Fnatic Jesiz: "I’m not really sure if we were worried about them as a team"

FNC solidified their chances in going into the quarterfinals. Coming from a not so pleasing performance in week 1 of group stages, FNC claimed a much needed win against GAM, scoring 2 wins. FNC had no hesitation taking the early game lead against GAM and did not let a single chance for GAM to take back the lead.


Not showing as a promising performance as they did against Longzhu, GAM was defeated against FNC and granting them a second win. Now at a better chance to make it out of groups, FNC’s support, Jesiz, was interviewed to see what he had to say about this series of events.

¤ What were you guys looking for this game and what were you guys worried about?

I’m not really sure if we were worried about them as a team. Obviously, they have a lot of cheese picks and lots of surprise factors. It felt like they have already shown everything. I don’t know...we as a team just felt really comfortable going into the game. I don’t know if it was the win against Immortals, but we were pretty comfortable.


¤ You guys really stepped up for this week. What did you guys focus on in the last few scrims because there is a huge difference.

I think it has been quite obvious that we had a lot of issues as a team. Not only here at worlds but also the entire year pretty much. It is really just the same sort of problems that just keep coming up. I think it is just, at the end of the day, because we are not playing as one or as a team. We just see each other as 5 individuals which is really really bad. I think this week, coming into the second week of groups, we just tried our very hardest for everyone to swallow their pride. Trying to be as one. Mainly just focus on mental than anything.

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