SKT T1 Huni: "For sure we will be 1st place. That is our goal first of all."


C9 no doubt played well. However, SKT T1 is not a team that can be beat by simply you ‘playing well’. It may work against other teams but definitely not SKT T1. A player from another team may be susceptible against C9 but not players from SKT T1.


SKT performed as they were expected to. Although they lost their chance for 1st place against Longzhu Gaming in the summer split, SKT T1 shows why they are considered one of if not the best team in the world. C9 could not climb the impassible terrain SKT has set and SKT claims the win. All 3 Korean teams claiming their wins on the first day of the Group Stage.


After the match, SKT T1’s top laner, Huni, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the match!


¤ What did you think about the Nautilus pick in the C9 composition?

I didn’t expect the Nautilus pick. I actually think he got buffed but it wasn't that big. I played him before as well but I didn’t think he was a good champion. This is why I didn’t play Nautilus and why I didn’t expect the pick. I expected Impact to pick Shen or Trundle because it is a usual pick. Those picks are for Impact’s style, really tanky, but bad for teamfights. It was good for laning phase but Nautilus was kind of not bad in lane or teamfight...I just think it was a bad pick.


¤ In MSI you were very confident but you guys had many ups and downs with Untara playing for you as well. How are you feeling now?

I just feel like I need to focus more because this is a bigger league. I’m not confident anymore (laughs) because we didn’t win the summer finals. At MSI, we won the spring split really easily but in the summer split it was a very hard time. This time we just need to focus on training and preparing. We are confident now but not as much as MSI. There are so many LCK and LPL teams or even teams we have not vsed yet. It might be a bit of a problem.


¤ Are the LPL and LCK teams the ones you look out for? Would you put the LPL and LCK teams to make it to the quarterfinals, semis, and finals? Do the other regions have a chance Huni?

It is highly likely that LCK teams will make it to the quarterfinals, semis, and finals. I also think that there is a high chance it will be another LCK vs LCK finals.


¤ Is there any love for any NA or EU team? Any NA or EU team you have a little faith in?

I don’t know (laughs). It would be great if Immortals and Fnatic actually made it. I appreciate them coming to Worlds because they are both my ex-teams. I hope they will do well.


¤ How do you think this group will play out? Will you guys get 1st no matter what? Who will be the second team?

For sure we will be 1st place. That is our goal first of all. We are also confident that it is not that hard to get 1st in our group. I also believe EDG will be strongest if counting us out. We will have to focus when we vs EDG. AHQ is… we don’t really know. Sometimes they are really strong so… we are just excited to play them.

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