SSG Ruler, “It feels weird but happy that I was placed No. 1 in solo-ranked a day before leaving for the Worlds”



Ruler, placing himself No. 1 in solo-ranked in the Korean server, showed his determination about the World Championship on the day before leaving to China. Just like CuVee, he also had concerns about the food, and prepared more than 20 instant rice packs. Below is the video and full text of the interview.


Q. How are your feelings to go to Worlds again?

I am just amazed and happy by just the fact that I am able to go to Worlds again.

Q. CuVee is pleased with the group placements. How do you feel about the groups?

I have the same thought as CuVee. I like how the placements went. Because our group has a lot of strong bot laners, I’m excited to vs them.

Q. Does Chinese food fit your palate?

In last year, I went to China for an event and we went to a lot of fancy restaurants. It was really good. Since we won’t be able to go to any fancy places this time around, I don’t think it will fit my taste too well this time.

Q. Did you bring some Korean food with you?

I brought a lot of instant rice with me, but my carrier got a little bit too heavy so I had to take some out. I still think I brought enough food (laughs).

Q. You got rank 1 in KR solo queue before you got to leave to China. I want to congratulate you and ask how you feel about this achievement?

Since I am going to be leaving for Worlds, I didn’t think I could reach rank 1 this season. However, I hit rank 1 one day before and I feel extremely satisfied.

Q. Could you say a few words going into Worlds and some words for Chuseok?

The first thing I want to say is that I am going to aim to never lose lane. Winning in general is my main goal. Now it is almost Chuseok. Even though I am jealous a lot of people are resting during the break, I am happy to work hard and I hope you guys can support us while you guys are on break. Thank you.


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