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Team Names Speak For Themselves: C9 And Fnatic Goes 3:0 In Play-Offs



Both Cloud 9 and Fnatic have been at the World Championships 3 times. During today’s matches, C9 and Fnatic both won their games 3 to 0 in the elimination stage.


Cloud 9 had to vs against Lyon Gaming. Lyon gaming is not a team to be underestimated as they pulled their own weight against WE. In the first game between C9 and Lyon Gaming, it was a quick 25 minute game. Lyon gaming strikes back during the second game of the series. Lengthening the game to close to an hour. However, Cloud 9 kept their focus and closed out the second game. C9 was able to overtake Lyon Gaming in the third game and gained entry to the group stage for the first time via play-in stage.



Fnatic showed why their name had a certain level of respect to it against HKA. HKA had a strong team comp and tried to beat Fnatic at their own game. However, Fnatic is not so easy to beat. FNC out-rotated and overtook HKA. HKA lost 3 consecutive games in a row. Once had a gold lead over Fnatic, HKA could not snowball the lead/close out the game and inevitably lost to Fnatic. HKA after today’s matches was sent back home.



Out of the 4 remaining seats left for the group stage, two have already been filled (Cloud 9 and Fnatic). The group seeds have not been finalized as of yet. C9 is an NA team so they will be placed in Group A or C because they don’t have any NA teams. FNC will most likely be placed in Group A or B for the same reason. The current teams in Group A are: SKT T1, EDG, and AHQ. The current teams in Group B are: Longzhu Gaming, Immortals, and Gigabyte Marines. Lastly, the current teams in Group C are: Samsung Galaxy, G2, and RNG.


The stage to finalize the remaining two seats of the group stage will be held tomorrow in China’s local time. Tomorrow’s games are FB from Turkey against oNe eSports from Brazil and WE, China’s third seed, against YG from Vietnam. Let’s see how these teams will clash and who will rise to fill the remaining two seats!


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