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Changes in Villa Buffs: Combined Villa Buffs and Buying Villa Buffs from Campsite




On Sept 22nd, major changes in Valencia Villa Buffs were applied in Black Desert Online KR after an emergency maintenance. With today’s update, different Villa Buffs are now combined into a single buff with 3 to 5 effects, and the price for Villa Invitation was adjusted. Also, in order to improve the Camp system which was added last week, a new function where you can purchase Villa Buffs in the Campsite has been added. Pearl Abyss added at the end of the patch notes that they will continuously work towards improving the Camp system. The entire translated patch notes can be found below.

(The names for the new Villa Buffs are temporary translations and are subject to change.)


Villa Buffs have changed.
 - Reminiscence of Old Tree, Noble Man’s Grace, and Wisdom of Life will combine into a single buff called “Discovery of Life.”
 - Combat Technique, Mercenary’s Experience, and Desert Adaptation will combine into a single buff called “Technique and Experience.”
 - Ancient Grindstone, Ancient Hardener, Ancient Invigorant, Will of Knights, and Will of Outlaw will combine into a single buff called “Physical Reinforcement.”
 - The above three buffs will not overlap. You can only have one buff at a time. For example, getting “Technique and Experience” while you have “Discovery of Life” will remove the former one.

The Villas where you can get each buff and the prices for the buffs are listed below.

You will need a Villa Invitation for each associated Villa to enter the Villa. Talk to scheherazade, an NPC in the Villa, to buy Villa Buff Scrolls.

The price for Villa Invitation will now cost 100G.

You can now buy Villa Buff Scrolls from your Campsite.
 - You need to have a Villa Invitation in your inventory and then start Camping.
 - You need to have an Orange-grade Tent in your camp.
 - Click the “Villa Scrolls” button within the Camp menu, and you can buy one of the three buffs, spending your silver in the storage of the associated territory.
 - You cannot used the silver in your inventory when purchasing Villa Scrolls from your camp. You can only use the money in your storage of the associated territory.

There will be more improvements for the Camp System in the future.


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