SKT T1 Peanut, “FIrst time using contact lenses, and it’s so good that I don’t know why I have never used them before”



Peanut from SKT talked about the shopping with Kuro before leaving for the World Championship. He said that he’s pleased with contact lenses he uses for the first time. Below is the video and full text of the interview at the Incheon Airport on October 2nd.


Q. Today you leave for Worlds. How is your condition?

I didn’t get much sleep so I am not in the best condition but I am still happy to go.

Q. What do you think about Group A? Do you like how it turned out?

I always think it any group is difficult. I thought the last year’s group was difficult as well. I think this year will be a bit more even but I don’t have too much thought in group placements.

Q. You had a lot of experiences going overseas. You must have taken no time to prepare.

I have become very efficient in packing my clothes. I brought a keyboard in my carrier this time as well. Last year, my bag was extremely heavy. Because of this, I learned a few useful tips along the way.

Q. I heard before you were planning to leave, you asked Kuro to go shopping (laughs).

I went with Kuro to buy a few pairs of pants and I honestly think I can go shopping alone. I also bought some contact lenses with Kuro. And I don’t understand why I didn’t use contact lenses before. It was literally a new world for me. It is really good.

Q. Oh do you have your lenses on right now?

I don’t have them on right now.

Q. Since it is your first time using contact lenses, is it hard taking out your contact lenses?

I had to dye my hair so I had to take out my lenses. So maybe 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Roughly that time. My eyes would get red and everything.

Q. Do you like Chinese food?

I only have eaten hot pot, fried rice and things like that. I have never gotten a chance to eat a lot of Chinese food so I would just have to go and find out.

Q. Could you say some words to your fans for the upcoming Chuseok(Thanksgiving) break?

I hope you guys will have a good Chuseok break. Our games will be held during Chuseok and I hope you guys could tune in for a little. If you guys can support us, it will mean a lot.


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