Fnatic Caps: "The two Longzhu games were... well Longzhu is Longzhu"

FNC claimed their first win since their appearance on the group stage. Although FNC has lost every match in the first week of groups, they claimed their first win on the first day of the second week. Even though FNC did lose a game against Longzhu, FNC claimed a win against IMT in such a back and forth game.


FNC’s hope in making into the quarterfinals is still there. Even though FNC is 1-4 at this moment, if Longzhu wins all their games and FNC beats GAM, FNC can have a 3 way race for 2nd place. After the game, FNC got their first interview on the group stage. Showing a great performance on Cassiopeia, Caps was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about his first win in the group stage!

¤ So this game was really back and forth. Tell us how this game went from your perspective.

The Ezreal made the early game really difficult. I think we dealt with it pretty well. We had a little level 1 strat already prepared. We didn’t get the Ardent in time so we lost bot turret. In the back foot, we got a good fight and we got Nashor. I think we should have won from that but then we had another bad fight. They should have won after that but then we got a good fight. We ended up winning off that by closing it out with one Janna auto.


¤ Let’s talk about the 0-4. What happened and how did you guys fix it?

The first game against GAM, we weren’t prepared for the lane swap. So next time we play against GAM, we should be prepared for it. Immortals game was the same for this game. It was back and forth. The first Immortals game ended up going into their favor. The two Longzhu games were... well Longzhu is Longzhu so (laughs).

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