“What’s your choice?” Participate in the PUBG event and get a Google Gift Card!


Greetings, this is Inven Global.


“What route should I take and avoid the electric field?”

“Should I use a 4x scope, or a holographic?”

“Should I revive a teammate who is knocked out, or eliminate the enemy threat first?”

As a PUBG player, you are often faced with some difficult choices during gameplay.

Since every choice you make heavily impacts whether you get a happy ending or a swift death, it’s important to make the right decisions. This “life or death choice” may probably be one of the core reasons why PUBG is popular.

In relation to that, we at Inven Global would like to open a VS Comment Event, where you can tell us what you would do under various circumstances in the game.

In this VS Comment Event, you will be given one situation with two choices. Decide your action, and leave a comment below describing why you would have done so in that circumstance.

We will select 20 participants and send a $10 Google Gift Card as a gift. Please stay tuned and participate.

Where will you land?

You are in a solo game, and after a few seconds of waiting, the transport takes off with the players. The plane flies from the 7 o’clock direction to 3 o’clock, that is, from west to east.


To the north of the transport route is the main island with big and small houses spread out wide along the coastline. Although you will be able to farm safely without much engagement in the beginning, the number of houses is not that many and it may take some time to fully loot items since they are not concentrated in one area.

If you managed to get lucky enough with looting, you can then determine your route and survival strategy depending on where the electric field pops up.

To the south is the island where the Sosnovka Military Base is located. You can loot high-tier items quicker there than at any other locations, but frequent engagements right after landing would be expected. If you manage to survive fighting with other survivors in this area, you will end up with various weapons, high-tier equipment, and a vehicle.

Where will you choose to land between the coastline to the north and the military base to the south?

How to Participate

Select your landing spot and write your reason in the comment section below.

Click the landing spot on the tab module on top of the comment section, leave a comment, and post it below.

There’s no wrong answer, so feel free to leave any opinion. We would like to hear from true PUBG survivors.

▲ Select the North Side if you want to land on the north spot, write a comment and Post,
▲ and select the South Side if you want to land on the south spot, write a comment and Post


Event Period: September 28th (Thu) ~ October 1st (Sun)

Prize: $10 Google Gift Card (20 participants)

Please note that, in certain regions where it is difficult to provide such prizes, it will be changed to a different product which corresponds to the original prize.


North Side 2 (67%)
South Side 1 (33%)
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    level 1 Hendrick_Chan

    Military Base is the best!

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    level 1 wannabemata

    I would like to choose north side. Although mant people dislike this playstyle, I usually try to get car on landing and get away further from plane.  In this particular case I would drive towards Rozhok. In best case scenario blue zome will be around Severny and I get too loot entire city alone and then get to sit in less populated area of blue zone. In worst case scenario zone will be around Sosnovka, so I get to loot Rozhok, then accurately move towards safe zone, avoiding all buidings and probably swimming to Sosnovka, because bridges are certain death.
  • 0

    level 1 Pratt

    I just don't like Military Base :)

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