MSF Maxlore: "Maybe tomorrow, against TSM, we'll win faster"

Against the 'Flash Wolves', 'Misfits' brought the first victory to Europe.

On the 7th of October, at Wuhan China on the 3rd day of Worlds Group Stage, MSF perfectly overpowered FW. MSF widened the global gold gap to 13K, and the kill-score was one-sided in favor of the European team. Misfits played without mistakes, and they were rewarded with a win.

The following is a post-match interview between Sjokz and MSF's jungler, Maxlore. 

This is your first time at Worlds, and also, your very first win. What does it mean for you?

Firstly, I'd like to claim the first win for EU, and so, G2 can't take that away from me - like they did [EU LCS] playoffs. Secondly, I felt pretty good coming in today, as we weren't really shaken up from our loss yesterday. I think we are getting more confidence and getting used to the stage - although it's bloody cold up there.  We took our game today, even though we took it slowly. Maybe tomorrow, against TSM, we'll win faster. It's still a 50-50 though.

People said that Misfits have nothing to lose, but you said that's not what you want to hear. What's your perspective on Misfits being here? 

I feel like any team coming to Worlds is here to win the whole thing - not just making it out of groups or considering this tournament as a "learning" experience. I feel like that's just really lowering the bar for yourself. As for myself and team, we are here to try and take the whole thing. Hopefully, we can make it.

EU took their first win today. How do you think things will turn out for the region? Maybe G2 will follow up, or...

We had a thing, where we went to a breakfast buffet with members from Fnatic and G2, and we said that if an EU team loses, the next EU team will also lose. Hopefully, the [winning] trend continues and G2 wins. 

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