TSM Bjergsen on Positive Changes: "Our biggest change this year, is our mentality of playing from behind"

On the 7th of October, the first match of the 'Worlds Group Stage Day 3' featured 'Team SoloMid' and 'Team WE'. 

'WE' are a team that is rated as - arguably - the best team in China. But that meant little for TSM, as they utilized their teamfighting composition to its fullest, and made WE's teamfighting prowess look weak in comparison. 

It seemed as if WE had the early grasp on TSM when they started securing small leads from kills. But starting from a single solo-kill by Bjergsen, TSM flipped the gravity and had the snowball rolling in the other direction. As the game continued, TSM won every single teamfight that happened, and eventually took the game.

Bjergsen and Hauntzer were like a rock, Svenskeren maintained great synergy with his midlaner, Doublelift was an ADC you can count on during teamfights, and Biofrost's teamfight initiations were clean and well-calculated. 

The following is an interview done between Sjokz and Bjergsen, a player that picked up a solo-kill amidst the chaos to put his team back on track. 

You guys were slow in the early game but on top of the macro in the end. What was the exact strategy going in?

They had Shen, Syndra, and Sejuani, so they had the global to help out each other. Syndra-Sejuani also has a lot of CC and watch-out potential in 2 vs 2, so Sven and I had to really watch out and were forced to play slowly in a sense. But Corki and Gragas are better in teamfights, so it was mostly about trading when we had to, defending when we had to, and looking for opportunities as we had to gain the lead... which was mostly Hauntzer pretty much winning the lane 1 vs 1.

Once you guys got the lead, it seemed like it was easy for you guys to close it out. Yesterday's game was tough, so it must be nice to play games like this to get yourselves on top of the standings. Are you guys in a more comfortable spot now?

Our early game was a lot better today, in just the way we communicated. Across the map, we had planned as a team overall. Against the Flash Wolves, we had the stronger early game, but they just flipped the switch on us and started making plays before we did. I think today, we made a lot of great adjustments, and everyone was playing better.

A lot of people are interested in the growth that you guys went through - especially since you guys have the exact same roster as before. Did you guys really level up from the last year's Worlds?

Looking at last year's Worlds and MSI, I felt that when we were behind, we had a really hard time getting back into the game. But as seen from yesterday, we knew what to do against FW when we were behind. Our team just has really insane teamfighting, so I feel like even if we are behind in gold, we can make a comeback. Our biggest change this year, is the mentality of playing from behind.

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