Pavel claims the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship


The semifinals and grand finals of the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship were played today. Pavel and DrHippi met in the finals after defeating Jasonzhou and che0nsu, and with everything on the line, Pavel took home the tournament through a 4-2 victory. Below are the results.

■ 2016 Hearthstone World Championship - Semifinal #1

Jasonzhou 2 VS 4 Pavel - Pavel W

1: Jasonzhou(Warlock) W vs L Pavel(Rogue)
2: Jasonzhou(Warrior) L vs W Pavel(Druid)
3: Jasonzhou(Druid) W vs L Pavel(Mage)
4: Jasonzhou(Warrior) L vs W Pavel(Mage)
5: Jasonzhou(Rogue) L vs W Pavel(Rogue)
6: Jasonzhou(Rogue) L vs W Pavel(Warrior)

■ 2016 Hearthstone World Championship - Semifinal #2

che0nsu 2 VS 4 DrHippi - DrHippi W

1: che0nsu(Druid) W vs L DrHippi(Mage)
2: che0nsu(Shaman) L vs W DrHippi(Druid)
3: che0nsu(Shaman) W vs L DrHippi(Mage)
4: che0nsu(Warrior) L vs W DrHippi(Warlock)
5: che0nsu(Warrior) L vs W DrHippi(Warrior)
6: che0nsu(Warrior) L vs W DrHippi(Mage)

■ 2016 Hearthstone World Championship - Grand Finals

Pavel 4 VS 2 DrHippi - Pavel W

1: Pavel(Warrior) L vs W DrHippi(Warrior)
2: Pavel(Mage) W vs L DrHippi(Warlock)
3: Pavel(Druid) W vs L DrHippi(Druid)
4: Pavel(Warrior) W vs L DrHippi(Druid)
5: Pavel(Rogue) L vs W DrHippi(Warlock)
6: Pavel(Rogue) W vs L DrHippi(Druid)

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