Candice, Hostess of Worlds 2017: "I really like Fnatic... Rekkles is really handsome!"


Please introduce yourself!

My name is Candice, and the Chinese fans know me as 'Yushuang', but you can still call me Candice! I'm now hosting for LPL here in China, and this is the first time I've been an official hostess for the World Championship. Last year, I was a reporter, so this year, I'm experiencing the tournament while on a wholly different job. I'm also bilingual, but most fans don't know that! But doing interviews with players from other regions was quite difficult because I barely know them... I'm more knowledgeable about the players from the LPL. So I had to learn more about them, and come up with questions that are suitable for them. 

So did you live in America?

I didn't necessarily live there, I just went there to cover Worlds. I majored in English, and I can proudly say, that our university is the best for those who want to work within the media!


Then what made you become an announcer for League of Legends?

I was a fan, an audience, and a frequent player of League of Legends while I was in college. I had to combine my hobby with my work. (Laughs) I applied when there was an opening, so I was lucky to have the chance to report and announce for the LPL. I started in May of 2016.

I always ask this question to everyone, but... what is your tier?

(Laughs) It's higher than Silver... If I play team-ranked, it's higher than Gold, but when I play by myself, it's not that high. (Laughs) I have troubles finding myself during teamfights!

What is your favorite champion?

Lulu! Especially because it's the Ardent Censer meta, and it's so easy to play her! Just protect your ADC and follow him all around the map. I also played a show-match with a professional player, on stage, with thousands of people watching, and I played Lulu. So she became my "lucky" champion from that day on.


Who's your favorite team in League of Legends?

This question is quite difficult to answer, but I'll say: every team in the LPL. There are a lot of teams that couldn't make it to Worlds, but I still love all of them - teams like OMG. Also, IG made a lot of improvements during the Summer Split, but they still couldn't make it.

Here at Worlds, we have EDG, RNG, and WE, and they're also my favorites. I'm friends with the players, and they're so nice! I support them whether they play well or poorly. The Chinese audience can sometimes be very harsh towards the players when they play poorly, so I felt like I had to support them during those harsh times. 

Other than the LPL teams, I really like Fnatic. They're creating history here! They were 0-4, but they just got out of Groups! They made an impossible turn around yesterday, and it was probably an inspiring moment for all the other teams at Worlds. And also, Rekkles... he's really handsome! (Laughs) Yeah, that's the real reason why I like Fnatic...

Have you interviewed Rekkles before? 

Yes! Of course! I even have a photo with him. Also, I have a boyfriend, and he's a caster for the LPL, and all the Chinese fans type in chat, "I object to this relationship". But when I was standing next to Rekkles, all the fans typed, "I agree". (Laughs)


You have already interviewed a lot of players, right? Were there any memorable moments?

Rekkles... he's really nice. When Fnatic lost to IMT because he made that one mistake, I saw Rekkles just remaining in his chair, completely disappointed in himself. He was sitting there for like 5 minutes, completely heartbroken despite giving it his all. But! He made it.

Yesterday, I saw FNC in the backstage, cheering for GAM for the chance to play in the tiebreaker. In the end, they made it! I interviewed sOAZ after the games... and strictly speaking, he made a lot of mistakes in the 1st and even the 2nd week, but sOAZ was the one to truly carry in the end. 

In the interview, sOAZ said that he knew his early-game was bad against GAM; giving away first-blood and other kills following it. But sOAZ is a player with experience that could stand up in the most important moment and carry his team. 

This was the most memorable moment for me at Worlds. 

Is there a player that you want to interview but haven't had the chance to?

Doublelift... because I wouldn't have a chance to interview him if I don't do it this year. It would be interesting because he always trash-talks! (Laughs) "Everyone else is trash," he would say. He's crazy and fun. 

In China, trash talking might not work, especially if you start underperforming. I don't think the audience here will take it too kindly. 


As a Korean speaker, I personally had troubles understanding some of the European players' English accent. Was there anyone in particular that you had troubles understanding?

sOAZ. It was really hard for me because I had to remember exactly what he said and translate it for the Chinese audience. 

What kind of an announcer/hostess do you want to be remembered as?

I have to try my best to show my ability and professionalism. I have to stand out and show the world that they can't easily replace me. The audience favors those who are very professional, and they don't like women who are just all about looks. 

So if you want the others to remember you for who you are, you have to be an irreplaceable person. 

The next step for me is probably to become a caster. Next year, I'll try my best to make comments for LPL games, but not during it - because I have troubles finding myself in teamfights, so I probably can't find players either. (Laughs) 

Any final words for the fans?

Hello, I'm Candice! I also really appreciate all of you guys for reading this interview! I'm really happy that I'll have an interview on Inven Global. See you next time!


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