Longzhu PraY, “Semifinal as the best result in last year, victory for this year”



PraY from Longzhu Gaming faces his 5th World Championship this year. Here is the words of his determination for the World Championship before leaving to China on October 2nd.


Q. How do you feel leaving for Worlds?

It has been a month since the summer finals and the time passed so fast. I worked so hard till now so I hope to have a good finish at Worlds.

Q. The last time we talked was at the summer finals. How have you been?

Like I said before, time passed so fast I cannot even remember what I really did. After the finals, I took a break and did nothing for awhile. After this, I started non stop practicing.

Q. Do you like the teams placed in your group?

I have always been pleased with my group but I never got the end results I wanted for how much I liked it. Since I like my group again this year, I want to yield better results by going a clean 6:0 to move on without any worries.

Q. There are a few players going to Worlds for the first time. Were the other players nervous?

I would have to personally ask cause I’m not too sure myself. However, they have played in big stages before so I don’t think they will be that nervous.

Q. Did you bring anything for China?

I didn’t bring anything specific. Food wise, I’m going to be there for a long time so if I need anything I’ll just buy it along the way.

Q. Lastly, can you say a few words about Worlds?

This is my 5th times going to Worlds. Last year, I have finished in the semi finals. This year I want to make it past the semi finals and reach the finals. I want to show good results this year.


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