Guide for Titus, the tanky support - mediate the battlefield with healing and AoE skills



On September 13th (Wed), the new Master named Titus was added to MXM as part of the 1.3 update. Titus is a Kinetic-attuned support who deals minimal damage to enemies, but he can perform as a pure support with a considerable amount of health and skills that either heal or support ally masters.

As a high priest in Nura, Titus uses a giant book called Nura’s Sacred Tome as his main weapon. His basic attack summons a small light beam that deals damage to whoever comes in contact with the beam. However, the casting takes some time and thus requires prediction to land a hit on an enemy. Although each beam deals a considerable amount of damage, the DPS is still quite low due to the delay between each shot.

With his passive The Light Within, Titus can charge his basic attack to create a healing field around himself. All allies within the area recover 30 HP per second. The more he charges the attack, the wider the range becomes, up to level 3. When he loses the charge and performs the attack, it deals AoE damage in a much wider space.

Titus’s survival skill is called Divine Directive. It teleports him to a designated area after a small delay. Though one needs to be careful when using it, because of the delay, it is still considered an outstanding survival skill due to his role as a tanky support with the self-healing skill.

▲ Titus’s basic attack needs some time to fully cast, thus you need to predict the movement
▲ The healing field is activated when Titus charges his basic attack
▲ The normal basic attack (left) and charged basic attack (right), the range becomes quite wider


Titus’s first skill is called Mending Palm. It is a targeting skill for allies and himself, which instantly heals 10% of the target’s maximum HP. The cooldown is 7 seconds and it is decreased to 5 seconds when leveled up to 5, becoming the main skill for Titus. However, the MP consumption is 170, and therefore you may need to be cautious not to use it too frequently as it can use up mana quite quickly.

The second skill called Purifying Edict throws a bolt of light towards the target that bounces 5 times among ally Masters and enemies, healing allies and dealing damage to enemies. The chain effect starts from the Master, and the bolt can return to one who already received the effect, which can maximize the effect between only two persons; Titus and the target. Even though it is the only damaging skill for Titus, the damage itself is not that great, thus it is better to be used as a healing skill for allies.

▲ Mending Palm is a healing skill with a short cooldown, but may consume mana quite quickly
▲ Purifying Edict bounces 5 times, deals damage to enemies, and heals allies


The third skill, Nura’s Grace, is an AoE skill that creates a long line towards the casting direction. Allies within the range recover 100 HP, and enemies are slowed by 30%. When the skill is leveled up to 3, it gets another effect of increasing the movement speed by 30% for allies, and the level 6 widens the range of the skill by 5 meters. Although it is considered a support skill, it can be used as a main skill when brought to at least level 3.

The fourth skill is Hallowed Ground, which creates a wide circle in a designated area. The Master and allies who enter this circle have their debuffs removed, and become immune to enemy CC attacks. Enemies who enter the area become unable to use skills, and non-master targets will be terrorized instead.

▲ Nura’s Grace creates a long healing area that also slows down enemies
▲ Hallowed Ground provides immunity against CC attacks


Titus’ ultimate is Divine Intervention, which leaves a mark on an ally, and the ally master with the mark is resurrected instantly upon death. The master is resurrected with 50% of their maximum HP, and the amount is increased depending on the level of the skill.

However, the mark disappears after a certain amount of time, thus you need to have good timing to use the skill. Enemies often wait until the mark disappears before attacking. Moreover, Divine Intervention requires 3 slots of Ultimate Gauge, thus you need to be very cautious before using the skill.

▲ The skill marks the ally Master, and resurrects them upon death
▲ Enemies may attack after the mark disappears, thus you need to be careful with the timing


Titus tends to increase the sustainability of allies during teamfights with healing skills such as Mending Palm and Purifying Edict, or mediate the battlefield with AoE skills such as Nura’s Grace and Hallowed Ground.

The former skillset focuses on using Titus as a pure healer, especially during time-consuming teamfights. You need to manage the amount of mana by using Mending Palm on allies who need it the most.

The latter skillset focuses on dominating objectives in the jungle with Nura’s Grace and Hallowed Ground. The healing capability becomes a bit less with this skillset, thus you need to use the AoE healing of Nura’s Grace and the passive The Light Within in order to make up for that. Both skills also have a more than 10-second cooldown, thus you need to be careful when using them.

▲ Mending Palm and Purifying Edict if you need healing,
▲ And Nura’s Grace and Hallowed Ground if you need extra supporting AoE

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