C9 Jensen: "I might have to spice it up a little bit next week here"

On the 5th game of the day, C9 defeated EDG with relative ease.

Atop the stage of Wuhan China, C9 clashed against the Chinese powerhouse, EDG. With great synergy between the players - especially Contractz with Jensen - C9 constantly pressured midlane and rendered Lucian pretty much irrelevant throughout the match. With on-point ults from Impact's Shen, C9 cemented their lead and pushed through the midlane, one final time, for the victory. 

The following is an interview done between Sjokz and C9's midlaner, Jensen.

You pretty much shut down the opposing midlaner, Scout. How much do you think your performance contributed to the win today?

It was a team effort, mainly because nothing really happened in the early-game until we found that one opening. Lucian is a champion that if he falls behind, it's really hard for him to snowball. He needs to snowball in order to stay relevant in the game. We played around mid really well, and I don't know if it was a disrespect from EDG to pick Lucian, but we played the way we wanted to. 

Can you tell us a bit about the Graves jungle pick? The casters were pretty baffled.

This might sound really weird, but we only played one game of scrim with Graves. We tried it because we thought the champion would be okay for some matchups. Then, the situation felt right for Graves, so we just tried him out. Although we didn't have too much practice with him, Contractz used to play Graves in the past. But, the game went the way we wanted it to go, so it worked out.

You guys lost to SKT previously, but you guys picked it back up again.

We are 2-1 in the group right now, and hopefully, we can beat SKT next week. It's definitely a hard group, but I'm glad we were able to defeat ahq and EDG. Hopefully, next week, we can do even better, but I'm pretty satisfied with how we're playing.

You've made some bold Tweets in the past, how are you feeling right now?

Yeah, I feel good. I haven't made any Tweets regarding groups yet... Well, I've been really calm lately, but I might have to spice it up a little bit next week here.

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