Longzhu Gaming Pray: "Well I love drama...I wish Fnatic could make it out of the group."

Winning every game they have played, Longzhu Gaming placed 1st in Group B with 6 wins under their belt. After this game, Longzhu is confirmed to precede into the quarterfinals. Longzhu did have trouble with dealing with Immortals’ early game pressure, but Longzhu, being robust, pulled through and claimed the win.


On the other hand, Longzhu put in Rascal as a sub for their top lane this game. Unlike Khan, Rascal opted for a more aggressive play style by picking Shen. After the game, Longzhu’s ADC, Pray, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about dealing over 70 thousand damage in that game!

¤ I want you to explain to us why Varus is such a high priority right now. Before worlds he was just a normal with pick Ardent Censer. Why now is he such a high priority pick for Longzhu?

Well in case of the regular season, I think the Ardent Censer meta was not developed properly yet. However as we started to practice with this champion more, we learned that Varus really matches well with Ardent Censer and which is why it is popular and highly picked at worlds.


¤ Right now there is a 3 way tie breaker. Who do you think is going to win? Who do you think is the strongest team right now?

Well I love drama. I know Fnatic had a lot of trouble going into this group stage. I wish Fnatic could make it out of the group. However, I think it is going to be either Fnatic or Immortals.

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