game? She always struggles to deal damage because of her short range.
└ Just kill the front line first.
└ Yup, it’s almost impossible when Orianna just floats her ball in the air.
└ FB was supposed to win with that composition, but they still lost because the gap.
└ Invisibility + Tumble just decimates everyone.
└ FB lost because they were not good enough. Period. It doesn’t matter whether Vayne is good or bad (not saying that Vayne really is good)
└ Her late win rate is quite high lol
└ Fully geared with Ardent Censer and tumble = win


▷ The only result G2 managed to achieve today was defeating RNG once which eliminated the playoff. It’s advantageous for SSG.


▷ Still, RNG also needed to win no matter what, but they still picked Vayne… Even considering that the enemy team is weak, it’s still awesome. It’s not like that they are guaranteed to win against SSG, and they could’ve won almost for free, but still picked an odd champion which gave them a huge chance.
└ Maybe they were fully confident about winning.



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