Overwatch APEX 2nd Group Stage Groups Drawn!

The groups for the Overwatch APEX 2017 Season 4 Quarterfinals have finally been drawn.

The 1st Group Stage for Overwatch APEX Season 4 has come to an end following the match between Lunatic-Hai and Meta on September 12th. Afterwards, the groups were drawn for the 2nd Group Stage, in which the comparably stronger and weaker teams were grouped together.

First Team KongDoo Panthera and LW Red are in Group A. KongDoo, who had draft rights, chose CONBOX. Afterwards, ArK from LW Red chose NC Foxes, to which he commented, “We chose NC Foxes after taking several teams into consideration, and we are confident that we will make it to the Semifinals.” Upon being requested to predict the ranking, he responded, “It seems that our team and KongDoo Panthera will make it to the Semifinals.”

In Group B, zunba from Lunatic-Hai was the one to draw the team. zunba chose GC Busan, which he gave a comment on, “We wanted to avoid playing against KongDoo Panthera in the Semifinals since we met them too early in the Group Stage, but LW Red got into Group A first.” He also displayed confidence on being placed 1st in the group, saying “Since it seems that KongDoo Panthera will be placed 1st in the Group, we will play against LW Red in the Semifinals.” The last spots were taken by X6-Gaming and RunAway.

The 2nd Group Stage for Overwatch APEX will begin on the upcoming 15th. It will follow a dual tournament format, and will have a Winner’s Match, Loser’s Match, and a match to decide the teams qualified to proceed to the Semifinals.



Overwatch APEX Season Groups Stage #2 Draw Results

Group Stage #2 Group A

1st Match KongDoo Panthera vs CONBOX 
2nd Match LW Red vs NC Foxes

Group Stage #2 Group B

1st Match Luntic-Hai vs GC Busan
2nd Match X6-Gaming vs RunAway

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